DayZero 1.1.7
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Beschreibung: DayZero 1.1.7

Release Notes - DayZero - Version 1.1.7

        Bugs fixed
            [DZ-178] - ArmA2 freezes, usually near larger cities.

Release Notes - DayZero - Version 1.1.6

        Bugs fixed
            [DZ-166] - Pillar guard towers should be global objects.
            [DZ-167] - Land_Ind_Shed_02_main should be a global object.

Release Notes - DayZero - Version 1.1.5

        Bugs fixed
            [DZ-130] - Can't throw flares/bottles.
            [DZ-131] - Duping meat while gutting animals.
            [DZ-132] - Duping food while cooking.
            [DZ-134] - Zombie pathfinding (Firestation)
            [DZ-158] - Graphical glitch at NWAF southern entrance.
            [DZ-159] - Magazines disappearing
            [DZ-165] - Failed backpack pickup causes player to be unable to perform other actions.
            [DZ-175] - Change from simulation time to real time in "local_gutObject"
            [DZ-176] - BIS random select from array function is not random.
        Improvements done
            [DZ-168] - Using original BIS models to fix "bulletproof trees"
            [DZ-169] - Binarize old ArmA2 models to test clientside FPS improvements.
            [DZ-170] - Slight (10%) increase in bleeding resistance
            [DZ-171] - Updated loot spots for ATC.
            [DZ-172] - Updated loot spots for Fire station.
            [DZ-173] - Zombie movement overhaul/improvement.
            [DZ-177] - Zombie / Loot creation improvement.
        Tasks completed
            [DZ-174] - Remove unused files/functions.
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