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Beschreibung: DayZCC Changelog
  • [NEW] Added support for DayZ 1.8.7
  • [NEW] Updated to latest BE filters
  • [NEW] Customized Be filters
  • [NEW] Added all custom CC functions to DayZ 1.8.7
  • [NEW] Added rMod 2.1 support to DayZ 1.8.7
  • [NEW] Updated how you set hellispawns and carepkgs in dayz_server_config.hpp
  • [NEW] Option to enable/disable and set admins for GCam in dayz_server_config.hpp
  • [NEW] Changed the function saving data in player_login table
  • [NEW] Added new classnames to the vehicle loot generator
  • [NEW] Changed requiredBuild to latest patch version
  • [NEW] Rewrote updater function
  • [NEW] Added new version of log_code table
  • [NEW] Added latest quick fixes pushed by the mod dev team
  • [FIX] Updated classnames in items.xml
  • [FIX] Added new images for items
  • [FIX] Error child 103 during login/out
  • [FIX] Updated the old classnames for the vehicle loot generator
  • [FIX] Autoupdater not working
  • [REM] Removed database table log_code
  • [REM] Cleaned up unnecessary files
  • [REM] Temporary removed GCam

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