DayZ Takistan 2.2 (VRNEMESIS)
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Beschreibung: CHANGELOG: (The rest of this changelog is based on DayZ 1.7.6)

* Completely updated to DayZ 1.7.6 code
* All food and drink items that were added in 1.7.6 and removed in are kept in and spread throughout the loot table.
* Players will now spawn as Takistani local civilians
* Hero and Bandit skins have been replaced to better suit the Takistan theme
* Customized the Debug Monitor to show your blood level, frame rate and changed the colors.
* Camping tent replaced with an alternate model with desert camo
* New Zombie models, there are now 60+ different zombies that spawn, about 4x more than before
* Crash sites will spawn British assault team zombies
* Barracks and other military spawns will spawn Takistani Army zombies
* New customized zombie faces (3 so far)
* Ability to Salvage parts off of vehicles
* Ability to Siphon Fuel from vehicles if you have an empty jerry can
* Combat timer reduced to 10 seconds
* Added smoke to crash sites once again

[ADDED] Takistan Army Soldier Clothing
[ADDED] Takistan Army Commander Uniform
[ADDED] Takistan Army Pilot Uniform
[ADDED] Desert Ghillie Suit
[ADDED] Desert Half-Ghillie Suit
[ADDED] Multi-Terrain pattern (British) Camo Clothing
[ADDED] Multi-Terrain pattern (British) Soldier Clothing
[ADDED] Civilian Pilot Clothing
[ADDED] Civilian Pilot Clothing (/w Balaclava Mask)
[ADDED] Medic Clothing
[ADDED] Press Clothing
[ADDED] Drug Dealer Clothing (Sweat Suit/Jump Suit)
[ADDED] Policeman Uniform
[REMOVED] Forest Ghillie Suit
[REMOVED] Forest Camo Clothing
[REMOVED] Forest Soldier Clothing

* While weapons are a little more rare, when you do find them you will find a much wider variety of them. Nothing overpowered, just more types.
* The LRR Lapua can now only zero in 300m increments up to 1200m (300,600,900,1200)
[REMOVED] AS50s, M107s and Thermals
[ADDED] Several types of AK's
[ADDED] Several types of M4/M16's
[ADDED] Several types of L85/L86's
[ADDED] Several types of G36's
[ADDED] Several types of M8's
[ADDED] Several types of SCAR's
[ADDED] Several types of LMG's
[ADDED] All types of Sa-58's
[ADDED] SVD (non-camo)
[ADDED] M79 and Mk13

VEHICLES: (To be used at the discretion of each individual server admin)
[ADDED] New Re-Textured *ArmedBiplane, CLASS ID for server admins: An2_vR
[UNBANNED] All Unarmed civilian vehicles
[UNBANNED] All Unarmed light military vehicles
[UNBANNED] Repair, Refuel and Reammo variants of Urals, Kamaz, V3S and MTVR trucks
[UNBANNED] All Unarmed variants of the Humvees and some Armed variants
[UNBANNED] GAZ Vodnik, Vodnik HMG and Vodnik Ambulance
[UNBANNED] UAZ MG variants
[UNBANNED] Pickup & Offroad PK variants
[UNBANNED] Landrover MG variants
[UNBANNED] BTR-40 Unarmed and MG variants
[UNBANNED] All Huey variants
[UNBANNED] All Unarmed Little Bird variants
[UNBANNED] Blackhawk
[UNBANNED] Seahawk
[UNBANNED] Chinook
[UNBANNED] All Biplane variants
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