DayZ 2017 1.1
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Beschreibung: DayZ 2017 1.1

New Features

* Dead Players / Zeds can be gutted and cooked with detrimental effect on humanity and high chance of infection
* Zombies Hordes Spawn in Forests
* Zombies spawn ratios and sensitivty raised.
* Gyrocopters added (land and water based) - water based can also be used on land.
* New Female Survivor Model (can wear backpack)
* New Bandit Model
* New Hero Model
* New Tent Model
* Bus Interior Retextured
* Added Retextured AN2 Civil
* Changed Survivor2_DZ to Epic_Beard_Man.
* Tank Armour Levels Lowered massively.
* Loot rebalanced (matches more common).
* Animal Spawn ratios brought back to default.

Bug Fixes
* Backpacks can now stow weapons
* Tank LODS fixed
* Male Survivor Rvmats Fixed (they now show blood on the models)
* Various start up errors fixed.
* Removed Marek_DZ (Medic could self heal)
* Missing ice_apo_resistancedataus_soldier_sabot_body_wound1.rvmat''
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