DayZ TiMz 2.1.7
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Beschreibung: DayZ TiMz 2.1.7

Update 2.1.7:
  • Ignite Tent function has been readded
  • Chopper lifting has been reimplemented (Hueys can lift motocycles and cars, Little Birds can lift motocycles only)
  • 2 new skins added
  • Fixed negative SD weapons bullet drop (bullet went above the aiming point) - you can now set the zeroing on every custom SD weapon
  • Jerrycans can now be filled at every gas station on Panthera
  • Minor bug fixes & loot adaptions

Update 2.1.6:
  • All buggy bridges have been fixed and can now be crossed by feet
  • A bridge is now connecting Arnoldstein with Vatra Island (as we call it)
  • A bug in the Crashsite spawn has been fixed (empty crates were the result)
  • Markers for important custom places have been placed on the map

Update 2.1.4:
  • The loot for ALL BUILDINGS has completely been reworked
  • The focus on crafting has been increased (you will now find more crafting stuff and crafting has become easier)
  • You can now craft from the Czech Vest Pouch up all backpacks (Czech -> Patrol -> Czech Backpack -> ALICE -> Coyote)
  • You can now shred skins to get Rags (needed for crafting bandages, tents, backpacks etc.)
  • The ACR has been added to the crashsite AS AN EXCLUSIVE crashsite weapon (stannag, low recoil)
  • At crashsites you have a low possibility of spawning an attachment crate which contains 5 mixed attachments
  • All Panthera bug baracks (the small ones you can barely enter) are gone now

Update 2.1.2:
  • Food spawn reduced again
  • Drinks slightly raised
  • You cannot eat & drink below a certain food & thirst level
  • You cannot carry 2 primary weapons anymore (if you try to, one weapon get's destroyed)
  • Third person is allowed in vehicles
  • The rare bug of breaking lags upon skin change should be fixed
  • AA12 removed from the loot table

Update 2.1.1:
  • Zombie count reduced
  • Reduced food drop chance in residential buildings
  • Balanced crafting resource drops

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