DayZ Epoch
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[ADDED] Override local zombie count while in vehicle dayz_zedSpawnVehCount (default: dayz_maxLocalZombies / 2)
    [ADDED] Override local zombie count while in vehicle dayz_spawnAirCount (default: 5)
    [ADDED] New 55 gallon fuel barrel. Fixes glitching with old one.
    [FIXED] Can now fill jerry cans from standard fuel tanks again.
    [FIXED] Bug with new safe model shadow fixed.
    [FIXED] Check that items and weapons are removed during weapon trades.
    [FIXED] Added message when attempting to sell a vehicle with more than 75% average tire damage.
    [FIXED] Safe codes starting with 0### now work after server restarts. fixes #400
    [FIXED] Some dupe fixes now require that no player is nearby when selling vehicles, safe, and "take" item actions.
    [FIXED] Fix for no melee ammo after clothing switch.
    [CHANGED] Re-indexed all loot tables.
    [CHANGED] When building plot pole you will now get a message if building to close to another pole (45m).
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