DayZ Overwatch 0.2.3 Server-Files
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Beschreibung: DayZ Overwatch 0.2.3 Server-Files
DayZ Overwatch is a new DayZ mod that add many new things to the Vanilla Version : Weapons, vehicles, skins, zombie sounds, buildings etc.
It’s using a modified Chernarus Map and is very similar to DayZ Breaking Point, but with Server Files released.

Changelog 0.2.3

Changed - decreased amount of lootpiles from 110 piles within 150 meters to 80 piles within 200 meters. This help on servers lag. Change in loot table results in almost the same amount of usefull loot in the area. But also some empty buildings. - Might need some tweaking.
Changed - Loot at chopper crashes.
Changed - Clean up script, to help on server performance.
Changed - The clutter system. some area’s now have bigger spawn radius.
Removed - useless items from the loot table: empty tin can, flashlight, chemlights, flares, heat pack, empty bottle, holy book, wood pile, empty soda can, razor blades, toilet paper, barbed wire, night vision, military flash light.
Removed - weapons: FN FAL ANPV S4.
Fixed - Ignite tent - doesn’t kick you anymore. animation show’s to all players and last 45 sec.

Added - new version of Nissan 350Z - The Cream Team.
Added - 6 new weapons: L110A1, L115A3 LRR, MK12 SPR, CTAR 21, MAGPUL MASADA, HK 417 CQB.
Added - Stalker skins in 3 diffrent colors. Can only be found at chopper crashes.  
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