DayZ Battle Royale

DayZ mod that add many new things to the Vanilla Version


DayZ Battle Royale is an extreme survival mod that plunges players into a bloody game mode where only the crazy, the brave and the foolish come to be champions. Based on the book/movie 'Battle Royale', this mod provides a unique gameplay experience. The rules are simple. Everybody spawns surrounding a 'start position', a basic fortified encampment with hatchets, food, drink and some guns, authentic to the original story. You are locked in place, and after a countdown, it's every man for themselves! If there are no winners at the end of 90 minutes, everyone is killed and we start again.

Be fast, smart and trust no-one.

There can be only one winner.

Everyone else must die.

  • Version

    DayZ Battle Royale Mod Public Beta v.

    • B.A.R. 1918 added to the loot tables.
    • L119A1 spawn chance lowered.
    • Fixes to player spawn system.
    • New zone system added. Now if there are less than 11 players a new quicker end zone system is called.
    • Care-packages now have their own loot class. This will ensure better loot.
    • 2 new WW2 era Hand-grenades added. SHG24 & M39.
  • Version

    DayZ Battle Royale Mod Public Beta v.

  • Version

    DayZ Battle Royale Mod Public Beta v.

    • Loot fixes mostly. More work done to balance the loot also.
  • Version

    DayZ Battle Royale Mod Public Beta v. CHANGE LOG

    • Backpack pickup bug fixed.

    DayZ Battle Royale Mod Public Beta v. CHANGE LOG

    • Loot tables completely reworked. This will fix the "guns everywhere" problem with the last patch. High value loot should be much harder to come by now.
    • Chainsaw added to the loot tables. (With thanks to Paul Tomany @ DayZEpoch).
    • Loot on the Aircraft Carrier now spawns.
    • New loot positions added to previously empty locations, and added surrounding various houses.
    • Infection threshold set a little higher.
    • Reduced in-combat zombie spawns to a maximum of 0.
    • Total local zombies set to 300. Since we only spawn zombies once per round, I will be playing with zombie numbers over the next few patches to get a good balance on the map.
    • Backpacks now return on all maps. You will no longer spawn with any gear (GPS/Compass/Bandage). All backpacks contain a GPS, compass and bandage.
    • Start protection increased to 95 meters from the barn. This is roughly the point where the earthen ramparts surrounding the start position are.
    • Start protection time-out increased to 10 minutes to help with games that are slow to start.
    • Weather system changed to increase the amount of dynamic weather during a round.
    • Tigeria removed from rotation as it is a little too large for the game.
    • Leader-boards are now pulling data from the US and EU hives. We will be doing a database wipe before putting them live so everyone starts from the same level.

    DayZ Battle Royale Mod Public Beta v. CHANGE LOG

    • Loot tables rebalanced. More bandages will now spawn. We have still a lot of work to do with the loot, and these will be rolled out over the next few patches.
    • Reduced in-combat zombie spawns to a maximum of 6.
    • Zombies now spawn only once per round.
    • Total local zombies to 80.
    • Various server-side fixes including updated BattlEye filters.

    DayZ Battle Royale Mod Public Beta v.0.9.5 CHANGE LOG

    I just want to add at this point that this is something that I have been wanting to do for some time, and that I am very grateful to thevisad and crew for opening up their code for us. The Unleashed system enables us to add the depth this game needs to be all it can be and I encourage you to check out more on their website. It will give us the ability to add a levelling system to your character. This will mainly be based off the number of games you win, but will include some other in-game triggers also. We will be able to have disconnect protection in the form of an auto-whitelister built into the hive. Also we can have MultiSkin packages with, as an example, a different Ghille suit given depending on your characters overall level. And much, much more. I am excited and you should be to! <3

    • Mission.pbo now down to 1kb.
    • Carepackages now draw from either Helicrash/Miltary/MiltarySpecial loot tables.
    • Tigeria now increased to a 100 minute round.
    • [Tigeria] An extra 2 zones sizes have been added at the start which should help with the problems experienced.
    • [Quesh Kibrul] An extra 4 barracks have been added to the map.
    • [Emita] The Aircraft Carrier is now a high value lootable area.
    • [Emita] 5 new barracks and some medical locations added to balance the map.
    • [Kulima] Added a hospital to the map.
    • Removed trash and rebalanced the loot tables.
    • Improved zombie AI and tracking thanks to the Unleashed codebase.
    • We now have the ability to spawn many more zombies around players, and will be taking advantage of this.
    • FPS drops have been fixed.
    • And leader-boards, they are coming soon, I promise!
  • Version 0.8.1

    * Updated the codebase to DayZ 0.2.5.

    * New starting location with a maximum of 42 players per round.

    * Starting position now protected.

    * Custom Anti-Hacks included.

    * All pbo's are now signed.

    * Zone punishments now fully working. You now lose 400 blood per 30 seconds outside the zone. You also will get infected and your vehicle's motor will blow.

    * Loot tables have been altered quite a bit, and there should be more scarcity to essential loot, eg. food, drink, etc.

    * Food & Drink depletion ratios now more extreme. You will have to make finding consumables a higher priority now.

    * Care Package loot is now random from MilitarySpecial.

    * Final zones have been tightened up a little, leading to less zones jumping across the map.

    * Raven backpacks removed.

    * Little Bird and vehicles with mounted weapons have also been removed. There still may be 1 technical on 1 of the 6 maps tho.

    * Applied tweaks taken from the SFOD-D High Performance Add-on which fixes certain issues and improves overall performance.

  • Version 0.8

    Kein Changelog bekannt

  • Version 0.7.3