DayZ Unleashed 0.96

DayZ mod that add many new things to the Vanilla Version



Everything is infected, and more importantly everyone is infected. Basically at this point we are all just waiting to die, waiting for the next stage of the mutation, waiting for the hell to end. The truly blessed ones died early, in the riots, the mass looting, the mass killing, in the fallout from the initial wave of “Deaders”. Man if I wasn’t so attached to living l would off myself just to save the time, but it would be my damned luck I’d come back as a “Deader” anyhow.

It all started with a cough, just one cough, of course in some low rent back alley of high times suburbia. Supposed to be the Rise of Civilization, the future way to live or some other bull shit, just a place for the dead to pile up and ambush you now. It didn’t matter once it started; no one even knew what was coming. First the cough occurred, normal as all get out, then the pox which was strange but manageable. Then the pox turned into little blood bombs that burst when touched, that’s when things got bad. After that mutation, you either got better or you got Deader.

The army’s gone, coast guard’s gone and the Government is gone. Hell, I killed the Mayor last week. The bastard was trying to eat my dog, no one eats my dog. Ain’t no fixing things now, shits done hit the fan and splattered all over the wall. You’re either dead or waiting to be, can’t do anything now except live and run. Just lots of running, little living and a whole hell of a lot of trying not to get eaten. I tell you one thing for certain; there can’t be a worse way to die then getting eaten alive. You survive and you fight because there’s no alternative. No one comes back once they’ve gone Deader, I don’t reckon they’ll start any time soon. What I do reckon is sometime soon the survivors will start getting things back together, but till then… We’re all just Fucked.

The Beard








Napf - a fictional land within Sweden.

Database Design


DayZ Unleashed has an entirely new database design based on Rajkosto's popular Hive. It has been extended to support base buildings, squads, quest systems, server and instance states and the popular messaging system to stream custom messages to players.



Based on the Arma 2 engine, DayZ Unleashed is an extention of the popular Arma mod, DayZ. The plan is far reaching, touching on every aspect of gameplay. DayZ Unleashed provides an end game environment, rich landscapes, base building, new buildings to explore, new weapons to find and use, new actions to perform and new wants to hunt your enemies. Featuring an advanced Ai system, DayZ Unleashed will challenge even the most hardcore player.





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Artwork, custom design and concept was done by Joe Horan

  • Version 0.96

    CHANGE LOG 0.96:


    • Updated DAYZAI to 1.9.1
    • Added 1-3 clips to spawn with a weapon
    • Converted Player classes over to a skill based system where users will gain performance enhancing abilities based on the number of times the class based skills have been used. (Repair car increases engineer abilities)
    • Increased Aggro decay for kneeling and prone stances
    • actionHeliSwitch.sqf Added check to turn on engine if vehicle is above
    • Antibiotics limit chance of self blood bag infection to 50% versus medical skills.


    • New Hive tables (Variables) to be used to store players information in the hive.
    • Added loot positions
    • Self blood bag immunity when under effects of antibiotics
    • Transfusions have 25% chance of infection versus medical skills when player is under influence of antibiotics, (50% without).
    • Infection immunity with morphine use while under influence of antibiotic...
  • Version 0.9