DayZ Civilian 1.0.2
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Beschreibung: DayZ Civilian is a mod focused on adding more weapons, buildings, vehicles, and revamp the whole friggin experience of DayZ! Chernarus is being redesigned to focus loot more torwads the middle of the map and give CQB a huge role in the gameplay. It also makes the big cities like Elektrovask, Chernogorsk, and Berenzino look like real cities.

[NEW] New Loading Screen
[NEW] K98 gun sound
[NEW] Debug now displays FPS
[NEW] DayZ Ambient music plays when not in a car. (Basically doesn't cancel out the radio.)
[NEW] You can now knockout players with a crowbar - edited by Xerxes created by Player 2
[NEW] Loot tables have been adjusted again
[FIXED] Mosin Nagaunt now has 5 rounds in a clip (Yes not a magazine, the magazine is in the gun)
[FIXED] Zoidberg zombie sound is more rare to hear (for those that like immersion, gotta have a joke once in a while :p)
[FIXED] Got rid of annoying high pitched zombie squeals (Still one less)
[FIXED] Adjusted loot tables, once again
[FIXED] Reverted back to stable arma 2 beta build (MOAR FPS)
[FIXED] Illogicaly placed and glitched buildings.
[FIXED] Some more Optimization
[FIXED]Changin Clothes teleporting you to debug
[REMOVED]DayZ addin script by pixel (will try to get it back in and have the anomalies also working too)
[REMOVED] RH_HK416 weapon pack. Saw no use for it.
[REMOVED] RPO-Sample these were basically Roleplaying items like the money, and cocaine. they caused more problems than needed and will be implemented once I implement features that actually use them (don't worry I have them in mind)
[REMOVED] Origin zombies, on behalf of their request...
[ I think i fixed it ] Broken bones when player puts on clothing
Samstag, 27.Jul 2013 - 01:22 Uhr

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