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[64DayZ] |EU| DayZ Epoch
« am: Dienstag, 27.Sep 2016 - 18:55 Uhr »
Dear players and visitors of the forum.
I would like to give you a unique server DayZ Epoch.

Briefly about the technical characteristics:
● Raid Call: 12017301
● IP server: 2302
● Patch Version: 125548
● Version Epoch:
● Server Job: 24/7
● Restart: every 4 hours
● Very high FPS and Ping miserable!

For a EU community English Localization in game. All scripts are located under the language selected in the game
At the moment, we have a single server with a map Chernorus, but this week we plan add a Napf.

Now, a full description of all features and scripts on the server:

Player Menu (Called the keyboard shortcut SHIFT +1) - With the help of it, you will be able to make quick purchases at trade (without animations, can be sold all at once from the inventory / backpack / equipment), put your stuff in the auction, perform banking transactions, crafted that and-or more. This menu holds a set of actions that a player performs. Very easy, simple and effective.

Currency instead of gold - No more hammered gold inventories! The currency is stored in the .ini file, so that the loss, kickbacks and other problems with it, no! There are 3 types of storage of money: 1. Cash (at death remains in the corpse, pick up, you can use the context menu by hovering the cursor over the corpse) 2. Bank (From the bank money will not be lost, you can remove / put money in the bank about laptops which are in each trade area), 3. Deposit funds (in this respect consist of money received at auction. that is, if another player buys you things at auction, they will fall to the deposit account).

Auctions - You can put your object or any equipment for sale by the amount for which you want to sell. Other players will be able to buy you this.

New Mission System - These missions are created from scratch and do not belong to the common DZAI or WAI. No more Urals in the field and the box! From now on missions will be different structure, framework, strengthening and so on! The same map will ride different convoys (Humanitarian, military, medical and industrial).

The new interface and quick access to medicines - you can use drugs without looking at the inventory, pressing keys 1 2 3 4 5.

Powerful antidupe system - We have on the server, players can not dupping items almost every way (low FPS, backpack, etc.).

Antirelog system - If a player relogging in battle, then in its place appears the boat with the player inventory. After killing him - you get inventory of relogger.

New crafting system - This system is very different from the standard. Lists of items that you can have in crafting the player menu (SHIFT + 1), and in the same specified requirements for the establishment of the subject.

Raid location (Island Skalistiy) - On this island is the most top loot. The island has plenty of hiding places with different loot, well, at the end of this location you will find a house (of course well guarded), in which there is a masthead loot. Each item is likely spawn, so you will have a chance to get AS50, M107 and even weapons with the Thermal imager!

And of course plenty of equally important scripts! Come and try! Beginners will give out bonuses that were able to grow roots here!


Sorry for bad English, have a fun. If you have questions - ask in this thread!
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