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Beschreibung: DayZ Epoch 1.0.6 Server-Files

Arma2 DayZ: Epoch is an unofficial open source client and server mod based on DayZ Community Edition. Arma2 DayZ: Epoch Mod brings more RP to DayZ Mod with; Metals based economy, NPC Traders, Lockable Vaults, More roles, and more.

Arma2 DayZ: Epoch is set in a future time after the Great Infection. Humanity is slowly returning to the wasteland, industrious survivors have begun to join together in small groups and rebuild society. Small camps of merchants have started to pop up to do business with survivors who collect goods from the wasted remnants of civilization. Wholesalers have landed on the shores offering imported goods to aid the rebuilding effort.

All is not safe however some vestiges of infection still remain and rogue bandits still roam the countryside preying on unsuspecting survivors.

Survive, explore, build wealth, make your way through the harsh environment and assist in the effort to rebuild, or burn it all down its your choice, live in the Epoch.


  • [NEW] Fully updated to DayZ 1.8.8 base @icomrade @ebayShopper
  • [NEW] 1.8.8 attachments, blood trails, community weapons, traps and tripwires
  • [NEW] 1.8.8 journal and crafting menu are now functional (default 'J' key)
  • [NEW] 1.8.8 spawn selection, set dayz_spawnselection = 1; in init.sqf to enable (Chernarus only)
  • [NEW] 1.8.8 infected camps, points of interest and infectious waterholes map additions (Chernarus only)
  • [NEW] 1.8.8 weapon switching and hotkeys (1 = primary, 2 = pistol, 3 = melee (or rifle onBack if DZE_TwoPrimaries=2;))
  • [NEW] Players can carry more than one primary (one hidden on back). See configVariables.sqf for details @icomrade
  • [NEW] Many new configuration options are available for admins. See dayz_codeconfigVariables.sqf and missioninit.sqf for descriptions.
  • [NEW] Optional rules feed on player login, set dayz_enableRules in init.sqf
  • [NEW] Streamer mode is toggleable by player in game options. Setting enabled hides server water mark and rules feed. @ebayShopper
  • [NEW] Status UI icons are toggleable between "vanilla","epoch","dark" set DZE_UI in init.sqf @ebayShopper
  • [NEW] Optional dark UI by @hogscraper code fixes by @SplenectomY @icomrade #1622
  • [NEW] If using the vanilla UI you may enable or disable the combat icon with DZE_VanillaUICombatIcon = true/false; @icomrade
  • [NEW] Anzio 20mm sniper and RedRyder BB Gun by @arma2WillRobinson
  • [NEW] Added "RedRyder" and "350Rnd_BB_Magazine" to loot pile. #1456 #1457 @Namindu
  • [NEW] Added action to lock and unlock vehicles from inside #1103 @pj999 @ebayShopper
  • [NEW] Autorun hotkey ('0' key)
  • [NEW] Earplugs hotkey ('F1' key)
  • [NEW] Group system ('F5' key) with database save. Settings available in configVariables.sqf. CommandBar and RadioProtocol spam are now disabled via config. @icomrade @ebayShopper
  • [NEW] Snap building, use DZE_modularBuild = true; in init.sqf to enable. @raymix
  • [NEW] Auto login when a player joins the server, default 10 seconds, requires mission update (disable in description.ext by setting defValueParam1 = 31;) @icomrade
  • [NOTE] Auto login does not force a player who aborted from the game, back to the lobby, to login
  • [NEW] Blood types system is disabled by default. Set dayz_classicBloodBagSystem = false; in init.sqf to enable.
  • [NEW] Dayz_townGenerator = true; in init.sqf enables vanilla map junk instead of Epoch DynamicDebris. Currently only compatible with Chernarus. @ebayShopper
  • [NEW] Database backup script. See Server FilesTools. @RimBlock
  • [NEW] Upgraded (_DZE1,2,3,4) ArmoredSUV and Kamaz classes are now available. #1518 #1538 @McKeighan
  • [NEW] Added increased waves during stormy weather #974 @FramedYannick @ebayShopper
  • [NEW] Optional variable to prevent stealing from backpacks by non-friendlies at traders. Set DZE_BackpackAntiTheft = true; in init.sqf @ebayShopper
  • [NEW] A much improved version of Zupa's Advanced Trading 2.1+ is now the default config trader menu, NOT COMPATIBLE WITH DATABASE TRADERS @icomrade @Windmolders
  • [NEW] With config based traders categories can be reused by setting the duplicate=#; value. # is the category number to copy. @ebayShopper
  • [NEW] With config based traders upgraded vehicles can now be sold for the same price as their original. #1745 @oiad
  • [NEW] With config based traders the buy or sell price of any item can be set to -1 to forbid the respective trading action. @icomrade
  • [NEW] Gems are now treated as variable value currency (Advanced Trading only). Configure gem values using DZE_GemWorthArray =[]; See configVariables.sqf. @icomrade
  • [NEW] Gem rarity is now configurable for mining using DZE_GemOccurance =[]; See configVariables.sqf. @icomrade
  • [NEW] A Plot For Life v2.5+ by RimBlock is now included and enabled by default, see configVariables.sqf @RimBlock @icomrade
  • [NEW] Build Vectors v4+ by Striker is now included, only enabled with Snap building. Note there is no option to turn off Vector Building with Snap Building enabled @strikerforce @icomrade
  • [NEW] Door Management v3.0+ by Zupa is now included and enabled by default with variable DZE_doorManagement, see configVariables.sqf @DevZupa @Bruce-LXXVI @ebayShopper
  • [NEW] Plot Management v2.1+ by Zupa is now included and enabled by default with variable DZE_permanentPlot, see configVariables.sqf @DevZupa @Bruce-LXXVI @icomrade
  • [NEW] Precise Base Building v1.0.5+ by Mikeeeyy is now included. @Mikeeeyy @icomrade @ebayShopper
    [li][NEW] You may toggle vehicle destruction effects to prevent damage from vehicle explosions (useful to prevent griefing from ramming) use DZE_NoVehicleExplosions = true; to enable #1198 @icomrade
  • [NEW] Temperature factors are now configurable with DZE_TempVars see configVariables.sqf. @icomrade
  • [NEW] Weather effects are now configurable with DZE_WeatherVariables. See DynamicWeatherEffects.sqf for info on these values. @icomrade
  • [NEW] Full height cinderblock wall kits are now in game, classname "full_cinder_wall_kit" #1172 @icomrade
  • [NEW] You can exclude built items from the god mode base function using DZE_GodModeBaseExclude = []; which is an array of item classnames
  • [NEW] Fuel stations now have limited amount of fuel each restart. Configurable with dayz_randomMaxFuelAmount in init.sqf
  • [NEW] More possible causes of death added to study body: fell, ran over, shot, melee, zombie @ebayShopper
  • [NEW] Player-list no longer shows who's in lobby or ingame.
  • [NEW] 35 new male clothing classes added. #1732 #1734 @AirWavesMan
  • [NEW] Added new _DZ variants of BRDM2, AN2, HMMWV, Mi17 and Cessna classes with radar disabled. #1746 @AirWavesMan
  • [NEW] Added SCAR Mk16 and Mk17 variants, L86 and AA12 to loot tables and traders. #1743 @AirWavesMan
  • [NEW] Players can now manually push stuck planes backwards to free them. @ebayShopper
  • [NEW] Salvage can now be disabled on locked vehicles via DZE_salvageLocked variable. #1757 @oiad
  • [NEW] You may now rearm pooks and other helicopter, vehicle, pilot and driver weapons. @icomrade
  • [NEW] Death messages now use a PVEH instead of the unreliable MPHit. Added localization, more causes of death, systemChat and dynamicText killfeed options. @ebayShopper
  • [NEW] Parachute can now auto open at a set height during HALO jump. Altitude and speed meter can also be enabled. See configVariables.sqf. @ebayShopper
  • [NEW] Added hatch, fold and ramp animation UserActions to ArmoredSUV, AH1Z, MV22 and UH1Y configs. @ebayShopper
  • [NEW] VON in side and global is now blocked by default. See configVariables.sqf to change blocked VON channels. @icomrade @ebayShopper
  • [NEW] Arma cheat input (LeftShift + NumPad-) is now blocked by default to prevent abuse of FPS cap and EndMission commands for duping. @icomrade
  • [CHANGED] Combattimeout now uses diag_tickTime instead of time.
  • [CHANGED] AmmoBoxSmall_556/762 is replaced with DZ_AmmoBoxUS/RU/EU/CZ and MedBox0 is replaced with DZ_MedBox (new model)
  • [CHANGED] UH60Wreck and UH1Wreck are replaced with CrashSite_EU/UN/US/RU (new models)
  • [CHANGED] An infection chance of -1 disables self-transfusion infection. 0 is always infected. (DZE_selfTransfuse_Values) @icomrade
  • [CHANGED] Removed weapons from Traders hands and made them stand with arms by their side. @SilvDev
  • [CHANGED] Tweaked fuel capacity variables for vehicles. @RimBlock
  • [CHANGED] Tweaked rotate_logs.bat to incorporate the day of the week for better organization @Raziel23x
  • [CHANGED] All instances of sleep were replaced with the more reliable uiSleep where possible. @icomrade
  • [CHANGED] Several getPosATL changed to call FNC_GetPos for water compatibility @icomrade
  • [CHANGED] Trader city objects are now spawned locally on each machine with simulation disabled for better performance. Admins can still override with custom cities in init.sqf. @ebayShopper
  • [CHANGED] With R3Fweight on overburdened players are now forced to move slowly instead of being knocked out. The scream was also removed. #1145 @icomrade @ebayShopper
  • [CHANGED] Abort and respawn are now disabled immediately in the pause menu onLoad to compensate for low fps delay. @ebayShopper
  • [CHANGED] Player_onPause is now customizable by admins along with the new unscheduled fn_pauseMenuChecks. #1340 @Rimblock @ebayShopper
  • [CHANGED] Satchel charges, mines and launcher rounds now take one inventory slot instead of multiple for consistency with all other Epoch items. @ebayShopper
  • [FIXED] Player zombies are no longer attacked by other zombies. The respawn button is now enabled for them if they wish to suicide. @ebayShopper
  • [FIXED] Zombies now target and attack players far more accurately than in
  • [FIXED] Server position sync bug after falling unconscious. Fixes AI on server not seeing the player after knock out and position revert after relog. #1522 @ebayShopper
  • [FIXED] Keyboard input is now disabled properly while unconscious @skynetdev @ebayShopper #1613
  • [FIXED] Character sometimes failing to sync after changing clothes #1545
  • [FIXED] Backpack wipes when changing clothes. #1361 @icomrade
  • [FIXED] CH53 gear when locked #1364 @icomrade
  • [FIXED] Infinite loop when crafting ore into bars #1351 @icomrade
  • [FIXED] Only first kill showing on death boards #1362 #1124 @vbawol @icomrade
  • [FIXED] Crossbow quivers not working #1355 @icomrade
  • [FIXED] Crash_spawner & Supply_drop modules spawning inaccessible loot piles #1408 #1390 @Uro1
  • [FIXED] Several script errors in dayz_server #1421 #1425 @ebayShopper
  • [FIXED] Corrected ClassName type for CH53_DZE and BAF_Merlin_DZE. @Cinjun
  • [FIXED] Dynamic_vehicle spawning non-upgradable classes of hilux1 & datsun1.  @Uro1
  • [FIXED] Eating while inside a vehicle did not drop empty can  @deadeye2
  • [FIXED] Zombie loot error when using loot tables in mission file  @deadeye2
  • [FIXED] Trader menu expected array error #1618-1620 @ebayShopper
  • [FIXED] Loading screen issue where you can walk around and see a black screen #1610 @deanreid
  • [FIXED] Crafting a sledgehammer with one already in your toolbelt no longer eats your parts. #1567 #1667 @Namindu
  • [FIXED] Copy key failing when player doesn't have a backpack @ebayShopper
  • [FIXED] Fire barrels not being detected over water @pj999 @icomrade #1559 #1564
  • [FIXED] Opening supply crates over water no longer drops the items on the sea floor @pj999 @icomrade #1558
  • [FIXED] Plot pole required message not updating to reflect DZE_PlotPole radius @mathewjknott @icomrade #1274
  • [FIXED] Slow login timer and incorrect loading screen message when login times out @icomrade
  • [FIXED] Combine mags not working for Revolver and M1911 ammo @Terrien @ebayShopper #1313
  • [FIXED] M113_DZ,_DZE variants config errors and gunner seat not working @McKeighan @ebayShopper #1514
  • [FIXED] Smoke countermeasures are now visible @Markokil321 @icomrade #1440
  • [FIXED] Toilet paper dupe exploit when building outhouse @Markokil321 @ebayShopper #1599
  • [FIXED] Safes and lockboxes occasionally wiped when opening after restart and locking not being logged to RPT @ebayShopper #1413 #1503
  • [FIXED] Greatly optimized safe gear handling. Safe inventories are no longer sent to all machines over the network on server startup and each lock. @ebayShopper
  • [FIXED] Common duping methods exploiting safes no longer work with the new safe gear handling code. #1341 @RimBlock @ebayShopper
  • [FIXED] Duplicate objectUIDs occasionally causing vehicles to swap classes or be deleted across restarts. @icomrade #1504
  • [FIXED] DZE_BuildingLimit now counts buildables only instead of all object types. Thanks jOoPs @ebayShopper
  • [FIXED] Player no longer hears radiation sound when changing clothes. @ebayShopper
  • [FIXED] Ponds and lakes are now detected correctly in player_goFishing and player_drinkWater. #1678 @ebayShopper
  • [FIXED] Players are now ejected and force killed when their vehicle is destroyed. This applies to all vehicles except cars. Cars eject, but do not force kill. @icomrade
  • [NOTE]   Servers that use safezones must configure DZE_SafeZonePosArray, otherwise passengers of vehicles in safezones will be killed on destruction of their vehicle. See configVariables.sqf.
  • [FIXED] Players are no longer able to brute force doors or safes by the method described in #1187 @icomrade
  • [FIXED] Some buildables not displaying removal option #1135 @icomrade
  • [FIXED] Study body message saying his/he on female players. @ebayShopper
  • [FIXED] Destroyed ore veins and ammo crates are now deleted globally after being removed. #1730 @icomrade
  • [FIXED] UH1Y and AH6X unknown animation source RPT errors. Added back observer seats to AH6X and UH1Y without thermal imaging. @icomrade
  • [FIXED] Players can no longer relog over bases in a helicopter, parachute or plane to get inside. @ebayShopper
  • [FIXED] Mozzie helicopter noises, and crashed mozzies bouncing into orbit. @icomrade
  • [FIXED] Firing from vehicles puts you in combat now. @icomrade
  • [FIXED] Players will no longer end up swimming in the ground after spawn, relog or clothes change on maps with respawn_west in the water. @ebayShopper
  • [FIXED] It is no longer possible to drag players through base walls when they are unconscious. @icomrade
  • [FIXED] Purchased vehicles should no longer spawn inside each other on trader helipads. @icomrade
  • [FIXED] Humanity hit is now applied correctly to players shooting from vehicles. @ebayShopper
  • [FIXED] Chopped down trees are now synced for JIP players, so they no longer respawn on relog. @ebayShopper
  • [FIXED] Several errors with loading and unloading unconscious players from vehicles. @oiad @ebayShopper
  • [FIXED] Occasional glitch death when opening parachute during HALO jump. @ebayShopper
  • [UPDATED] .hpp files updated in dayz_codeConfigsCfgLootCfgBuildingPos. @Uro1
  • [UPDATED] .bat files updated in Config-Examples @Raziel23x
  • [UPDATED] Updated all config.cfg in Config-Examples, Added Default Steam Ports and Updated Layout. @Namindu
  • [UPDATED] Epoch.sql, 1.0.6_Updates.sql & CfgServerTraders with correct classnames for upgradable hilux1 & datsun1 versions. @Uro1
  • [INFO] Server owners must update to the new Hive DLL included in the 1.0.6 release, changes in the source code can be found here:
  • [INFO] Many weapon and item classnames changed. Admins must update their traders. See SQL1.0.6_Updates and dayz_codeConfigsCfgServerTrader
  • [INFO] Many duplicate functions and variables were renamed. See Documents1.0.6 Variable Name Changes.txt
  • [INFO] New loot table format is incompatible with old loot tables. Admins see CfgLootREADME.txt
  • [INFO] If you use any community mods included in this release (AdvancedTrading, BuildVectors, Door/PlotManagement, SnapBuild, PlotForLife, PreciseBuilding, DZGM, etc.) you MUST uninstall them from your mission. They have been improved and many bugs have been fixed. Get updated copies from
  • [INFO] Amphibious pook and cessna (pook_h13_amphib,GNT_C185E,GNT_C185F) are confirmed to have FPS issues. Using them is not recommended. #1612 @bleeding- @Markokil321
  • [INFO] Server owners and players should use the stable branch of ArmA 2 OA
  • [INFO] The A2OA Linux server version is 1.63.130836 at the time of release. Until it is updated with the core patch fixes Linux server admins will need to patch their mission:
  • [INFO] Models/textures by Paul Tomany. @Sequisha.
  • [INFO] Special thanks to for hosting our development server

Manual Client install instructions:

Note: Both server and client should be updated to current A2OA stable 1.63.131129 or newer -- Beta build use is not recommended, wait until A2/OA updates are pushed to the stable channel.

Basic Install Guide
  • Install or update your [Visual C++ Redistributable 2015 (x86 version)]. It is recommended that you install all previous Visual C++ Redistributables (x86 versions).
  • Download both client and server files and extract to the root Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead folder. Example: C:Program Files (x86)SteamsteamappscommonArma 2 Operation Arrowhead. On some Windows systems you may need to "UnBlock" the dll files. Right-click the file, Properties and click "Unblock".
  • Install MySQL server and create a new MySQL database called dayz_epoch. Import the epoch.sql file.
  • Open HiveExt.ini and change your MySQL connection information. Open config.cfg in the same folder and change the admin password.
  • Launch the server with -mod=@DayZ_Epoch;@DayZ_Epoch_Server;. See the *.bat files in Config-Examples.
Basic Upgrading Guide
  • Perform steps #1 and #2 in the basic install guide, above. Be sure to update to the new MPMission, dayz_server, BattlEye filters and HiveExt.dll too.
  • Connect to your MySQL server. Make a backup first to be safe, then run the 1.0.6_Updates.sql file on your dayz_epoch database. Be sure to read the comments in the SQL field, especially at the bottom of the file if you are using single curreny or Precise Base Building 1.0.4 or older.
  • Inside the "Keys" folder on your server remove any previous day_epoch*.bikey keys. As of 1.0.6 our bikey is called dayz_epoch106.bikey and we will use a new one for each release.

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