DayZ Unleashed 0.96
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Beschreibung: CHANGE LOG 0.96:

  • Updated DAYZAI to 1.9.1
  • Added 1-3 clips to spawn with a weapon
  • Converted Player classes over to a skill based system where users will gain performance enhancing abilities based on the number of times the class based skills have been used. (Repair car increases engineer abilities)
  • Increased Aggro decay for kneeling and prone stances
  • actionHeliSwitch.sqf Added check to turn on engine if vehicle is above
  • Antibiotics limit chance of self blood bag infection to 50% versus medical skills.

  • New Hive tables (Variables) to be used to store players information in the hive.
  • Added loot positions
  • Self blood bag immunity when under effects of antibiotics
  • Transfusions have 25% chance of infection versus medical skills when player is under influence of antibiotics, (50% without).
  • Infection immunity with morphine use while under influence of antibiotic...

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