DayZ Caribou 0.2
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Beschreibung: Update-Changelog 0.2 :
  • [ADDED] 200+ more Buildings/Objects & Deerstands
  • [ADDED] Robert Hammers Weaponpacks, over 100 new & exchanged Weapons with Custom-Sounds
  • [ADDED] Gyrocopters
  • [ADDED] Folding Bikes - Find a Folding-Bike Kit (Wooden Boxes), and get yourself a Bike whenever you need it (Toolbox req), re-pack it after you dont need it anymore
  • [ADDED] Wind, Dust and some ColorCorrections for more atmosphere
  • [ADDED] Mouthbreath for Players
  • [ADDED] Ability to Ignite all types of Storage-Containers (needs Matches or Flares)
  • [ADDED] Armored Skins - Skins with Bulletproof Vests and/or Helmets will lower the Damage you get (from Zombies and Players). Helmets CAN protect you from Insta-Headshot-Deaths by low-damage Rifles (Damage Reduction is shown when Skin is switched)
  • [ADDED] New Storage Type: Geocache, small Plastic-Container that is hard to find and carrys up to 5 Weapons, 30 Mags and one Backpack
  • [ADDED] New Storage Type: Dome Tents, alternative to the Old Campingtents...both can be found
  • [ADDED] Animated Helicrashs with Radio-SOS Calls
  • [ADDED] New Vehicle-Type. RHIB - Boat with M2 Machinegun
  • [ADDED] Radio, which has the chance to receive SOS Calls from crashing Choppers.
  • [ADDED] Vehicle Salvaging - Get working parts from one vehicle and put them on another one
  • [ADDED] Working Self-Bloodbagging via Right-Click Menu inside the Gear-Menu, high Infection-Chance, random Blood-Amount
  • [ADDED] 3 New Backpacks, 2 of them cant be found, only can be created by Crafting

​Medic Backpacks - can only be found in Hospitals, has much Storage but no Weapon-Slot
CM Backpack - can carry 2 Weapons and/or 26 Mags
CMM Backpack - can carry 4 weapons and/or 40 Mags
  • [ADDED] Craftable Carbombs - Attach to Vehicle... next who gets into Driver-Seat: BOOM!
  • [ADDED] Crafting-Button to the Gear-Menu
  • [ADDED] Tooglable Debugmonitor (INST-Key)
  • [ADDED] Blood-Status Percentage to the Blood-Symbol
  • [ADDED] 3 new Gangster-Skins
  • [ADDED] Shovel to Loottable
  • [ADDED] New Deathscreen
  • [ADDED] Sound when using Painkillers/Morphin (other Players around you can hear this too)
  • [ADDED] Mayday-Sound when receiving SOS-Calls on Radio (other Players around you can hear this too)
  • [ADDED] Easy Crafting-Recipe for Bandages (Toiletpaper + Duct Tape)
  • [ADDED] 2 new Background Tracks
  • [CHANGED] Based on DayZ
  • [CHANGED] Completely new Loottable, more Low-Damage Weapons, less High-Damage/Snipers, Food is harder to find
  • [CHANGED] Zombie-Aggro-Range lowered a bit, still testing
  • [CHANGED] Zombie-Damage lowered a bit
  • [CHANGED] Zombies can only do Damage to Vehicles that are slower then 15Km/h
  • [CHANGED] More Single-Bloodbags, less Medic-Boxes
  • [CHANGED] Increased Droprate for Skins
  • [FIXED] M2-Guns on Landrovers didnt do any damage
  • [FIXED] Repair-Menu
  • [FIXED] Chopping Wood now works like it should... also kills the Tree
  • [FIXED] Most Client-Errors
  • [FIXED] Some Lootpositions

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