DayZ Mod 1.8.3 Server-Files
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Beschreibung: DayZ Mod 1.8.3

  • [Blood type is now displayed on your UI, (if you have used the testing kit)
  • ["town generator", which spawns litter/rumble/wrecks inside 500 meter bubble around the player.
  • [500 plants spawned locally on client side (previously, 100 plants were networked and spawned on server side). Plant objects are handled by the "town generator".
  • Antiwallhack concrete blocks are spawned locally (previously were networked and spawned on server side)
  • [POI and infectious waters are spwaned locally (previously were networked and spawned on server side)
  • [Reworked task scheduler both on client side and server side. To avoid "game lag", some client tasks are suspended during max 50 frames if fps_min is below 10, and a hint is displayed on screen.
  • [Keyboard event management reworked for faster handling. GCAM helper is available for GCAM developers (the GCAM is not provided in the mod)
  • Zeds buried into the floor are detected and moved on the floor according to the elevation of the lowest loot position.
  • Flies and fly sounds are spawned on dead character bodies. Flies and fly sound are monitored by the server (ArmA2 bug workaround)
  • Character will switch back to primary weapon if the throwable weapon is selected during 7 seconds and nothing has been throwed.
  • oot spawn: Add lootpos in new POI (trains/ruins mainly). The loot focused on construction.
  • Construction: metal fences can be built and disassembled, metal DIY guide.
  • Construction: placement system:
    • Fences can be build straight up, but on a limited level difference, or fences can be built aligned to the slope.
      "Magnet style" on object edges, so that 2 fences join seamlessly during assembly
      The "ghost" object will always show the same side (player won't be able to build a fence inside-out)

  • Animated building disassembly. Disassembly can be interrupted to a intermediate stage of the deconstruction.

  • All security checks (anti-teleport, plant texture, variable hacks, timeshift, 'player' object) can still be disabled with the variable dayz_antihack = 0; in the mission file.
  • Several client side routines moved to the new task scheduler.
  • POI/infectious waters are enabled by default (to disable them, put 'false' to resp. 'dayz_POIs' and 'dayz_infectiousWaterholes' in your mission file)
  • Animal spawn system.
  • Player will automatically enter the game after 5 seconds in the Lobby. (Press any dead key such Ctrl to prevent this). The center of the Lobby screen shows only the player list
  • Full moon day moved from june to august (more light, no disappearing moon at 4am)
  • all characters have the same aiming accuracy. All characters have the same armor level except armored military outfits (which are unchanged)
  • banned unused ArmA2 weaponholders and reammoboxes, banned unused ammo, banned some unused character models
  • All medical effects (post-processing effects and camshakes) are moved to a single file. Modified effects:
    • lack of blood: removed permanent blur and desaturation. Random "Wave shape" for desaturation level
      in pain or thirsty => dizziness (very slow shake cams), during 15 seconds every 90 seconds (in average)
      infected => flickering radial blur (center of the screen is not altered), coughs
    • unchanged: unconscious => full screen blur, full desaturation.
    • unchanged: low temperature => shivering

  • Construction: use default camera key (numpad "Enter" key by default) to toggle the special camera view.
  • login: Mission file smaller (10 kB)
  • Construction: Anyone can disassemble any fence foundation ("foundation" stage only), due to some previous exploits in 1.8.2. Any player can upgrade any fence; he becomes co-owner of the fence. Only an owner can disassemble his fence.
    Fences can't be built on the road. Players/Zombies can walk on fence foundations, and crawl under the frame of fences where construction of stage #1 is in progress
  • Changed speed of small boats, so that their speed is equal to a running player one.
  • Lower limit of global Zed amount (3000 to 300)

  • Free fall detection is separated from the anti-teleport loop. More precise free fall detection.
  • Excessive weapon sway from arma's duty system.
  • Gather system.
  • Blood pool system.
  • Lots of model changes to reduce overheads.
  • Achievement system sync has been fixed.
  • Nul state during login.
  • Some String tables
  • Jumping from heights now damages the player.
  • Reduced water bottle size.
  • Itemnails being the wrong class for buildings requirements.
  • "disappearing corpse situation" (ArmA2 bug workaround). Corpses are monitored on server side, and a corpse position will be restored if it has moved further 50 meters or if it is below the terrain level. Corpses stay 40 minutes on the map, then are deleted.
  • [Fixed] loot spawn: all old loot piles are removed and buildings are always freshly restuffed. Fix loot timer (all players are properly synchronized to the server now)
  • Players can chop some of the trees at the POIs
  • Drink menu is available at all water points and at most of the pond banks.
  • hundreds of messages are localized
  • Resting does not show the "up" arrow near the blood icon anymore. Eating cans/snack gives blood. Digestion is faster.
  • Dometent can be upgraded and packed
  • "Unconscious" state rewritten from scratch (no more glitch)
  • Login heavily optimized (mission file process + login = 20 seconds)
  • menu for refueling/syphoning a vehicle
  • bug letting player fish from a vehicle
  • fishing at ponds
  • different matchboxes are combined to 1 full matchbox + 1 used matchbox
  • user will need a match to light up fireplaces, barrels, and tyreheaps


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