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  • [NEW] New Weapon: M14 ACOG
  • [NEW] Temperature enhancements. Temperature will now play a bigger role in the survival aspect (Thanks to Chaba for pointing it out)
  • [NEW] Better animation for eating and drinking directly from pumps
  • [FIX] Gemetry fixes for new buildings
  • [FIX] Shadow fixes for new buildings
  • [FIX] Pathing fixes for new buildings
  • [FIX] Lightning fixes for new buildings
  • [FIX] Better textures for new buildings
  • [FIX] Endless drinking and eating bug after relog
  • [FIX] PSO fix for incompatible SVD variants
  • [FIX] Food/Drink's loot in Supermarket lowered since players can now drink directly from pumps
  • [FIX] Some searchable objects loot lowered: ammo box, metal case, military container
  • [FIX] MilHouse loot lowered
  • [FIX] Fixed an issue with adding/removing M203 GL to/from weapons
  • [FIX] Removed Stamina Limit used in development which was added by mistake
  • [FIX] Fixed some timing issues in player status synchronization
  • [FIX] M249 can now also use 30Rnd. Stanag Mags.

  • [NEW] New buildings interiors: Mil_Guardhouse, Mil_Barracks, Shed_W4, Ind_SawMill, HouseV_1I3, HouseV_2I, HouseV_1I1, Mil_House
  • [NEW] Added 50 new skins/clothings ((Big Thanks to DayZ Sahrani Team!)
  • [NEW] Added random skins/clothings for players spawn
  • [NEW] Drinking directly from water pumps
  • [NEW] Player's will now leave blood trails when bleeding (Created by Purplish, Heavily modified by Alby)
  • [NEW] New weapons added: SVD Ironsight, SVD NSPU, Cheytac M200 Intervention
  • [NEW] New weapons attachments models based on orginal Arma models
  • [NEW] Ability to fix broken NVGoggles, GPS, Radio and Rangefider
  • [NEW] Broken items: GPS, NVG, Radio, Rangefinder and Scrap Electronics added to loot tables
  • [NEW] Player can now run out of Matches
  • [NEW] Weather data is now saved to the database
  • [NEW] Furniture and loot positions added for new buildings
  • [NEW] Hunting Knife can become blunt after gutting an animal
  • [NEW] New searchable objects added: ammobox/metal locker
  • [NEW] Players clothes will switch after relog
  • [NEW] Ladder added to International Hotel model
  • [FIX] Fixed bulletproof and zombieproof trees (picea)
  • [FIX] Fixed Firestation ladder glich
  • [FIX] Reduced transportMaxMagazines and transportMaxWeapons in Trucks due to ArmA 2 limitations, "format" can only return 2048 characters
  • [FIX] Fixed issue when players ware not able to eat/drink after joining the server, even if their status was critical
  • [FIX] Zeds will now properly spawn inside buildings
  • [FIX] Fixed a bug when a player combat-logs inside a a building on 1st/2nd floor and ends up inside the texture
  • [FIX] Switching camera (1st/3rd person view) now works in all cases
  • [FIX] Disable IR lasers on all weapons
  • [FIX] Crash site's radius  increased to 5km from the center of the map
  • [FIX] Weapon from carry slot will be dropped on the ground on players death
  • [FIX] Fixed damage for 30Rnd_556x45_StanagSD ammunition (STANAG/G36 SD)
  • [FIX] Fixed vehicle ammo refill
  • [FIX] Stamina System simplified
  • [FIX] Zeds won't agro on Air Vehicles, cousing major FPS drops. If the player was targeted on foot, Zeds will still chase him
  • [FIX] Fixed 'any' from repairing vehicle cuttext
  • [FIX] Added magazine model for Cheytac M200 Intervention
  • [FIX] Map additions fixes (rebuilded Stary Sobor)
  • [FIX] Fixed bugs in some furniture objects
  • [FIX] Overall fixes and files cleanup
  • [FIX] Overall loot table fixes
  • [DEL] Removed some clipping original Arma/DayZ objects
  • [DEL] Removed additional NWA barrack building and surrounding objects

HOTFIX -  Release
  • [FIX] Fixed Painkillers
  • [FIX] Fixed Camera switching
  • [FIX] Bleeding chance increased from 10% to 15%.

  • [NEW] Loot piles lowered to only one item per pile / except weapons
  • [NEW] Player's will now slowly (0.1/~2 sec) regain blood, when they are full, not injured, not infected and not tired (up to 9k blood max)
  • [NEW] When eating/drinking in a vehicle, food/drinks with output (Cans, Chips, Sodas) will be added to vehicle's cargo.
  • [NEW] Morphine Injection sound
  • [NEW] Remote players will now recieve an on-screen message when a medical action is performed on them
  • [NEW] StorageBox crafting now needs x4 Nails
  • [NEW] Added ability to burn down StorageBoxes
  • [NEW] New vehicles added: UAZ-DShKM and Offroad-DShKM
  • [NEW] DShKM Mag. (50) ammo added to loot table
  • [NEW] Added Bizon/BizonSD ammo model
  • [FIX] Blocked access to inventory while performing action water filling
  • [FIX] Player camera mode will return to it's initial value after he gets out of a vehicle.
  • [FIX] Player camera mode will return to it's initial value after he changed clothes/model
  • [FIX] Player damage chance while changing clothes fixed.
  • [FIX] You cannot change clothes while wearing a backpack. This a temp solution for backpack ammo refill.
  • [FIX] Player's will not be able to use certain medical action if their status doesn't require it.
  • [FIX] Military Container accuracy fix
  • [FIX] Added or redesigned loot pile positions for buildings: Land_stodola_old_open, Land_Mil_ControlTower, Land_a_stationhouse
  • [FIX] Overall loot table fixes
  • [DEL] Removed dayz_vehicles since it's useless.
  • [DEL] Temporary removed hammer and lug wrench from loot table

  • [NEW] st_map_auto_brightness -
  • [NEW] Searchable military containers added near the bunkers entrance
  • [NEW] New Vehicle spawning system
  • [NEW] Two bunkers (not-enterable) added in area Skalka and Black Lake
  • [NEW] New weapon: Ruger Mk II
  • [NEW] New vehicles added: Mountain Bike, Urals: CDF and UN Civilian, Mi-17 Civilian, VWGolf, OldTractor
  • [FIX] Water Filling has been rewritten for faster execution and to fix duping.
  • [FIX] Jerry Can filling exploit with more then 1 player.
  • [FIX] Fixed StorageBox disappearing bug
  • [FIX] Proper magazine model for Stechkin APS
  • [FIX] Fixed all Hitpoints in ArmA 2 configs for Vehicles
  • [FIX] Bots will always spawn on the  ground instead of mid-air if the player disconnect's in combat
  • [FIX] Fixed AI pilots parachuting from Heli's and triggering AH
  • [FIX] Player's will no longer perform salvage/repair/inspect animations when swimming
  • [FIX] Fixed model changes based on humanity values
  • [FIX] Removed refueling option when near barrels and inside vehicles
  • [FIX] Reedited amount of windscreen glass needed to repair helicopters: UH-1H, MH-6J
  • [FIX] Kamaz and BTR auto-repair bug fixed
  • [FIX] Redesign loot positions for Land_Panelak and Land_Panelak2 residential class buildings
  • [FIX] Server and Client performance
  • [DEL] AH-6X Littlebird

  • [FIX] Player Bot's won't spawn on debug and screw up player position (ex: during login)
  • [FIX] Rewritten Gear/Position/Player Status sync with Hive
  • [FIX] Fixed player position not saving to Hive after getting unconscious
  • [FIX] Fixed an issue when the logout timer was a decimal value (ex: 29.00001)
  • [FIX] Fixed an issue with Anti TP, which sometime's reverted a Dead Body
  • [FIX] Fixed G36_C_SD_eotech despawning on pickup
  • [FIX] Fixed Water Filling dupe
  • [FIX] Fixed Instant Full Thirst in Mounted Sots

  • [NEW] Rewitten Chernarus Debris spawning system
  • [NEW] Construction yard added to Lopatino
  • [NEW] New loot aded to Searchable objects
  • [NEW] New ammo model for Lapua Magnum
  • [NEW] Added back PlantSpawner (no action yet)
  • [FIX] Fixed BIS function fn_vectorAdd 0 divisor error
  • [FIX] Fixed armor for StorageBox
  • [FIX] Fixed AI Chinook behaviour
  • [FIX] Transfusion time variables
  • [FIX] Item count display for StorageBox
  • [FIX] Chloroform action available on animals
  • [FIX] Player's could not pickup flares and chemlights after removing the mounted Flashlight
  • [FIX] Teleport revert on Mounted Vehicles
  • [FIX] Tweaked player synchronization loop
  • [FIX] Player's ware unable to pickup any packpas after "Another Player Near by, Only one player must be within 5 meters of a bag to pickup"
  • [FIX] Lowered blood regen values for some cooked meat
  • [FIX] Proper vectors for Land_Ind_IlluminantTower
  • [FIX] Some server functions rewritten
  • [FIX] Obsolete code cleanup

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