DayZ Mod 1.8.5
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This is DayZ. This is your Story.

  • [New] - Added Global attack range value.
  • [New] - all 7 attachments added to loot system. (old system, waiting on some new models)
  • [New] - Maintenance mode for built items has been started. (can be Enabled/Disabled by the admin, Times can be changed by the server admins).
  • [New] - Some built items can now be dismantled by players each object requires different tools to dismantle each object has a chance to break tools used. (Example Sandbag fence requires a shovel)
  • [New] - New crafting Recipe Nails,(equip_metal_sheet X 1 = equip_nails X 10, Toolbox Needed, MetalSheet spawns Construction,Industrial).

  • [Updated] - Czech stringtables.
  • [Updated] - Player temperature - Changed sun to +3, Changed rain to -2.5, changed Moving to +2.1. (added in vehicle check to water).
  • [Updated] - MatchBox system reset back to 1.8.2.
  • [Updated] - Missing strings.
  • [Updated] - Loot tables updated to remove weapons with attachments you can add.
  • [Updated] - Splints and Sepsis bandages can now be given to other players
  • [Updated] - Only owners can dismantle built items at no chance of broken items.  
  • [Updated] - Loot weights for loot groups.
  • [Updated] - WoodenSplint Recipe (PartWoodPile X 2,equip_string X 1).
  • [Updated] - Lowered Melee range. by 0.01 from 0.05 to 0.04
  • [Updated] - You can now turn rope into String.
  • [Updated] - Zed Animations have been moved back to a smooth animation transition from an instant move.
  • [Updated] - Both tents impact sounds have been updated.
  • [Updated] - Armor values of fences have been updated based on the level of fence.
  • [Updated] - Gates now require nails in place of screws.

  • [Fixed] - Traps have now been rolled back to 1.8.2.
  • [Fixed] - Sandbags, Hedgehogs, Wire can now be built on roads.
  • [Fixed] - Gate break in action is now shown to everyone but the owner of the gate.
  • [Fixed] - Journal entry for the new temperature disable system.
  • [Fixed] - Identified an out of memory issue caused by private scoped items trying to spawn. (Root cause identified Thanks to the ppl involved.)
  • [Fixed] - Quick fix to resolve players using an exploit to enter base's. Add report to admin also.
  • [Fixed] - Humanity missing variable added.
  • [Fixed] - Fence owners are no longer added to when other players upgrade built items.
  • [Fixed] - Dome tents have been added to cleanup system.
  • [Fixed] - Restored old low blood level effects.
  • [Fixed] - Identified an out of scope variable causing an issue within the gearHandler.
  • [Fixed] - DomeTent has now bee fixed to take damage.

  • [Removed] - loot Table Items (ItemMetalSheet(Not the one used in recipes),ItemConcreteBlock,ItemRSJ,ItemScrews).

Quick Install Info:

Download Full Client Files.
Navigate to your arma 2 operation arrowhead directory
Extract the @Client-1.8.5-Full into your arma 2 operation arrowhead directory.
To start DayZ use a command line string like the below

ARMA2OA.exe -mod=@Dayz;CA; -noFilePatching -skipIntro -nosplash -noPause -world=Chernarus
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