DayZ Battle Royale 0.7.3
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DayZ Battle Royale is an extreme survival mod that plunges players into a bloody game mode where only the crazy, the brave and the foolish come to be champions. Based on the book/movie 'Battle Royale', this mod provides a unique gameplay experience. The rules are simple. Everybody spawns surrounding a 'start position', a basic fortified encampment with hatchets, food, drink and some guns, authentic to the original story. You are locked in place, and after a countdown, it's every man for themselves! If there are no winners at the end of 90 minutes, everyone is killed and we start again.

Be fast, smart and trust no-one.
There can be only one winner.
Everyone else must die.
Sonntag, 27.Okt 2013 - 13:03 Uhr

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