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Beschreibung: DayZero


Sight and Sound

    [NEW] Hospital now has an interior
    [NEW] Military office now has an interior
    [NEW] Stary Sobor reworked completely
    [NEW] Krasnostav and Northeast Airfield reworked completely
    [NEW] Chernogorsk reworked completely
    [NEW] Green mountain reworked completely
    [NEW] Balota Airfield reworked completely
    [NEW] Environmental sounds
    [NEW] Player movement sounds
    [NEW] USMC zombie added
    [NEW] Death screen artwork
    [NEW] Debug monitor replaced
    [FIXED] Conifer trees blocking bullets and zombie attacks
    [CHANGED] Health now shows in a percentage value rather than in "millipints"

General Updates

    [NEW] Loot positions for all the DayZero buidlings
    [FIXED] 50+ minor bugs; too many to list here.
    [FIXED] Bug where you could not log off with broken bone fixed
    [FIXED] PKM no longer destroys backpacks
    [CHANGED] Loot and player cleanup routine rewritten
    [CHANGED] Unconsciousness routine rewritten
    [CHANGED] Overhauled player damage handler
    [CHANGED] Zombie willingness to chase decreased
    [CHANGED] NATO crash sites no longer spawn eastern soldier zombies
    [CHANGED] Barracks no longer spawn eastern soldier zombies
    [CHANGED] Updated splash screen graphics

Weapon Updates

    [NEW] Weapon: M14 DMR (a variant of the M21)
    [NEW] PKP may now spawn at the NEW Russian crash sties
    [NEW] Visual models for M203 and GP-25 40mm grenades (no more satchel bags!)
    [NEW] Battle rifle recoil (G3A3 and L1A1 SLR) added to the M14 and it's cousins (M21)
    [NEW] Battle rifle recoil (G3A3 and L1A1 SLR) added to the Winchester
    [NEW] You can now zero the M14 and G3A3 iron sights
    [NEW] Two new types of recoil for shotguns; older shotguns will have more kick
    [NEW] L1A1 SLR magazine visuals
    [NEW] Icon for AK-74 magazines to match the actual model
    [FIXED] Naming errors with clip/magazines
    [FIXED] L115A2 now uses the correct icon
    [FIXED] G3A3 will no longer have it's iron sights obscructed by the ghillie suit
    [REMOVED] Split and recombine option for shotgun shells
    [CHANGED] L1A1 name to L1A1 SLR, along with it's magazine
    [CHANGED] 545x39, 545x39 SD and 556x45 SD damage increased to 3042 from 2722 blood per hit
    [CHANGED] Weapon damage of pistols and SMGs to make them more viable
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