DayZ Namalsk 0.741
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Beschreibung: DayZ Namalsk 0.741

Change Log v0.741

Changed: Needed files were updated for DayZMod

Changed: G36K -> G36K_camo and G36a -> G36A_camo in loot tables to support multiple sights feature, which are only available in OA variants (*_camo), thanks to Dr.Zed for this suggestion!

Changed: Minor changes / additions to the loot tables of Namalsk to reflect DayZMod's changes (Added machete, changed crossbow, added new types of food, trash, FoodMRE & FoodNutmix to some military loot tables (rare occurence))

Fixed: Loot table loading, no-sniper or no-er7 schemes should once again work now

Change Log v0.74

Added: A portable solder to 'IndustrialNamalsk' loot table (low spawn chance)

Added: Ability to repair broken NVG, radios and GPS (you need toolbox + solder + 2 pieces of broken equipment)

Added: Models for broken GPS, radio and NVG (so you can recognize them lying on the ground - exemplary picture > here)

Added: New weapon VSS Vintorez (class name 'VSS_vintorez_DZN') into 'MilitarySpecialNamalsk', 'MilitarySpecialNamalskWinter', 'MilitarySpecialNAC', 'MilitarySpecialNACER7' loot tables + correct ammo into 'militaryNamalsk' and 'militaryNAC' (note: this weapon is not available in no-sniper rifle loot scheme)

Changed: Some weapon classes to counter DayZMod's newest banning ('MakarovSD' -> 'MakarovSD_DZN';'AKS_GOLD' -> 'AKS_GOLD_DZN';'AK_107_GL_pso' -> 'AK_107_GL_pso_DZN';'AKS_74_UN_kobra' -> 'AKS_74_UN_kobra_DZN';'RPK_74' -> 'RPK_74_DZN';'Saiga12K' -> 'Saiga12K_DZN';'G36_C_SD_eotech' -> 'G36_C_SD_eotech_DZN';'MG36' -> 'MG36_DZN';'BAF_L85A2_UGL_ACOG' -> 'BAF_L85A2_UGL_ACOG_DZN')

Changed: Lowered count of items in 'MedBox0' (5-2-2-2-5), medical box is now represented on Namalsk by the new class called 'MedBox0_DZN'

Changed: Increased chance for dropping 'ItemBloodbag' from killing a bloodsucker

Changed: Tweaked (once again) spawning mechanism of bloodsuckers (because changed somehow spawns of the infected), they should be once again a bit rarer than they used to be (this is of course still configurable using mission parameters)

Changed: Existing files in ns_dayzcode to support newest DayZMod's update changes (

Changed: Working GPS and NVGs are no longer lootable (only broken ones are, working pieces removed from existing loot tables)

Changed: Temperature script change - flying in a helicopter above water, riding a boat, etc. no longer affects negatively your temperature with water factor (only swimming does)

Fixed: 'BrokenNVGoggles' no longer has binoculars model

Removed: 'huntingrifle' (CZ550) from the no-sniper rifles loot scheme

Removed: 'ItemWire' from 'IndustrialNamalsk' loot table

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