DayZ Mod 1.8.4 Server-Files
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  • [New] - New Wooden Gates now added and working.
  • [New] - Able to gather Stone from rocks.
  • [New] - 2 New Tools (pickaxe, sledgeHammer)
  • [New] - 1 New Equip item (Lever) other wise known as a handle.
  • [New] - Damage Multiplier for Zeds. (dayz_DamageMultiplier, 0 and 1 = Disabled, everything above multipliers the scale damage).
  • [New] -  Accidental Murder -  When a hero is wearing the garb of a non-civilian you are taking your life in your own hands, Attackers humanity should not be punished for killing a survivor who has shrouded his identity in military garb. (Not 100% sure on this but its a community request)
  • [New] - Weapon Attachment System.
  • [New] - Weapons - Mosin Nagan + Variants, Crossbow Variants

  • [Updated] - Loot Tables add tranquilizer darts for the crossbow. (Tranquiliser_Bolt)
  • [Updated] - Loot Tables add explosive darts for the crossbow. (Crossbow_EX_Bolt)
  • [Updated] - Alice Backpack readded
  • [Updated] - Alice backpack updated [1 X weapon, 18X magazines] (Should fill the gap between the Assault pack)
  • [Updated] - Global zeds increased to 1k from 300
  • [Updated] - Zombie attack radius increased back to 3.6 meters. (attack radius if the player is in this radius you will be damaged.)
  • [Updated] - AI damaged lowered. (Risk vs Reward was to great)
  • [Updated] - Temperature changes for animation states. (should make your character much colder)
  • [Updated] - Spawn radius updated to 300 meters up from 200
  • [Updated] - Infected players can now infect other players at 12 meters up from 8.
  • [Updated] - Building timeouts for spawning loot Documented change to 15 mins (1.8.3).
  • [Updated] - Made melee hit impact longer.
  • [Updated] - Transfusion - Giving bad blood to players no longer refils the blood of the player receiving the blood.
  • [Updated] - Rest at tents has been fixed and updated. Read Notes for info.
  • [Updated] - Temperature now lowers/Raises based on different effects.
  • [Updated] - Added equip_Crossbow_Kit to loot tables

  • [Fixed] - Blood bagging should now be working correctly, Removed server spam and fixed missing var in 1.8.3.
  • [Fixed] - Oil Barrels Graphic Glitch 1.8.3
  • [Fixed] - Duty system updated, Animations should now affect stamina and aiming again. (weapon sway/exhaustion)
  • [Fixed] - Watchtower bells ring throughout whole Chernarus!
  • [Fixed] - Duplicate action menu for fires.
  • [Fixed] - Being hit with a vehicle is no longer risk free.
  • [Fixed] - Opening a bag on the ground.
  • [Fixed] - Take Magazine from ground.
  • [Fixed] - Gather animation loop bug (No animation while gathering confrere leaves) for now
  • [Fixed] - Fire Monitor is now active again on fire places.
  • [Fixed] - Ai should now be forced into spawning around wrecks.
  • [Fixed] - Destroying tents should now have a global fire effect.
  • [Fixed] - When you exit a server your returned to lobby not thrown out of game. (BEC has Autokick lobby idlers)
  • [Fixed] - zed generation has been updated to fully support Wrecks. This should allow wrecks to always spawn zeds
  • [Fixed] - destrtype on fireplace this should stop them blowing up when shot.
  • [Fixed] - Login skin change.
  • [Fixed] - Rating issue. Should stop vehicles being locked out to players with negative rating.

  • [Removed] - the default action menu from fire places.

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