DayZed 0.2.6
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Beschreibung: Changelog 0.2.6:
  • Added backback slot count to their descriptions
  • Fixed/added audible fire rate value for some weapons
  • Added breathfog script known from Namalsk (Triggered when tired)
  • Slightly increased chance of loosing zeds
  • Improved loot positions and values for: C130J_wreck_EP1 and Land_Barrack2
  • New weapon: SKS Rifle from BWC Weapons Pack addon (see credits)
  • Fixed problems for removing Holo sights with some M16A4* variants
  • Removed flies on dead animals
  • New jerry fill system
  • Removed Field Hospital w in Balota (will be replaced with something new later on)
  • Fixed Water Bottles desciptions and cutTexts
  • New Crash Site's: Chinook-CH47F
  • Udated/Fixed loot tables for Military Crash Sites
  • Removed Infected Camps
  • Some object fixes in Tikhaya City
  • Fixed respawning vehicles after Ignite Vehicle action
  • Fixed some ammo descriptions
  • Fixed/Updated loot tables for Medical Tents
  • Fixed pickup of Melee weapons (they won't delete you primary anymore)
  • Removed some useless client side loops (shuld improve performance)
  • Faster login

Changelog 0.2.5:
  • New AH, thanks to BlurGaming for the support and trust! -
  • Added Combine Mag function to all new weapons
  • New animation for inspecting vehicles
  • zombies added to medical crash site wreck MV22
  • Added option for turning on/off mounted flashlights (L)
  • Fixed mounted vehicle slots on some vehicles
  • Fixed salvage and some repair bugfixes
  • Fixed Godlike Bicycles...
  • ...but you can now fully repair them using only a ToolBox
  • Couple of selfAction fixes
  • Faster client initialization
  • New Town: Tikhaya City - special thanks to Poncho
  • Fixed server cleanup on high load and low serwer FPS
  • Rewritten onDisconnect
  • Rewritten DiscoBot
  • Removed conversion of M9 ammo to G17 ammo
  • Removed conversion of M24 ammo to DMR (DMR -> 4x5Rnd. 7.62x51mm still available)
  • Fxied "Message: No entry 'binconfig.bin/CfgWeapons/M4A3_RCO_GL_EP1.M203Muzzle'."
  • Added/Corrected all weapon descriptions and names
  • New MedKit model -
  • New ItemRadio model -
  • Fixed AKM ammo model
  • Updated/Fixed Hospital loot
  • Overall loot table fixes
  • Fixed/Lowered Lee-Enfield No.4 Mk I damage
  • Fixed missing cutTexts on some actions
  • Fixed image of L115
  • Fixed attachment system. Previously it allowed to use the action on ladders and in vehicles which leads to strange things

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