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A13.7 Patch And A14 Status
« am: Donnerstag, 28.Jan 2016 - 16:43 Uhr »
Hey Survivalist,
We have an Alpha 13 patch out now and here is a status update on 14.

We’re working hard on Alpha 14 and it has some great new content. Here are the highlights: Navezgane has gotten a lot bigger and better with a brand new improved height map with higher mountains and deep water, a new smoothing algorithm that makes the land and water much more natural, a multitude of new locations including the largest city in the expanded plains, and a bandit like shanty town and a huge lake with islands just to name a few.

Alpha 14 also has many new perks and improvements to our skills system, a great new damage and death system where zombies feed on your corpse, an introductory basics of survival quest, 15 repeatable quest note challenges, a radiant buried treasure quest system for infinite digging for treasure fun, many new improved world textures and block shapes, a major rebalancing of block damage, leveling and XP, some good optimizations, random gen improvements, and so many bug fixes. We’re making great progress on it folks so expect it to drop in February.

Even with all this going on we took some time out to fix the most important user reported bugs from 13.6 and have an Alpha 13.7 patch ready. Tip of the fedora goes out to Gazz and Clockwork Orange for their xml fixes. You guys rock!

Alpha 13.7 Patch notes

Fixed: Dropped Blocks Damaging Terrain & Other Blocks, PVP Exploit
=> removed all item to block damage as this is the source of too many exploits
Fixed: Various xml bugs, exploits
Fixed: Night vision effect
Fixed: Modifying XUI cfg to access cheat menu on remote games
Fixed: NRef on dedi
Fixed: Armor Modifier values
Fixed: Items from aborted crafting queue spam server
Fixed: WRN Missing Cleanup for XML: xui/styles
Fixed: NRE Spamming Client Output
Fixed: Wrong case for XUi filenames
Fixed: Dupe with Exceeding Stack limit on full inventory
Fixed: Toolbelt transform duping for placeable items
Fixed: Campfire/forge duping – dedicated server
Fixed: Crafting and timers have inaccuracies in the time
Fixed: Broken onscreen debuff status icons
Fixed: Cobblestone ramp frame no longer craftable
Fixed: Items and blocks spaz out after explosions dedi only
Fixed: NRE, missing chunks and pink items/objects after sucking items with full inventory
Changed: temporary fix to invulnerability from armor skills

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