DayZ Battle Royale 0.8.1
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Beschreibung: Changelog 0.8.1

* Updated the codebase to DayZ 0.2.5.
* New starting location with a maximum of 42 players per round.
* Starting position now protected.
* Custom Anti-Hacks included.
* All pbo's are now signed.
* Zone punishments now fully working. You now lose 400 blood per 30 seconds outside the zone. You also will get infected and your vehicle's motor will blow.
* Loot tables have been altered quite a bit, and there should be more scarcity to essential loot, eg. food, drink, etc.
* Food & Drink depletion ratios now more extreme. You will have to make finding consumables a higher priority now.
* Care Package loot is now random from MilitarySpecial.
* Final zones have been tightened up a little, leading to less zones jumping across the map.
* Raven backpacks removed.
* Little Bird and vehicles with mounted weapons have also been removed. There still may be 1 technical on 1 of the 6 maps tho.
* Applied tweaks taken from the SFOD-D High Performance Add-on which fixes certain issues and improves overall performance.
Freitag, 22.Nov 2013 - 01:23 Uhr

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