DayZ Celle 1.9 Update
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Beschreibung: DayZ Celle 1.9 Update

Celle is a 150 square kilometer map. It features 30+ towns and two airfields. The map is based on the real location of Celle, Germany.

V1.9 Changelog

[Fixed] Skin on login (was inadvertantly messing with players spawn location)
[Fixed] Soldier skins now correctly display their camoflauge
[Fixed] Radar has been removed from the Gazelle type 2
[Fixed] USP & P90 now have military flashlighs - They work (or don't work) correctly on zombies now
[Fixed] Bottom left now displays the correct version - Thanks @DayzTaviana team!

[New] Players can now no longer use the wells and pumps.
There are many fresh water sites to compensate:

    Scheuen 'compound'
    Fallingbostel's Mansion
    Far north aka "the pond"
    The River
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