DayZero 1.0 inkl. Podagorsk
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Beschreibung: DayZero 1.0 inkl. Podagorsk

Podagorsk Release

[FIXED/NEW] General Zombie AI Fixes
- Zombies are now properly controlled by close clients only.
- Zombies will not excessively lag due to control client being too far away.
- Zombies pathing has been slightly improved.

[NEW] Weapon Attachment System
- You can now attach modifications to guns that have the approperiate rails/spot for it
- NATO Attachments: M68 CCO Scope, HWS (HOLO) Scope, M150 ACOG Scope, M203-40 Grenade Launcher
- EAST Attachments: KOBRA RDS, PSO-1M2 Optics, GP-25 Kostyor Grenade Launcher
- UNSPECIFIC Attachments: Marksman Scope, Suppressor
- All attachments are found in either NATO or EAST kit pouches

[NEW] Full Podagorsk Release
- Customized Podagorsk island
- Fully wartorn map with NATO/EAST camps
- Minor and major fixes (see below)

[NEW] UI Updates
- UI is now fully white apart from food/drink icons.
- UI will no longer blend into nature and remain more visible.
- Icon size has been reduced from 64x64 to 32x32 to not be as intrusive.
- New UI Screenshot:

[UPDATED] Car spawns should now be more dynamic

[UPDATED] Lights can now be properly shot and turned off

Podagorsk Specific:

[NEW] Car wrecks
- Specific car wrecks can now be looted
- Doors, trunk and hood can be opened
- Open cardoors give minor bullet protection

[NEW] Additional Vehicles
- HMMWV M240 added (nerfed, equivalent to regular HMMWV)

[NEW] Road to Airfield
- Along the road to the airfield is a huge bunker checkpoint complex.
- The new complex is easily defendable, be cautious - scout ahead.

[NEW] Bridge to Sona
- Sona Island can now be accessed through a small wooden bridge.
- The bridge has sunken into the water in some places.
- On this bridge you are 100% exposed - be cautious.

[NEW] Airfield
- The airfield now has slightly more NATO high-tier loot.
- Added 2 crashed C130 and 1 more NATO barracks.
- The distance between all spots is equivalent to 6 runs up and down the NWAF on Chernarus.

[NEW] Small NATO outpost in Sona Island Castle
- Sona Island now has a minor NATO camp inside the castle.
- Protvino has had it's NATO camp reduced in size and loot due to it's close proximity to Sona.

[FIXED] Spawning
- Spawning now only occurs north of the river.
- It is now easier to orientate where you spawn.

[FIXED] Barns entrances
- Several barns were too high up in the air and caused instant death upon entering.
- These barns now have debris leading up to the entrance without the need to vault in.

[FIXED] Firestation in Kovrov
- The firestation in Kovrov has been relocated to Kirsanov.
- It is now impossible to go under and inside the firestation, thus remaining hidden.

[FIXED] Commercial concrete slabs
- It is now impossible to enter the concrete slabs, thus remaining hidden.

[FIXED] Castles
- Castles can now be safely entered without falling to your death.
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