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Beschreibung: DayZCC Changelog
  • [NEW] Added new icons to admin map
  • [FIX] Buildables like fences and gates not saving to database
  • [FIX] Deployable table missing new classnames
  • [FIX] Basebuilding items not showing up on map
  • [FIX] All deployables showing up as vehicles on admin map

DayZCC Changelog
  • [NEW] Added support for DayZ
  • [NEW] Updated to latest BE filters
  • [NEW] Customized Be filters
  • [NEW] Added all custom CC functions to DayZ
  • [NEW] Added rMod 2.1 support to DayZ
  • [NEW] Added missing images to adminpanel for new items
  • [NEW] Replaced old images in adminpanel with new better once
  • [NEW] Updated database tables for deploayables
  • [NEW] Updated item check in adminpanel
  • [NEW] Started updating the inventory editor with more/new items etc (more coming)
  • [NEW] Added more item images to adminpanel
  • [NEW] Changed download server for installer
  • [NEW] Rewrote the code for the updater
  • [NEW] Removed unused files
  • [NEW] Added the backpack hotfix
  • [FIX] Fixed typo in deployable table sql
  • [FIX] Fixed mixed up images in adminpanel
  • [FIX]Version check for CC updater was not working
  • [FIX] Updater not working

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