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Hey guys!

Thyrean here, admin of DayZ Equinox, presenting you our completely new and freshly set up ArmA 2 DayZ Epoch Server!
We are currently looking for all sorts of players to get our server populated!

Addons, that we currently run, are:

    Single Currency - Coin System
    Customized Tradezones with ADVANCED TRADING!
    Server specific AI Missions!
    Spawn Selection
    Craft Bike with toolbox and scrapmetal
    Group System via Radio
    Plot4Life and Plot Management
    Door Management with eye scan
    Kill Messages with weapon and distance info
    Snap PRO and Vector Building
    Smart Tow/Lift System
    Customized Map
    Deathmatch and Derby Arena for Weekend Events!
    and muuuuuch more!

Our Equinox [EQX] Admin Squad consists of roughly FIVE ArmA 2 Veterans (all above 3000 hours playtime) and one awesome Coder, who is also the owner of the server.
We are a German Squad, but we love to see all other nationalities on our server as well, so the Server Language is ENGLISH - no voice in side channel either!

We are all really active and hope to get an awesome and big community running to do a lot Events at the weekend!

We all LOVE PVP, so a shoutout to good PvP players: Join and show us your skill! - We wanna fight!

PvE Players are welcome as well, of course! But be aware of blood thirsty snipers - this is NOT a pure PvE Server!


You can find us in DayZ Launcher by simply typing "Equinox" into the search bar or use our IP to join directly: !

We also have an own Teamspeak Server: - Join any time to play with your mates or to get support!

Our Website is in progress and will go live soon!


Following - our loading  screen with some rules and the Admins:


Additional pictures of the customized map will follow shortly!

But check out the Server to see for yourself ;)


Updates will follow shortly!



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