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* Releasedate 18 June 2013

Affected addons:
* dayz_anim
* dayz_code
* dayz_communityassets

Serverside affected addons:
* dayz_server (server admins only)
* Mission (server admins only) (Prerequisites) Downloaded from
* BattlEye-Filters (server admins only)
* SQL Files (server admins only)


       * [FIXED] - Crashsite loot spawn fixed.
       * [FIXED] - LOS should now reset correct.
       * [FIXED] - Updated Chopper Repair system to include hull and missiles.
       * [FIXED] - Blood transfusion should now work properly.
       * [FIXED] - Zeds can knock you unconscious again.
       * [FIXED] - Issue with built items not display properly over the network.
       * [FIXED] - Changing clothes while in a gear menu of a pile/vehicle/tent will no longer crash your game.
       * [FIXED] - Fixed duplication of mags via combining/converting and duplication of tents/built items.
       * [FIXED] - 100% damaged vehicles do not respawn anymore.
       * [FIXED] - Added check to make sure no one is within 30 meters of zed spawning.
       * [FIXED] - Fixed bandit detection for kills and humanity changes.
       * [FIXED] - Fixed an issue where you wouldn't be able to pick up any loot.
       * [FIXED] - Fixed an issue where bandaging an other player wouldn't bandage them.
       * [FIXED] - Added a range check to zed attacks, no more 5-10m hits. (We Hope)
       * [FIXED] - Fixed issue where your player's body would be deleted if aborting too quickly.
      * [FIXED] - Shadow LODs on soda cans.
      * [FIXED] - Zeds full scale dmg has been readded.
       * [UPDATED] - Color saturation starts to fade out at blood level 9000
       * [UPDATED] - Rest to provide a 1% chance to cure infection (Can only be done once every 5 mins)
       * [UPDATED] - Zed will now attack again while prone with animation.
      * [UPDATED] - Updated tackle animations to an actual stumble/trip animation for back, left and right of player (holding a pistol remains unchanged). Players hit from the front will be stopped in their tracks.
      * [UPDATED] - Reported bike damage is divided by 10.
       * [UPDATED] - Much quicker login/loading.
       * [UPDATED] - More reliable loot spawns.
       * [UPDATED] - Infection rates are much lower (based on #zeds attacking you) viral zeds have 4x greater infection rates
       * [UPDATED] - player knockdown by zeds should be less common.
      * [UPDATED] - SUV has been unbanned and readded under SUV_DZ Server admins must update there database.
      * [UPDATED] - fishing_Boat speed update from 15 to 45.
      * [UPDATED] - SQL files for private database users Included all hitpoints and inventory systems.
      * [UPDATED] - Updated pMain to now include extra setting --execute="call pMain(serverinstance) example.  --execute="call pMain(1) would spawn all vehicles for instance 1
      * [UPDATED] - Zed Target system updated to include movement speed changes. aboue 10m = full speed, aboue 2.2m and below 10m = Approch speed, below 2.2 = attack speed.
      * [UPDATED] - Attack system updated to include LOS & Angle of attack checks as the animation is run to make sure player is only damaged/knockdown if they meet both conditions.
      * [UPDATED] - RoadBlocks/Trash should now spawn quicker based on the current speed of the player.
      Both removed so we can debug fps issues.
       * [REMOVED] - Wild Zeds while we try to debug issues with FPS.
       * [REMOVED] - Zeds will no longer spawn while in vehicles.
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