DayZero 1.0.1 inkl. Podagorsk
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Beschreibung: DayZero 1.0.1 inkl. Podagorsk

DayZero 1.0.1 Changelog


- M4 models now have recoil and sound again.
- M16 burst mode now has proper sound effects again.
- MP5 CCO attachment bug fixed!
- Thrown bottles and cans no longer sound like they are exploding.
- Bug with tent/vehicle saving fixed.
- Bug with zombie handoff fixed.
- Bullet-proof trees fixed on Podagorsk
- Hollow rock wall fixed on Podagorsk

New features:

- Item slots for vehicles/tents are now displayed in the gear interface (top left!)
Dienstag, 03.Sep 2013 - 23:20 Uhr

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