DayZ Civilian Server-Files 2.0

DayZ mod that add many new things to the Vanilla Version

DayZ Civilian is a mod focused on adding more weapons, buildings, vehicles, and revamp the whole friggin experience of DayZ! Chernarus is being redesigned to focus loot more torwads the middle of the map and give CQB a huge role in the gameplay. It also makes the big cities like Elektrovask, Chernogorsk, and Berenzino look like real cities.

1) Open your SQL Client, connect as root and create a user dayz with a password of your choice (if you have already a user skip to step 2)

2) Create a database (eg dayz_civilian) and assign the user dayz full rights on it

3) open the SQL file from SQL folder and import it to the newly created database (as root!)

4) copy the folder @CivilianHive to your Arma2 OA Folder

5) copy the .dll files from the server package to your Arma2 OA Folder

6) copy the folder "dayz_1.Chernarus" (attention, there is a 2nd one with lowercase name) from MPMissions to your Arma2 OA MPMissions folder and rename it to dayz_1.Civilian (if you have more servers running from the same directoy this makes it easier)

7) copy the folder cfgdayz to your Arma2 OA Directory

8) copy the contens of Keys Folder to your Arma2 OAKeys folder


open folder cfgdayz

- edit HiveExt.ini to match your Database settings (user password and dbname) and your preferred time settings (Hint: 09.01.2012 is a nice half-moon date giving a not to bright night)

- edit server.cfg to fit your needs and change class Missions to


  1. template = dayz_1.Civilian

(or to whatever you named the folder in MPMissions)

Startup Script example (this script assumes you have a local installed mysql-server installed on c: drive):