battleWarden RCon Admin Tool 1.2

Ein Admin-Tool für DayZ Mod/Standalone Server

battleWarden is a highly flexible toolset for the anti-cheat engine BattlEye which is being used in the popular tactical military simulation known as Arma 2. Currently it only consists of battleWarden:RCon (commonly known as Arma 2 RCon), a powerful remote control tool for Armed Assault 2 servers running with BattlEye.

The development started back in the year 2010 when there was not any remote control tool available for administrators featuring a graphical user interface but only a standard console-based program provided by BattlEye itself. This case resulted from the fact that there was not any official specification of the BattlEye network protocol released at the time. Thus we decided to analyse the whole protocol and to build our own fully compatible BattlEye client which was then integrated into a new flexible GUI for the Windows platform. After its release it quickly became the de facto standard remote control tool among the server administrators in the Armed Assault community.

Since then battleWarden:RCon has been updated consistently in order to support all new releasing features of BattlEye. By this way we ensure to fit all the needs of the Armed Assault administrators.

  • Easy to use server manager
  • Local player database with SQLite support
  • Ingame chat suppport
  • Comprehensive ban support
  • GameSpy 2 integration
  • Fully compatible BE client
  • Unicode Support
  • Support of administrator names [NEW]
  • Does NOT depend on .NET or other runtime environments