DayZ Mod
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Beschreibung: Changelog:
  • [FIXED] - Loot Spawning underground. Changelog:
  • [FIXED] - Database cleanup has now been fixed and camo net added.
  • [FIXED] - Date sync has now bee fixed to provide night time again.
  • [FIXED] - SVD and SVD_CAMO firemodes now working as they should.
  • [FIXED] - Motocycle tt650 now has modified hitpart system should hopefully fix repair issues with it.
  • [FIXED] - Backpack sounds not playing for opening the backpack of other players.
  • [FIXED] - Building Delays Fixed. (Buildings will now only have 1 pass per the timer. Zeds 5 mins, Loot 15 mins) - Should provide FPS boost.
  • [FIXED] - Loot Bias system Fixed. (Limits the amount of Piles within a building every 15 mins) - Should lower overall loot spawned, Should provide FPS Boost
  • [FIXED] - Potential fix for the action menu issues.
  • [FIXED] - Fixed duping of meat while gutting animals and removing fuel/parts from a vehicle
  • [FIXED] - Remove gas,repair,salvage etc. options from incorrect object.
  • [FIXED] - Time sync on login
  • [FIXED] - Incorrect right click menu in gear if a melee object is on a player's back.
  • [FIXED] - Removed refuel option on destroyed vehicles and study body option on animals.
  • [FIXED] - Gutting animals works properly now
  • [FIXED] - Humanity system and kills displaying incorrect.
  • [FIXED] - Blood level is now synced direct to server every 10 secs. (No more sending to all players on server) Performance Boost.
  • [UPDATED] - Mechanic - Sepsis chance from "bleeding" raised from 1% to 30% (More like 3% once 10% bleeding effect is taken into account).
  • [UPDATED] - System - Zed Aggro on all Weapon fire now changed to a more dynamic system to allow the overall distance the shot was hered to changes the way and amount of zeds responce. ((50 Meters and below = Run to location),( 50-71  = 50% chance they walk to location), (70 meters and up = walk to location))
  • [UPDATED] - System - Zed Damage output base scale lowered (from 300 Normal/400 Viral to 200 Normal/300 Viral)
  • [UPDATED] - PBX Boat speed reduced from 125 to 85.
  • [UPDATED] - Login time has now been reduced.

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