Alpha 12.5 Is Out!

  • Official Alpha 12.5 Release Notes


    Added padlock to automotive loot


    Changed reduced chance for rain and fog


    Fixed leveled loot not working properly on Multiplayer
    Fixed SpawnEntity playerid minibike does not work
    Fixed mist causing A Weird “Negative” Effect – aka fog people
    Fixed dropped weapons render in front of everything
    Fixed crosshair disappears when using e.g. smg autofire
    Fixed crafting delay on closing backpack at the wrong time
    Fixed craft timer exploit
    Fixed bugged crafting without wasting material
    Fixed landclaim does not protect the supposed area
    Fixed minibike moves on its own uphills
    Fixed mini bike headlamp constant click
    Fixed mini bike repair dumps storage content
    Fixed two players on a mini bike creates null ref spam
    Fixed scraping small engine etc only gives you 1 scrap
    Fixed crafting wooden bows halts bug
    Fixed zoom function stutters/snaps
    Fixed EAC reconnect to backend after internet connection interruption
    Fixed some keybinds activate on releasing key
    Fixed own explosions killing oneself count as kills
    Fixed enabling voice ingame causes error when trying to talk
    Fixed minor bow animation bug
    Fixed while mounted to minibike, whatever you equip on toolbelt will show on headlight
    Fixed null reference when pressing escape while joining server
    Fixed null reference error on new game menu
    Fixed when rejoining a game you cannot track your friend
    Fixed black spots and strange map tiles after reconnecting to dedicated server
    Fixed an EAC bypass
    Fixed zombies not detecting players when mounted on minibike