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Arma2 DayZ: Epoch is an unofficial open source client and server mod based on DayZ Community Edition. Arma2 DayZ: Epoch Mod brings more RP to DayZ Mod with; Metals based economy, NPC Traders, Lockable Vaults, More roles, and more.

Arma2 DayZ: Epoch is set in a future time after the Great Infection. Humanity is slowly returning to the wasteland, industrious survivors have begun to join together in small groups and rebuild society. Small camps of merchants have started to pop up to do business with survivors who collect goods from the wasted remnants of civilization. Wholesalers have landed on the shores offering imported goods to aid the rebuilding effort.

All is not safe however some vestiges of infection still remain and rogue bandits still roam the countryside preying on unsuspecting survivors.

Survive, explore, build wealth, make your way through the harsh environment and assist in the effort to rebuild, or burn it all down its your choice, live in the Epoch.


  • Added config variable DZE_HaloSpawnHeight. @ebayShopper
  • Added config variable DZE_ServerLogHits for logging source damage, weapon, ammo and distance to server RPT.
  • Added M4SPR_DZE and VSS_vintorez_DZE which spawn with larger magazines by default. #1823 #1890 @AirwavesMan
  • Building upgrades now source parts from the player's backpack and main inventory. @icomrade
  • Server owners can configure nutrition system effects with DZE_NutritionDivisor in configVariables.sqf @icomrade
  • Added back DZE_doorManagementHarderPenalty config variable. Required wait between incorrect entries of manual door codes is multiplied by two each time, starting at five seconds. #1847 @oiad
  • Added server logging of failed unlock attempts on doors, safes and lockboxes. Also added server logging of all door locking and unlocking. #1853 @oiad
  • Added loot positions for some more Sahrani and Tavi buildings
  • Added military flashlight attachments
  • Added full screen night vision goggles, classname: "NVGoggles_DZE" (must be added to traders by server owners) @icomrade
  • Added setting to easily disable base takeover and configure which items are removable without ownership or access. See DZE_restrictRemoval in configVariables.sqf. #1886 @AirwavesMan @oiad
  • Map markers are now automatically tagged with the name of the player who placed them. This can be easily removed or customized by admins. #1871 @looter809
  • Added block in keyboard.sqf for sprint and prone through locked doors glitch. @LunaCB

  • Turbo and HoldBreath keybindings are now allowed again. @icomrade
  • Commented drink from hands at ponds due to client FPS impact. Players can still fill drinks at ponds by right clicking a container. #1816
  • Disabled vanilla antiwall, POI, infectious waterhole and infected camp map additions by default due to negative FPS impact. They can be enabled in init.sqf and server_monitor. #1816
  • Added shadow to dayz_rollingMessages white text so it is visible on light colored backgrounds and looks like cutText.
  • Reverted pain to old violent shaking effect instead of subtle gun sway. #1839 @AirwavesMan @schwanzkopfhegel
  • Reverted lobby and player list background colors to A2OA default instead of dark grey
  • Salvage vehicle actions are no longer allowed in positions defined in DZE_SafeZonePosArray
  • The town generator and comfrey plant spawner loops are now fully disabled when dayz_townGenerator=false; to improve client FPS. #1816
  • AntiTP and scheduled security are now fully disabled when dayz_antihack=0. #1816
  • Changed default value for the variable dayz_bleedingeffect to 2 (blood particle effect only) due to negative FPS impact. Set to 3 to enable blood stains again. #1816
  • Group icons have been moved to a separate slower loop which only runs when in a group, and the group system is disabled by default. See configVariables.sqf to enable. #1816
  • Flies now spawn ten minutes after death instead of right away. Flies are also disabled by default due to negative FPS impact. See init.sqf to enable. #1816
  • SpawnCheck for loot and zombies has been lowered to 200m and switched to nearObjects instead of nearestObjects (same as 1051) for better client FPS. #1816
  • Increased head shot damage for normal hits (non-zombie and non-melee)
  • Slightly increased damage from vehicle run over
  • Moved study body back to fn_selfActions for easy admin customization.
  • Players can now lock and unlock a vehicle when the key is in their backpack. This can be changed in epoch_tempKeys. #1897 @oiad
  • The vanilla building PVEHs have been commented out because we don't support or use the vanilla base objects currently.

  • Wrong texture for z_hunter zombie. #1805 @schwanzkopfhegel @ebayShopper
  • Refuel with generator at gas station not working. #1806 @Helios27 @ebayShopper
  • Issue where Arma cheats could still be entered under certain conditions without pressing LeftShift at the same time as NumPadMinus. @ebayShopper
  • Tag friendly still showing after player accepts and related issue with BackpackAntiTheft. #1807 @oiad
  • Undefined variable dayz_clientPreload error on main menu during intro.sqs. #1810 @ndavalos @ebayShopper
  • Giving pain killers to another player no longer removes pain from the player giving the pain killers.
  • Occasional undefined error for text color attribute when repairing and salvaging vehicles. @ebayShopper
  • M24 ammo prices are now 1/4 of DMR ammo prices, so no profit can be made by combining M24 rounds. @looter809 @ebayShopper
  • Full cinderblock walls now work properly with vector building #1813. @DeVloek @icomrade
  • Death message showing incorrectly when players suicide under certain conditions. @oiad @ebayShopper
  • Death message sometimes showing incorrectly due to spawn delay. #1833 @schwanzkopfhegel @ebayShopper
  • Corpses occasionally being deleted right away due to delay between PVS and bodyName setVariable. #1825 @ebayShopper
  • WoodenArrow and other WeaponHolderBase inherited objects catching fire when destroyed due to destrType. #1815 @DeVloek @ebayShopper
  • Arrows floating in air when shot at same position against a wall multiple times. #1815 @DeVloek @ebayShopper
  • Swimming in ground glitch when relogging at certain positions on certain maps like Napf and Tavi. @ebayShopper
  • No damage from hitting ground after HALO jump when DZE_HaloOpenChuteHeight was set to -1. @ebayShopper
  • Added back missing call to Epoch player_antiWall function for preventing base glitching. #1817 @ndavalos @ebayShopper
  • HALO fresh spawns stuck swimming in air on Napf and failing to start correctly sometimes. #1809 @oiad @ebayShopper
  • Self actions sometimes duplicating when changing clothes and looking at a safe. @jOoPs @ebayShopper
  • Wrong bleeding icon on vanilla status UI. @jOoPs
  • It is no longer possible to autoRun under ponds on Chernarus, Namalsk and Napf. #1827 @schwanzkopfhegel
  • Hive connection error after the first and only online player disconnects during the object stream at server start up. #1822 @AirwavesMan @ebayShopper
  • Vanilla player_craftItem not exiting when action is already in progress. #1826 @schwanzkopfhegel
  • Fire barrel kit can be crafted with partially full matchboxes now. #1830 @AirwavesMan
  • Viral zeds stuck and not moving from their spawn location due to wrong init event handler. #1819 @DeVloek
  • Handling of boiled water bottles < 10 oz #1838 (Also removed the requirement to have an empty tin can to boil water) @icomrade @schwanzkopfhegel
  • Generator inventory not saving #1831 @icomrade @schwanzkopfhegel
  • Filling fuel barrels takes the correct amount from fuel tanks now (210 instead of 40 litres). #1834 @schwanzkopfhegel @oiad
  • Unable to sell some launchers like Javelin and Stinger which have the same classname for ammo and weapon. #1844 @ndavalos
  • Long search delay when filling water bottles, drinking from hands and drinking from empty cans is fixed on Chernarus, Namalsk and Napf. #1835 @schwanzkopfhegel
  • Players can not purchase a negative number of items anymore.
  • Switching weapons properly interrupts autorun now. #1850 @DeVloek
  • Duplicate matchbox or knife error when lighting a fire or gutting with multiple matchboxes or knives on toolbelt. #1849 @DeVloek
  • RU crates having zero cargo capacity and wrong classname DZ_ExplosivesBoxRU in loot table. #1852 @oiad
  • Combining M24 or 2Rnd shotgun ammo can no longer be abused to dupe mags via the method described in #1848. @DeVloek
  • Rapid starvation or dehydration when using chainsaw, chopping wood or pushing plane. Also lowered or removed nutrition hit for several actions. #1857 @TheZog
  • Unable to repair or salvage vehicle parts not listed in the RepairParts config, like Merlin glass and tank tracks. #1828 #1856 @ndavalos @schwanzkopfhegel @oiad
  • Unable to remove LightPole_DZ, DeerStand_DZ, MetalGate_DZ and StickFence_DZ. #1859 @TheZog
  • Unconscious locked input when running #1860 @icomrade @DeVloek
  • Running corpses when the dead player has no primary weapon @icomrade
  • "AI" text localized on wrong client in death messages #1867 @LunaCB
  • Trader menu server RPT logs partially localized on clients @oiad
  • Group icons will not show for units inside the player's vehicle anymore (helis, large planes, etc.). #1865 @schwanzkopfhegel
  • Lighting fires and building fireplaces not working on platforms raised over the sea #1866 @schwanzkopfhegel
  • Bandit1_DZ and Bandit2_DZ were the same. Bandit1_DZ is back to the normal non-camo skin now. #1874 @DeVloek
  • If a player force kills their game immediately after dying their body will no longer disappear. #1825 @looter809
  • Some AI behavior was broken due to RadioProtocolEmpty. Unfortunately this reintroduces group chat spam.
  • Players can no longer pack a tent while sleeping.
  • Players can no longer walk under water at Topolka Dam. @Bruce-LXXVI
  • server_PublishVehicle3 will no longer dupe a vehicle if it fails to read the vehicle back from the database. @oiad
  • Panic sounds will no longer overlap when the player is attacked by zombies. #1861 @DeVloek
  • Melee weapons will no longer be eaten when attempting to add them to a full toolbelt.
  • Updated to Sa-Matra's latest Core Patch BIS Effects which fix the fire in the sky bug again. #1883 @oiad @icomrade
  • Mark body now marks all of your bodies instead of just one. @oiad
  • Group and body markers correctly update on the GPS mini map now.
  • Vehicle lock and unlock actions are now refreshed correctly without needing to look away and back again. @oiad
  • A potential undefined error on bear trap trigger. @oiad
  • A few floating loot positions in firestation.
  • Blocked a duping method involving changing clothes. Thanks to Sercan for reporting. @oiad
  • Buildables now properly apply godmode if enabled during the restart window. @oiad
  • G36C ACOG attachment

[NOTE] The fixes below are included in the 1.0.6 Build C server package released December 29th, 2016 (
  • Hive child 309 errors that resulted in broken saving of newly built storage object inventory. @icomrade
  • Error with object publishing when snap building is disabled. @ebayShopper
  • Error handling upgraded 1051 databases that resulted in a <null> value for "rh_factor" and array for "bloodtype" in character_data medical field. @ebayShopper
  • Error in server_playerSetup that resulted in a <null> value for dayz_onBack in character_data inventory if player had no weapon on back. @ebayShopper
  • Doors and plots not getting cleaned up properly. See new MaintenanceObjects variable and explanation in HiveExt.ini. @icomrade

  • Antiwall glitch blocks for vanilla hospitals since Epoch uses DayZero hospitals. @jOoPs
  • "Take ownership" on plot pole due to it being unnecessary and causing base objects to duplicate. #1811 @BNG-Lance @Clanwarfare

Manual Client install instructions:

Note: Both server and client should be updated to current A2OA stable 1.63.131129 or newer -- Beta build use is not recommended, wait until A2/OA updates are pushed to the stable channel.

Basic Install Guide
  • Install or update your [Visual C++ Redistributable 2015 (x86 version)]. It is recommended that you install all previous Visual C++ Redistributables (x86 versions).
  • Download both client and server files and extract to the root Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead folder. Example: C:Program Files (x86)SteamsteamappscommonArma 2 Operation Arrowhead. On some Windows systems you may need to "UnBlock" the dll files. Right-click the file, Properties and click "Unblock".
  • Install MySQL server and create a new MySQL database called dayz_epoch. Import the epoch.sql file.
  • Open HiveExt.ini and change your MySQL connection information. Open config.cfg in the same folder and change the admin password.
  • Launch the server with -mod=@DayZ_Epoch;@DayZ_Epoch_Server;. See the *.bat files in Config-Examples.
Basic Upgrading Guide
  • Perform steps #1 and #2 in the basic install guide, above. Be sure to update to the new MPMission, dayz_server, BattlEye filters and HiveExt.dll too.
  • Connect to your MySQL server. Make a backup first to be safe, then run the 1.0.6_Updates.sql file on your dayz_epoch database. Be sure to read the comments in the SQL field, especially at the bottom of the file if you are using single curreny or Precise Base Building 1.0.4 or older.
  • Inside the "Keys" folder on your server remove any previous day_epoch*.bikey keys. As of 1.0.6 our bikey is called dayz_epoch106.bikey and we will use a new one for each release.

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