DayZ Epidemic Online Launcher

DayZ mod that add many new things to the Vanilla Version


DayZ Epidemic takes place after the first few weeks of the apacolypse. It is during this time the government has moved in and is trying to get rid of the infected and will not let anyone get in their way. Any survivor's in this hot zone are to be eliminated by brute force for risk of the infection spreading.

The government has issued hazmat units to bomb and then infiltrate various cities riding them of the infection. The attempts to contain the infection are starting to be proven worthless and the infection is spreading faster and faster across the land.


You are a civilian who has had quite the rough time. During the intitial zombie outbreak your family was eaten and dismembered while you was away at your job. You came home to discover their bodies lying in and around the closet where they had attempted to hide from what looked like a home invasion. As you went to hold your family tight and mourne your loss one of them was beginning to move and as you approached them, they turned looking you in the eyes. A dead stare from dead eyes, they began moaning and getting up. You became terrified as you had seen that stare so many times before on various zombie movies you had watched in the past. You knew right away that you needed to get out of there. You left your house and closed the door behind as you walked out onto the porch. You will never forget the sounds coming from the house as your family attempted to pound through the door.

Your first thought's were to get far away from the area as you can. Heading for the only place you knew, you pulled your head together and got a move on towards the Air Field. Many other survivors were standing in a line to board one of the C130J's that was currently shuttling people out of the area.

After a few hours of waiting and many distant gunshots, it was finaly your turn to board the plane. You stepped onboard with an uneasy feeling. Quickly finding a seat as the last survivors boarded the plane, you hear the engines start up and the doors close. You sit back in your seat to relax just a little as the plane takes off and is beginning to make a turn towards Chernarus far away from the infection. Suddenly a passenger stands up and starts making weird twitchy motions and you cannot hear anything over the screams coming from the few passangers near there. A few passangers were already being eaten and starting to turn as you push and shove your way towards the emergency exit. Thinking it's better to take your chances on the ground rather then trapped with a bunch of infected passangers on a plane you grab the emergency parachute strapped to the wall next to the emergency door. Pulling the handle you take one look back as hands start to close around your arm and jump.

Falling back to earth is where your true story begins............

Feature List:

Hazmat Units

These guys are tough and take up the majority of the AI that are on the map. You may also find a hazmat suit to wear yourself someday.

Soldier Units

These guys are dynamic spawns with a percent chance to spawn anywhere on the map. You can find certain pieces for the customizable weapons on these guys.

AirRaid Bombings

Currently every town has a chance to be bombed after the sounds of an air raid siren sound out in the middle of town. After these bombings hazmat units get dropped to clear out anything left alive.


This is where the military has fallen back too during the strange event's that was beginning to take place. They have built a fairly large city enclosed inside an enormous circular wall they have constructed to keep out infected. They have had a maze constructed at the front entrance to further try and keep out the undead. This system is failing and the undead are starting to take over. It is said there are ammo crates somewhere inside these walls that hold the most precious of the loot.

Ammo Boxes

There are 3 ammo boxes inside Sanctuary that hold some of the best loot in the game. These boxes spawn in several random locations and contain random loot from a loot table that has been set.

Customizable Weapons

We take full advantage of the ASC Customizable Weapons pack. Every gun that can be modified has been changed to the ASC equivalent. Weapon mods also spawn in the correct loot tables.

New Guns

Not only do we have customizable weapons but we have lot's of new pistols you can find throughout all different types of loot tables from the RH pistol pack remake.

5 AI Helicopters

There are 5 AI driven helicopters roaming the map. Each of these helicopters may be shot down and blown up. The helicopters will spawn a helicopter crash site where they have crash landed complete with a full set of random military loot.

All Time Melee

We are proud to announce that we have constructed a weapon melee system that you do not have to use a hatchet, crowbar or machete with. You may use the "Spacebar" to execute a weapon stock hit that will kill zombies in 2 hits or you may not have a primary weapon yet or a secondary for that matter, that is ok as you will still be able to melee zombies by punching them in the face. This takes more hits but works when you are a weaponless new spawn in a pinch. Each of the melee hits have their own animations and sounds.

New Cars/Helicopters

These cars are there to add a sense of newness to the mods environment. There are lots of new cars and helicopters. Challengers, Hemi Cudas, Prison Buses, Gyrocopters and Para-gliders. Lot's and lot's of new things to try out and discover.


This feature is not in yet but will be shortly. Many of you know of the BaseBuilding mod Daimyo has constructed and released to the community. DayZ Epidemic will take full advantage of this when he releases the newest patches.

Halo Jump

You will halo jump in on fresh spawns and respawns. This is to take advantage of the backstory to the mod. Once you land, it's your story to create from there.

Map Changes

There are lot's of map changes including one of the biggest AI driven bases "Sanctuary" that you will find in your journey. Many new stores and buildings have been hand placed on the map to give it a better feel.

3 New Backpacks

The Oakly, a 30 slot bag. The Condor, a 34 slot bag and the Titan, a 40 slot bag can be found randomly inside all 3 of the ammo boxes that spawn in "Sanctuary". These all take advantage of the Len Backpack mod.

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