DayZ Civilian 2.0

DayZ mod that add many new things to the Vanilla Version

DayZ Civilian is a mod focused on adding more weapons, buildings, vehicles, and revamp the whole friggin experience of DayZ! Chernarus is being redesigned to focus loot more torwads the middle of the map and give CQB a huge role in the gameplay. It also makes the big cities like Elektrovask, Chernogorsk, and Berenzino look like real cities.

  • Version 2.0

    [NEW] Hk417 now customize-able with ASC

    [NEW] HK416 now customize-able with ASC

    [NEW] Asval not customize-able with ASC

    [NEW] Mosin Nagant now customize-able with ASC

    [NEW] Tar-21 now customize-able with ASC

    [NEW] ACR Black now coustomize-able with ASC

    [NEW] Masada Black now customize-able with ASC

    [NEW] Ak-74 texture (applys to all variants)

    [NEW]M4a1 SBR texture (applys to all variants)

    [NEW] M4a1 magpul texture (applys to all variants)

    [NEW] M14/DMR Texture (applys to all variants)

    [REMOVED] Removed vilas weapon packs, was not satisfied

    [REMOVED] Removed Sa russian architecture (buildings were really glitchy)

    [REMOVED] Rh_SMG no use yet for it.

    [NEW] Rk95 now compatabile with ASC

    [NEW] West and East vilas weapon pack

    [FIXED] Reduced loading times quite a lot

    [NEW] Mk12 texture (applys to all variants)

    [NEW] Crossbow texture

    [NEW] Hatchet texture

    [NEW] R700 Texture

    [NEW] M16 Texture (applys to all variants)

    [NEW M4 Texture (applys to all variants)

    [NEW] Ak47 texture (applys to all variants)

    [NEW] Colt 1911 Texture

    [NEW] Kimber 1911 SD Texture

    [NEW] Kimber 1911 Texture

    [NEW] Colt Python Texture

    [NEW] New textures for zombies (Doctor Dentist made them all)

    [NEW]Added Epoch female skins (vbawol said it was okay)

    [NEW] First person only (excluding air vehicles)

    [NEW] M24 and R700 has new sounds - Credits to JSRS

    [NEW] New Enviroment sounds to immerse the player more. - Credits to JSRS

    [NEW] New military base on the hill right next to NEAF.

    [NEW] NEAF is now a civilian airfield. (Yes it does look like a civilian airfield and not what the NWAF used to look like. No screenshot, only for you to find out :3)

    (These were all modified by me, the mosin belongs to shinkicker and vila, I added the scope. The M24 and R700 are owned by BIS, I modified the m24 to be an R700)

    All these weapons will be modifiable via ASC

    [NEW] Mosin Nagant Sniper

    [NEW]M24 Sniper SD

    [NEW]M24 Acog SD

    [NEW]M24 Acog

    [NEW] M24 Iron Sights SD

    [NEW] M24 Iron Sight

    [NEW]R700 Sniper SD

    [NEW]R700 Sniper

    [NEW]R700 Aim SD

    [NEW]R700 Aim

    [NEW]R700 Acog SD

    [NEW]R700 Acog

    [NEW] R700 (Using Bohemia's sample models :3)

    [NEW] 2 New batman backpacks :) I'm starting to like texturing :D

    [NEW] New sounds for Lamber Over Under and Browning Maxus

    [NEW] Added a lootable for paintbal arena (north of NWAF)

    [NEW] Parachutes now steerable

    [NEW] JTD Fire (Dynamic fire e.g. crash a plane into a tree and forest lites on fire

    [NEW] 4 New textures for coyote backpacks (We made a black coyote, white Coyote, Hello Kitty Coyote, and Urban Czech backpack)

    [NEW] Added Lennard's backpacks,

    [NEW] I will be retexturing some backpacks to look more civilian and less military

    [NEW]Added Gazelle's

    [NEW]Added some new Kamaz (fuel truck included :3)

    [NEW]Added Paintball skins

    [NEW]Added MBG Island buildings (will make NEAF look like a civilian aiport :D)

    [FIXED] I believe I have finally fixed the broken bone glitch when changing skins... We have to find out

    [FIXED] Huge body dupe

    [WIP] I'm trying to open up an arma 1 interior, just need to texture it and add collision geometry.

    [NEW] Added ST_Collision, improves CQB combat movement

    [NEW] Removed the annoying evasive move (St_evasive)

    [REMOVED] Removed combat roll, replaced with SMK animation (similar to how you jump over things in bf3)

    [FIXED] Tents can now be placed

    [NEW] Loading Screen

    [NEW] Paintball additions, which also include skins.

    [NEW] The arena near the NWAF is now a paintball park

    [NEW] New movement sound

    [FIXED] Fixed many rpt errors

    [FIXED] Server startups should be much more faster now

    [FIXED] Mk22 and Mk22v should now spawn fine and be able to be customized

    [FIXED] M1911 should spawn fine now and be able to be customized

    [FIXED] Fixed some "empty green bags"

    [REMOVED] DayZero buildings, my apologies, I should of asked. ( All blame on me and not the rest of the Dev team.)

    [REMOVED] Removed Zoidberg zombie sound completely (don't worry zoidberg will make another appearance later on)


    2.0 Beta Test


    [ADDED] BaseBuilding 1.2 by daimo21 + Improvements 0.1 by kikyou2 (better and editable Keycode, permanent Owner) - sharkking

    [NEW] More weapons for ASC customization

    [NEW] Loot table changes

    [NEW] Bleeding now finally done and ready to be used.

    [NEW] M4 Battlerifle can now be modified via ASC

    [NEW] M4 Magpul can now be modified via ASC

    [FIXED] DMr now has an SD mag so that when the sniper uses a silencer it will not attract zeds.

    [NEW]UMP can now be modified via ASC Not working ATM

    [NEW]MP5 can now be modified via ASC

    [NEW]G3 can now be modified via ASC

    [NEW]USP can now be modified via ASC

    [NEW]Glock 17 can now be modified via ASC

    [NEW] K98 can now be modified via ASC

    [NEW]RH Smg's added (going to try to get them to be able to be modified using ASC)

    [NEW] Map has had a lot of new additions

    [NEW] Ghost town using the Russian Architecture

    [img width=700][/img][br]

    [REMOVED] Xp and credit system. mmmyum made it and randomly disapeared from InvasionZ and he has not responded to us at all, sadly.

    [NEW] Increased swimming speed

    [NEW]Blood splatter when hurt (Still a WIP)

    [img width=700][/img][br]

    [NEW]Graffiti regarding the apocalypse

    [NEW] Streetlights

    [NEW]Randomly spawned infection camps edited to look more apocalyptic

    [NEW] We finally got our act together and scrapped up some money for official dedicated servers, this will feature the pwnz0r build

    [NEW] OFficial Vehicle spawnpoints - Sharkking

    [NEW] Lootspawns for the new buildings

    [NEW] Oilrigs will now spawn loot

    [NEW] Removed IMG_Marine and added a new big boat looking Yacht

    [REMOVED] IMG-Marine

    [NEW] added small and medium bloodbags for selfbloodbag - sharkking

    [NEW] New Enterable Barracks

    [NEW] Destroyed City Apartment

    [NEW] 2 Arma 2 Houses replaced with enterable arma 1 house

    [FIXED] Acr's being invisible

    [FIXED] Civilian weapons will spawn at military places

    [NEW] A2Best has given me permission to use his map of chernarus which is greatly edited and I wil strip parts from it and use it for the next update

    [NEW]LazyInc finally got his amazing military bases and arena done which will be in the next udpate ( they look amazing! )

    [NEW]Some more new textures for the hunting knife, will be editing a few more objects to make them look like they have gone through some shit

    [FIXED] Guitars working perfect as melee weapons

    [NEW] Updated to code

    [NEW] City apartments may be enterable now.. ;)

    [NEW] New Textures for buildings

    [NEW] XP and Credit system (Been working on this with the invasionZ team, which I am apart of) --- Not yet, mmmyum disapeared from InvasionZ and he basically made that system.

    [NEW]Vending machine textures

    [NEW] Can shoot out the back of a pickup truck while it is driving Need to fix a few bugs with it until I release it.

    [NEW] Rich person neighborhood in the middle of the map

    [NEW] New Runway at balota airfield

    [NEW] New sounds for most guns.

    [FIXED] Makarov and PDW disappearing when putting silencer on

    [FIXED] M107 removing backpack

    [REMOVED] Building packages not used

    [REMOVED] Addons not used

    [REMOVED] F1 cars

    [REMOVED] Nissan cars

  • Version 1.0.2