DayZ Overwatch 0.2.0
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Beschreibung: DayZ Overwatch 0.2.0

DayZ Overwatch is a new DayZ mod that add many new things to the Vanilla Version : Weapons, vehicles, skins, zombie sounds, buildings etc.
It’s using a modified Chernarus Map and is very similar to DayZ Breaking Point, but with Server Files released.

Changelog 0.2.0

Changed – Number of loot piles increased
Changed – Number of zombie’s within a certain area.
Changed – Lowered spawn chance of M24 & DMR’s
Changed – Slots of stashes
Changed – Spawn chance of Backpack
Changed – Loot in Firestations

Removed – Barrack’s on Skalisty Island
Removed – Towing system – To prevent vehicle stashes at debug, keeps the vehicles in play.
Removed – Lift/drop system – To prevent vehicle stashes at debug, keeps the vehicles in play
Removed – Load in system
Removed – Radar from all Choppers

Fixed – Number of slots in the Armored SUV
Fixed – Merlin spawns in now
Fixed – GPK – Now the bullets do damage.
Fixed – Glitching in the last hospitals

Added – Jetski’s again
Added – Dance option when you are near a camp fire.
Added – Medivac Black Hawk
Added – Military Tents & Dog Houses to Skalisty Island
Added – 2 x 240 Belts to Huey inventory
Added – Remove parts from vehicle system, should work properly now
Added – Ignite tent feature

Changelog 0.1.9

Changed – Streamer Friendly UI
Changed – Ammo on UH-1Y, GPK and SUV
Removed – Jetski’s due to bug. Will be added again later.

Changelog 0.1.8

Changed – Dayz code to to improve loading time
Changed – Number of zombie’s within a certain area, and total zombies
Changed – Taser ammo at spawn lowered to 2
Changed – Chance of being infected lowered
Changed – Splash Screen
Changed – Picture in top right corner on mod screen.
Changed – Chopper Crash system for now

Removed – The option to remove part from vehicles, due to bugs
Removed – Zombies ability to tackle player
Removed – One barrack on Skalisty Island
Removed – Some Clutter to increase FPS in certain areas of the map
Removed – Hospital glitching into the walls

Added – Wrecks around stadium at Berezino
Added – Loot spawn to barracks at north west & Mogilevka Camp
Added – Survivor Camp between Black Forest & Polana
Added – 2 military tents to Skalisty Island
Added – Radio Emergency broadcast, when you load up DayZ Overwatch

Changelog 0.1.7

Changed – Bandit skin back to regular, due to bugs with new one
Changed – Increased number of bicycles spawning

Removed – UAZ 451 vehicles, due to some issues thats needs to be fixed.

Fixed – Self Bloodbag system
Fixed – Take Clothing
Fixed – Vehicle teleporting back, we might have to do some server adjustment on the fly.
Fixed – RQ-11 RAVEN Launch option
Fixed – Black Loading screen, this still needs some more testing with 40+ players.
Fixed – Zombie argo, they should be back to normal now.
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