DayZ Sahrani 0.2.1
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Change Log 0.2.1

[Fixed] Zeds are easier to avoid.
[Fixed] Some buildings not Spawning Loot.
[Fixed] Global FPS Drop on all clients when player changes clothes.
[Fixed] Large Nested Base craftable without required loot.
[Fixed] Some Craftables Not spawning.
[Fixed] Missing Texture error at millitary zones.
[Fixed] M16 Spawning with MG36 rounds.
[Fixed] MakarovSD Spawning with Standard rounds.
[Fixed] Combat Roll Glitching.
[Fixed] Infinite Morphine.
[Fixed] Zeds Hitting through walls

[Changed] All Extra building locations have been redone.
[Changed] Custom buildings now spawned server side. (Should stop out of sync doors)
[Changed] Reduced ammo from UH1H Camo (UH1H_TK_DZ)
[Changed] Reduced ammo from MH6J (MH6J_DZ)
[Changed] Reduced ammo from RHIB (RHIB_DZ)
[Changed] Bag of nails now has a ~7% chance spawn chance (Same as knife)
[Changed] Reduced chance of zombies spawning under floor of buildings.
[Changed] New Loading Screen.
[Changed] Player crafted deerstands don't spawn loot or zeds.

[Added] VSS_vintorez
[Added] KSVK
[Added] SCAR_L_CQC
[Added] SCAR_L_CQC_Holo
[Added] SCAR_H_LNG_Sniper
[Added] Different Ghillie suits for bandits.
[Added] Female Players can now wear ghillies.
[Added] Bandit Clothing now lootable.
[Added] Soldier Clothing now lootable.
[Added] Rocket Clothing now lootable.
[Added] Can now cancel crafting.
[Added] Debug land now resets player to mainland if they logout there. Also given warning.
[Added] Random loot on new character Bandage + 2 random of [Painkillers,roadflares,spare bandage].
[Added] Ability to drink from well's without waterbottle.

[Removed] Peripheral Dots FULLY removed, no white/red/green dots at all period
[Removed] Original DayZ code for local vechicle creation to generate junk.
[Removed] All of the CAA1 custom weapons.
[Removed] CAA1 balaclava
[Removed] Radar from UH1H Camo (UH1H_TK_DZ)
[Removed] Radar from MH6J (MH6J_DZ)
[Removed] GPS from RHIB (RHIB_DZ)
[Removed] Lockon for KSVK M107 AS50
[Removed] Auto filling at fuelstations
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