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Alpha 12.3 Hotfix Is Out!
« am: Freitag, 17.Jul 2015 - 05:15 Uhr »
Hey Survivalists,
Alpha 12.3 Hotfix is out for you with many bug fixes, improvements and new additions here’s what we’ve done:


Added land claim recipe using 9 steel ingots, and removed broken tungsten old legacy recipe
Added steel arrow-heads as a rare loot drop in junk
Added iron log spikes with scrap iron that deal more damage and last longer.


Changed fat zombie cop loot to use ammo loot group instead of hard coded to drop the same thing
Changed projectiles can pass through metal bars
Changed damage/spike class improvement
Changed Duct tape can no longer be scrapped into cloth.
Changed spike logs take damage when they deal damage. Wood log spikes can be upgraded to scrap
Changed increased the weight of cloth to reduce xp exploit from bandages to cloth to bandages
Changed removed legacy stone recipes made from old depreciated rocks


Fixed multiplayer world weather not getting saved
Fixed cars show their paint color again
Fixed broken bullet crafting and other things with instant craft
Fixed auger crafting time differs from the preview
Fixed removed duplicate recipes from xml.
Fixed removed duplicate animal spawn entry
Fixed winter evergreen fall code in xml
Fixed added quality range to crossbow
Fixed upgrade doesn’t support these rotations
Fixed pickable Items dropped to the ground if backpack and toolbelt are full
Fixed nerfed wood log spike damage
Fixed sniper rifle shoots through the walls
Fixed airdrops & crates from disappearing
Fixed cars showing as black sometimes (fix part 2)
Fixed bullets can no longer shoot through cobblestone
Fixed removed old tungsten ingot mold from recipes
Fixed mining light comes from players feet + Mining light does not update across client/server
Fixed craft xp gain broken
Fixed SP pause screen exploit (open and interactable backpack while game is paused)
Fixed trick the craft timer exploit
Fixed firearm recipes always show in the available green and misbehave without all parts
Fixed campfire eats last item required item for a new recipe, IF something is left in the output window
Fixed Duplicate/Flickering Names On Screen
Fixed bedroll disappears when placed on weeds in certain biomes
Fixed Azalea Bushes Have Black Leaves When Hit/Broken
Fixed unable to start a game after a failed attempt to connect to a server
Fixed unable to Scrap/repair any item !
Fixed an old bug where the scrapping timer would be longer than it should and the crafting progress bar would start delayed