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  • Panthera trader cities reworked by Axle.
  • Player zombie attack is now used by the "Vault" key, bound to "V" by default.
  • New version of Axeman's light system
  • Abort timer re-worked and now uses the abort button to show count down. Thanks to Skaronator for the help.
  • Updated battleye scripts.txt. Server admins should always add your own custom restrictions tailored to your code environment.
  • Version checks on 4 main pbo files, this is to make sure everyone is fully updated. Thanks to Skaronator.

  • Downgrading locked door to unlocked door is now possible if you know the combination and if you are the owner or a friend of a plot pole's owner.
  • Can now pack lumber and plywood into packs.
  • Can now pack Scrap Metal, Tank Traps, Wire Kits as well as Coke and Pepsi into supply crates.
  • Higher FPS & performance increase for 'Chernarus' with gdtmod_plants2 1.00 by HeinBloed
  • Higher FPS & performance increase for 'Chernarus' with gdtmod_grass 1.00 by HeinBloed
  • Added model for "Hotwire Kit" by Paul Tomany/Sequisha.
  • Added lootable ammo 100Rnd_127x99_M2,48Rnd_40mm_MK19,50Rnd_127x107_DSHKM, 29Rnd_30mm_AGS30, 2000Rnd_762x51_M134.
  • New loot and zombie spawn positions. You can now find items on many more shelves and tables.
  • Craft Iron ore into scrap metal. 4 ore + 1 water bottle and a fire = 1 scrap metal. thanks to Axeman!
  • Iron, Silver, and Gold ore mining from mining nodes found on hills around the map. You actually must break the rocks then remove the rubble. Silver and Gold ore can be smelted to 1oz bars with a fire and full water bottle. Control the max number that spawn at server start with MaxMineVeins variable.
  • If you logout near another player your backpack contents will be wiped. It it very important you do not logout next to another player. Change with DZE_BackpackGuard Default: true;
  • New intro screens from 1.7.7 thanks to Skaronator.
  • New opt-in 3d color coded name tag system that allows you to choose to show your name or not. Your name is displayed color coded based on your humanity. Red text equals -5000 humanity and blue +5000 everyone else is displayed with white text. Thanks go to ToeJam and Gimmic for the ideas. The distance of this tag defaults to 25 meters and can be changed with DZE_HumanityTargetDistance.
  • Podagorsk trader cities by Axle. Also added BI keys for Podagorsk from play with six
  • Hotwire kits found rarely on policeman zombies and even more rarely in vehicles. Have a 75% chance to work and are consumed on use and only unlock the car for one time use. A server restart will re-lock the vehicle and the owners key will still work.
  • Vehicle cargo is now locked when the vehicle is thanks to Zabn.
  • All additional assets & artwork by Paul/Sequisha.
  • Asset for hotwire kit.

  • Disallow player zombies from choosing to display their name.
  • Prevent player zombies from getting infected.
  • Triple animation bug when waking up from being unconscious. Thanks to Tansien - DayZero
  • Player zombies now have same skins as the zombies.
  • Fixed issues with crossbow arrows not spawning after shooting them.
  • Zombies now attack anyone before only your own zombies would attack you causing them to stand around other players.
  • Issues with picking up more items than you should with melee weapon attached. "Vectoradd" function zero divisor fix thanks to Zabn.
  • Suppress gas mask errors from overwatch players thanks to Skaronator.

  • Removing wood and cinder wall wrecks will now give a random number of items in return and will spawn on the ground.
  • Can now only maintain wall if damaged at least 10%. SERVER OWNERS NOTE: Use setDamageOnAge mysql event to set the damage based on age or else no one will be able to maintain.
  • Disallow changing clothes if another player is within 12 meters.
  • Increased chances to catch a fish by double.
  • Safes now holds 50 weapons instead of 20.
  • Renamed many public variables and updated battleye.
  • Chernarus 11 airplane dealer is now NEUTRAL. All Panthera traders changed to NEUTRAL.
  • Prices on cooked fish increased to encourage fishing.
  • Empty Supply crates removed as a crafting requirement.
  • Removing wood and cinder wall wrecks will now give a random number of items in return and will spawn on the ground.
  • Full moon nights date changed from 2012,6,6 to 2013,8,3.
  • New you are dead screen by Paul Tomany.
  • Disabled action menu F1-12 and 0-9 keys.
  • Harvest wood now uses a shorter swing animation and requires hatchet in hand.
  • Close combo lock gui after each try.
  • Modular building and safes now place perfectly vertical. This may cause some issues with existing bases.
  • All armed vehicles now spawn with no ammo and on each restart. You must now find then add your own ammunition to wreak havoc. Change this with DZE_vehicleAmmo default is 0. 1 = would give full on ammo each restart.

  • Benches at NWAF thanks to Skaronator.
  • Old tag system removed in favor of new system mentioned above.
  • Big cargo freight "sigisolda6" was causing performance issues. Removal results in major FPS gains;  thanks to mathewjknott for pointing this out.
  • Removed quicktips from loading screen to fix blackscreen issue thanks to Skaronator.

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