DayZed 0.2.7
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Beschreibung: Changelog 0.2.7:
  • New weapons: AK105, FN P90, Bushmaster ACR Black, Stechkin APS, USP, Desert Eagle
  • New sight: 1P29 used in AK105 and AK107
  • Added a second tent class: DomeTent
  • Fireplaces now light upon creation
  • Fixed description for UMP Fire modes (they ware overlapping the ammo count)
  • 2 New items: Bottle of Milk and Empty Milk Bottle
  • You can now milk Cows and Goats
  • Fixed login process - again...
  • Fixed server performance - again...
  • Code cleanup from Vanilla DayZ
  • 4 new skins from the Specnaz GRU Addon (see credits)
  • You can now search some of the objects in the world and find loot in it.
  • Added some furniture and objects to the world
  • Completely new object: Vending Machine
  • New MP5 SD ammo model
  • Lowered the amount of animals in the world
  • Fixed damage multipliers for HK UMP45 and HK UMP45 SD ammo
  • Corrected the removal action for Grenade Launcher/PSO Scope on AK107 (now also AK105)
  • Fixed tent placement problem (missing the "Complete Build' action)
  • Removed MedBoxes from hospitals
  • Lowered flight altitude on Chinook-CH47F (Heli Crash)
  • More loot table fixes and balancing

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