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This is DayZ. This is your Story.

Changes V1.8.6.1:
  • [Fixed] - Players joining the wrong group during login. (Would cause group icons to show up)

Changes V1.8.6:
  • [New] - Attachments can now be removed.
  • [New] - Added new permanent fireplace system for base's.
  • [New] - Added models for GPS as well as AK-47, SA-58, G17 and Bizon magazines.
  • [New] - Added working nutrition values to melee fire system.
  • [New] - Added new An2 Variant
  • [New] - Added New UH1H_DZ Variant.
  • [New] - Vehicles now have a respawn delay after being destroyed.
  • [New] - Gates ca now be dismantled by its owner.
  • [New] - Combination lock added to replace the current lock.
  • [New] - Herbal Drink Recipe (chance to clear infection).
  • [New] - Antibiotics have updated to be a multiple use system.
  • [New] - Random spawn system for Antibiotics and matchbox's
  • [New] - Added GP-25 HE, smoke, flares to loot spawns
  • [New] - Added 30rnd AK74 SD mag to loot spawns
  • [New] - Able to sharpen knifes now.

  • [Updated] - Weapons on the back of players now go into the players body on death.
  • [Updated] - Food consumption rate has been slowed down to give a better balance.
  • [Updated] - Weapon & Attachment overhaul.
  • [Updated] - Logs and Planks can now be used as fuel in fires.
  • [Updated] - AntiWall hack has been fixed.
  • [Updated] - Viral zeds now have a chance to hold a box of antibiotics holding 1 tablet.
  • [Updated] - Hospital loot has been updated replacing the old antibiotics with a box of 6.
  • [Updated] - InfectedCamps has been updated replacing the old antibiotics with a box of 2.
  • [Updated] - Lowered fog intensity.
  • [Updated] - M1014 can now use 2 round MR43 magazines.
  • [Updated] - MP5, PDW, L85 and M16 can now only use their respective magazines (STANAG for L85).
  • [Updated] - M249 can now only use M249 belts and STANAG magazines.
  • [Updated] - Cleaned up binocular view.

  • [Fixed] - During upgrade of a tent the placed should no longer move during the upgrade process.
  • [Fixed] - Re-added level 7 ghost model for fences.
  • [Fixed] - Achievements system updated everything should now sync correctly.
  • [Fixed] - Removed annoying benches from barracks. (again)
  • [Fixed] - Experimental spawn system for vehicles.
  • [Fixed] - Tent models.
  • [Fixed] - Dragging while unconscious is now working again.
  • [Fixed] - Humanity bug.
  • [Fixed] - Splints running wrong file.
  • [Fixed] - Ammo duping/Refilling on skin change
  • [Fixed] - Added missing melee weapons to zed damage system ("Fishing","BatNailed")
  • [Fixed] - Changed FN FAL full auto back to burst after it was changed by new Arma2OA beta.
  • [Fixed] - Server child 306 damage updates will no longer be called for each vehicle for the first 10 seconds of the vehicles life.

  • [Removed] - Legacy attachments have now been removed from loot tables.
  • [Removed] - SledgeHammer from mineStone system
  • [Removed] - Removed SA58P from loot spawns
  • [Removed] - Burst mode from SA58.

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