Alpha 13 Status and Release Notes

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    All the Other Stuff


    Added: Car batteries can now be repaired with repair kits
    Added: Potassium nitrate formations to the world
    Added: Specular to female shaggy hair
    Added: Kitchen sink harvesting
    Added: Light to the new spot light.
    Added: Clay harvesting, you now get clay lumps directly from harvesting clay. Changed all recipes using clay to use clay lumps.
    Added: Destroyed stone harvesting
    Added: Cinderblock harvesting
    Added: Oven harvesting. They yield scrap metal and additionally scrap cables and short metal pipes if disassembled with a wrench.
    Added: New player death animations, specific to being shot in the head, chest, each arm and leg
    Added: Torch idle sound
    Added: Oil mining and refining. You can find oil deposits in the desert and mine them to get oil shale. Oil shale is refined into gasoline in the beaker
    Added: Random cars to roads, and replaced old wasteland voxel cars with new mineable prefab cars
    Added: Ingredient based crafting time to all cooked items. Recipes are now calculated by how long each ingredient takes to cook rather than a generic time
    Added: Car harvesting. Players need to use a wrench to get parts from it. Parts include small engine and batteries (30% chance), radiators and oil (505 chance), and springs, scrap metal, and cloth (100% chance)
    Added: UNET networking
    Added: Sand recipe from crushed sand
    Added: Corn meal and honey to canned food loot group (Joel)
    Added: Honey to tree stump loot
    Added: harvest to planted trees and stumps
    Added wood log recipe and wood log harvest (Joel)
    Added: Sub biomes grass patches with cars in them to the wasteland biomes.
    Added: Spider zombies are back in regular spawn groups
    Added: scrap hatch, made from 10 scrap metal, upgrades take 5 scrap metal
    Added: Vault hatch which is made from steel ingots, springs and is upgradeable
    Added: Campfire harvest
    Added: Insulation to skullcaps and unified them using extends feature
    Added: Insulation to bandanas and unified with extends
    Added: Shade and enclosure effects on core body temp added
    Added: weathersurvival console command: weathersurvival on/off
    Added: Machete weapon
    Added: Chainsaw blade item to rare automotive parts group
    Added sledgehammers and schematics to working stiff tools
    Added: First aid schematic to rare medical
    Added: Particle effect for first person breath in cold environments
    Added: LODs for new zombie nurse model.
    Added: All brick blocks (not ramps, stairs etc) are now repairable with cobblestones, and can upgrade to reinforced concrete with concrete mix and a repair tool. They are downgraded to solid wood frames
    Added: All concrete (square) blocks can be upgraded to reinforced concrete and repaired with concrete mix
    Added: Blue to the ambient of the snow biome and green to pine forest sky spectrums
    Added: All new blocks and items to the english localization file
    Added: unique footstep sounds for walking on trash
    Added: Inside and outside corners made from concrete and steel
    Added: Mocap puke anims to fat zombie cop
    Added: Scrap stairs and reinforced scrap stairs
    Added: Burnt wood can be upgraded
    Added: Hooked up new block hold/fire animations
    Added: Player made wooden outside corners can be upgraded all the way to steel
    Added: Mobs can’t spawn on flag to all master blocks which means zombies can only spawn on terrain blocks
    Added: Wooden pillar recipe
    Added: Scrap iron pillars, concrete pillars and steel pillars
    Added: All pillars can be upgraded to steel
    Added: Rebar pillars that can be upgraded to concrete
    Added: Lumberjack loot, they drop warm clothing and rare tools
    Added: A new decapitation blood effect.
    Added: Repair cost to player made doors
    Added: 3rd person sack animation (Hold and Fire) to Player Controllers
    Added: Poles drop wood debris
    Added: New hd zombies to english localization
    Added: Wedge 60 blocks that can be upgraded to steel
    Added: New control board machines and ducts to factories and sawmill POIs
    Added: Faster snappy iron sight transitions to all weapons
    Added: All wood wedge 60’s can be upgraded to steel
    Added: A new larger wilderness pond to rg
    Added: A new mouse sensitivity algorithm that changes it based on normal and iron sighting
    Added: New nail gun use animation
    Added anvil, calipers, and tool and die set as new tools for the forge replacing molds
    Added: Stone recipe made from 10 small rocks
    Added: debugweather — will dump all weather data to console/log file. Please run this command when you encounter bugs with player temperature issue, and include your log file in bug reports.
    Added: new decayed brick corrugated metal gable block
    Added: Red tea to the game, made from Chrysanthemum plants which cools you down.
    Added: Butcher to machete
    Added: New bucket hold animation,
    Added: Shit to the new toilet loot and you can throw it.
    Added: Recipe for new large bed. Large beds give better resting bonuses.
    Added: New a new ammo swapping radial menu just press and hold ‘R’ with the desired weapon equipped and you will see your ammo choices for that weapon.
    Added: Male and female hide armor and recipes
    Added zombie bears
    Added: New player level up sound
    Added: Burnt Forests now randomly appear outside of the desert and snow
    Added: Lakes, these still need work
    Added: Chainsaw schematic item and added it to loot
    Added ak47 schematic item and loot
    Added toilet open and close sounds
    Added water source 8 as a block you can collect with buckets and jars
    Added: New zombie screamer female zombie. She replaces the spider zombie who use to call the dynamic horde
    Added: You can now scrap plant fiber clothing
    Added: Military weapon schematics to military loot
    Added: Rocket launcher schematic to rare books loot
    Added: Gun jam sound to sniper rifle when it’s fully degraded
    Added: A relax animation for when the player is idle
    Added: Duct tape as an ingredient to more recipes


    Changed: Potassium nitrate to coal material so it mines easier
    Changed: Coal and potassium nitrate now drop coal lumps and nitrate powder directly when mined
    Changed: Less chance for fog in all biomes
    Changed: Create real physics and collision for thrown rock and thrown pipe bomb
    Changed: Improved attack anims for all mocap characters
    Changed: Barbed fences now slow down players and zombies
    Changed: Players run slower up hill and faster downhill. Players run backwards slower
    Changed: Tweaked walk and run speeds
    Changed: Bears chase players longer before they give up, have more health, give more xp, and run faster.
    Changed: Removed gunpowder charge from the game
    Changed: All recipes that used gunpowder charges to use gunpowder instead
    Changed: All blocks that dropped potassium to drop potassium nitrate powder
    Changed: Trees now only drop wood planks
    Changed: All recipes made from tree trunks now use wood
    Changed: Nerfed Fire Ax damage to stone and metal
    Changed: Players run and walk slower up hills and faster down hills, but only if the hills is > 25 degrees
    Changed: Removed barnwood material from the game, barns now use standard wood (Joel)
    Changed: Improved rock form 01 to look less flat
    Changed: Lowered block damage on stone and fire axe
    Changed: unified all shaggy hair and beards to use one texture
    Changed: Beer dehydrates players
    Changed: Increased damage on tnt to match new block damage health
    Changed: If you are drunk you are immune to stun
    Changed: Orange couches can now be harvested for cloth and planks. Leather couches can be harvested for leather and planks. They can no longer be picked up. They are harder to destroy.
    Changed: Rebalanced repair on tools to fit new block health scheme
    Changed: Renamed wood planks to “wood” and changed the icon
    Changed: All recipes that used sticks now use wood
    Changed: Condensed all meats to “Raw Meat”. Condensed pork, venison, rabbit and bear stews to just “Meat Stew”. Condensed all boiled grilled and charred rabbit, pork and venison to boiled, grilled and charred meat
    Changed: Removed all legacy stew recipes and items
    Changed: Reduced how common goldenrod is. It is now most common in the plains and rarely grows in the forests.
    Changed: Boiled water has a 10% chance of giving you dysentery
    Changed: Unified some wood frame recipes
    Changed: Cannot pick up cinder blocks
    Changed: 3rd person camera distance so death animations can be seen
    Changed: Reduced specular on backpack so the buckles are shiny, but not like chrome
    Changed: Now that blocks have density gore no longer downgrades to lower density versions when chopped up, but is a little harder to break
    Changed: Stone now drops a few iron fragments when you harvest it
    Changed: Stone axe and fire axe are now “butcher” tools
    Changed: Increased minimum feather drops from nests
    Changed: Storage crates all take 20 wood to make and no longer need unique items like crossbow bolts, stone etc to craft
    Changed: Increased size of wasteland hubs and small cities
    Changed: Ranger Stations and Cabins now spawn only 5 guys instead of 10 in random gen
    Changed: Increased chance for it to rain
    Changed: Set spring to stack 500, set stack limit on headlight to 50
    Changed: block hold animation to same as idle
    Changed: Unified all stalactites, stalagmites, coal and potassium nitrite blocks to drop the same amount of resources
    Changed: Blunderbuss is the highest dealing shotgun now, pump shotgun second and long barrel shotgun third. Each has a narrower spread pattern
    Changed: All block damage of all weapons. Materials are all now a hardness of one
    Changed: Removed cornmeal listed individually from legacy loot system
    Changed: Added a chance for clothing loot on zombies
    Changed: Tree stumps can now drop any medicine group item instead of just painkillers
    Changed: honey now cures infection stage 1, since honey is a natural antibiotic
    Changed: Antibiotics no longer give wellness.
    Changed: Increased vitamins wellness gain from 0.5 to 1
    Changed: Sledgehammers have a chance to sprain legs
    Changed: All cars in the world and in prefabs are the new cheaper versions that look just as good
    Changed: Removed wasteland car from project
    Changed: Introduce a radius for tree seed placement to prevent tree griefing or abuse
    Changed: Door frames are made of weak wood and weak metal respectively
    Changed: Small spike traps to be wood weak
    Changed: Reinforced wood metal was too shiny
    Changed: Removed all water gain from food
    Changed: Grain alcohol lowers wellness
    Changed: Increased chance for automotive loot in working stiffs crates
    Changed: Tweaked auger damage for new block hit points
    Changed: Spider zombies are no longer scout zombies, but a new female zombie is
    Changed: wood upgrades to all cost 5 wood
    Changed: Added random ore back to all biomes
    Changed: Updated rocket launcher textures
    Changed: Bacon and egg recipe uses meat and eggs
    Changed: Harvesting crops via e or destroying them yields the same
    Changed: Wood weak material is harder to destroy
    Changed: Wooden desk to use wood weak material instead of cloth furniture group
    Changed: Unified crop and plant harvesting. Plucking it or destroying it yields the same amount. However using a tool gives you xp
    Changed: Crafting cotton seeds from cotton only gives you 2 seeds instead of 4
    Changed: Adjusted material hardness for a wood weak and metals.
    Changed: Moved all opaque textures to a single atlas for better performance
    Changed: Updated medicine cabinet texture
    Changed: Reduced chance of finding loot in cars
    Changed: Increased cooking times of some items
    Changed: Reduced block damage on knives
    Changed: Reduced nail gun nail velocity
    Changed: Removed santa hat
    Changed: Updated green wallpaper textures to HD
    Changed: Renamed hunting rifle bolt to hunting rifle receiver
    Changed: Renamed hunting rifle bolt mold to hunting rifle receiver mold
    Changed: Removed tungsten from the game
    Changed: All clothing now uses a sack for hand model instead of piece of leather (Joel)
    Changed: beds and desks have been replaced with the new multi-block models allows zombies to path around them better
    Changed: Renamed handlebars to be spelled correctly, and icons, etc
    Changed: Reduced zombie counts in biomes except wasteland
    Changed: Male denim jacket to look like denim instead of leather
    Changed: Chainsaw is now made from parts that have quality range and can be crafted
    Changed: Rebar frame recipe to 10 short metal pipes
    Changed: Updated load screens with current recipes
    Changed: Removed sticks from the game all things are crafted from wood
    Changed: Removed hive blocks from game
    Changed: Moved many block id’s for extending properties with the new inherit code
    Changed: Many loot container sizes so the minimum is 4 wide and 2 high
    Changed: Updated the blood effects for body impacts
    Changed: Slowed auger fire rate, reduced rays and increased damage
    Changed: Made most recipes use 5 or 10 items, not 3, 7 or 9.
    Changed: Unified all railings with master blocks
    Changed: Pine forest spectrums, its darker at night and more natural looking
    Changed: Stack size of wood to 1000
    Changed: Deleted old low res zombie assets including base males and base females, nurses, Hawaiian shirt fat zombies. RIP you served us well.
    Changed: Hard metal door recipe to use 10 forged iron
    Changed: Overhaul the repair, upgrade, damage loot and pickup gui
    Changed: smaller text size of E text
    Changed: Removed day & time moved it into the new map stats window
    Changed: Removed item name that is held in hand it’s now visible only in inventory and in the new item inspection window
    Changed: Removed old fat zombie from the game
    Changed: Gas can hand model and world model is now the gunny sack
    Changed: Deleted old gas can assets
    Changed: Books now give item recipe instead of mold recipe
    Changed: Increased clay yield per block as clay has become a core forging ingredient
    Changed: wood frames are now weaker
    Changed: Renamed leather hat schematic leather hood schematic
    Changed: Removed leather strips from the game
    Changed: Leather is now used for leather repair
    Changed: Increased hide drop from animals to support leather at a more granular level
    Changed: Increased leather count needed to craft leather armor
    Changed: Reduced health on deer and pigs.
    Changed: Removed all molds from the game
    Changed: Toilets no longer fill water jars, but are loot containers.
    Changed: Most player made loot containers are 10 x 9
    Changed: Increased clay lump stack limit to 500
    Changed: Wood weak has more block stability
    Changed: Cobblestone frames take 10 wood and 5 plant fibers
    Changed: Loot timer size to be closer to the upgrade/downgrade circle size
    Changed: Updated plant fiber clothing meshes
    Changed: Players do not collide with backpacks any more
    Changed: Weight of leather to 1 so that the lightest of leather items could be scrapped. Removed weights from all leather pieces and let the game auto calc how many you get based on recipe, added gated recipe for duster so it could be scrapped
    Changed: Increased cost to craft a stone axe.
    Changed: Removed last of the moldy molds
    Changed: With the addition of the new skills system we’re giving the player the ability to gain skills which reduce craft timers and loot timers. Thus we remove the craft timer and loot timer menu and server options from the game
    Changed: Most item weights to be scrapable with the new system
    Changed: Zombie bears attack you from the normal zombie range
    Changed: Old level up sound is now new skill gained sound
    Changed: Dirt is a little harder to destroy
    Changed: Reduced chance for infection and stun on normal zombies
    Changed: Reduced chance for infection on fat zombies
    Changed: 32 bit builds are now forced to quarter resolution textures to save memory
    Changed: Removed hazmat zombies
    Changed: Deleted old sniper rifle parts meshes including sniperRifle_barrel_2 model
    Changed: Updated various world textures including concrete, asphalt, floor tiles, old cabinets and more.
    Changed: Updated exploding zombie cop effect with a completely new one.
    Changed: Removed filling jars from toilets
    Changed: Old beds and mattresses can no longer be picked up
    Changed: Gunpowder recipe now takes 1 coal and 1 nitrate to make 1gp instead of 10 and 10 to make 10. This way you don’t have to wait a long time and you can clean up your inventory of small remnants.
    Changed: Recipe of bedroll to take 10 cloth
    Changed: Ammo wording to rounds on ammo and ammo schematics
    Changed: All ingots have been removed instead we now have forged iron and forged steel.
    Changed: With the addition of the new recipe based forging system we have moved some recipes to the forge like buckshot, iron bars and brick based blocks stay tuned for more.
    Changed: Updated loading screen with the proper recipes and tips
    Changed: Brightened held flashlight, and flashlight on 9mm pistol to match other weapons.
    Changed: Gas cans are now in tiny units, so about 200 units is equal to one old gas can.
    Changed: Removed all mattress half blocks from all prefabs and the game
    Changed: Updated physics settings on flying diamond blocks to be less jerky and bouncy
    Changed: Old sinks to metal so they harvests faster
    Changed: metal strips are removed from the game, now tools are repaired with forged iron
    Changed: Set multi-block on store sign prefabs
    Changed: Removed old snow zombies
    Changed: Zombies can now be cleared out of the wasteland and city for 24 hours in small zones.


    Fixed: Placing Chair Rotation is Off
    Fixed: City Hubs not randomly rolling their size
    Fixed: When old rejoining a game you cannot track your friend
    Fixed: Land claim does not protect the supposed area
    Fixed: Block id 921 and 922 drop scrap metal when broken and leave girders when falling (Joel)
    Fixed: Leveled loot not working properly on Multiplayer
    Fixed: SpawnEntity playerid minibike does not work
    Fixed: Typo in the sounds.xml related to hornet fly
    Fixed: Tube drywall made of wood and now drops wood debris
    Fixed: Some mushrooms are under rocks/invisible
    Fixed: metal street lamp stores signposts break down into destroyed stone
    Fixed: blocks that are supposed to slow players down like barbed wire
    Fixed: Zombie cop loot container not big enough for all loot
    Fixed: green metal roofs dropping wood debris
    Fixed: Concrete trim now drops destroyed stone
    Fixed: Dead shrub sounds like grass when hit, now it sounds like wood
    Fixed: Torches attach to wall in a weird way
    Fixed: Rockets exploding on water surface
    Fixed: MaxGenerationDistance from center in RWG not working
    Fixed: Goggles have no durability
    Fixed: Pickaxe to do correct block damage
    Fixed: hovering over landmine sets it off
    Fixed: Log cabin recipe was broken
    Fixed: Debug info carries over from sp to servers
    Fixed: Wrench range
    Fixed: Wrench losing durability when hitting air
    Fixed: Creative Mode is only available in Navezgane
    Fixed: All grass that was possibly dropping grass instead of plant fibers
    Fixed: Spelling of caffeine in buffs
    Fixed: Minibike moves on its own up hills
    Fixed: Chopping down trees no longer damages player
    Fixed: Using minibike to jump through a wall
    Fixed: Player Kills awarded endlessly even though player killer is not involved
    Fixed: Chat box closes when dying
    Fixed: Zoom function stutters/snaps
    Fixed: Recipe swapping when closing crafting and reopening
    Fixed: Improved walk and run animation playback speeds on players so they skate less
    Fixed: Run/walk playback speed so full speed runs are played correctly
    Fixed: Specular on cowboy hat
    Fixed: Some keybinds activate on releasing key
    Fixed: Own explosions killing oneself count as kills
    Fixed: Lighting pipe bomb doesn’t play sound
    Fixed: Enabling voice ingame causes error when trying to talk
    Fixed: Generic death animation
    Fixed: Specular/Shiny animals at dusk/night/dawn
    Fixed: Eye specularity now reflects the environment
    Fixed: Auger Damaging Blocks Around Your Target Block
    Fixed: Null reference when pressing escape while joining server
    Fixed: Null reference error on new game menu
    Fixed: Black spots and strange map tiles after reconnecting to dedicated server (Chris)
    Fixed: Black skies on Mac/Linux
    Fixed: Some mesh particles from digging dirt were spawning black in sunlight
    Fixed animal harvest bug giving too much meat
    Fixed: Dead mountain pine billboard bug
    Fixed: Torch light so it’s on the torch instead of behind players
    Fixed: Wrong ceiling blocks in modern cabins
    Fixed: Random NRE on dedi
    Fixed: Stairs in cinema are rotated wrong
    Fixed: Wooden Bow could not be repaired
    Fixed: scrap Iron Spike is upgraded with metal not wood
    Changed: Crossbow now uses wood for repair
    Fixed: Save Game gets broken after disconnect when server did not respond anymore
    Fixed: Player data error on Dedi & MP
    Fixed: smoothing on skullcap
    Fixed specular on concrete textures
    Fixed: Player names can be ceen through walls
    Fixed: Animation for eating does not sync with item count
    Fixed: Campfire sounds are different between game types
    Changed: Added another stage to infection. The first version can be cured with honey or antibiotics and has no negative side effects. After 24 hours it transitions to the traditional infection, stage 1,2,3 and 4.
    Fixed: Some icons having a white line around the corners
    Fixed: Dropped doors fall through the world
    Fixed: It is now possible to build a tree house
    Fixed: Bear not affected by safe zones
    Fixed: window03wood could be shot through
    Fixed: Oversized lampshade in top floor of apartment building
    Fixed: Bad block rotations in old west jail
    Fixed: Lit pipebomb can be collected without exploding
    Fixed: Can now shoot through frames
    Fixed: Dedicated server checks for non-allowed characters in game name (Christian)
    Fixed: Allowed characters for game names are now: “A” – “Z”, “a” – “z”, “0” – “9”, “.”, “-“, “_”
    Fixed: Coffee and Chrysanthemum are now unified like other crops, they cannot be taken, but must be harvested
    Fixed: Exception: Unrecognized stat modifier type
    Fixed: Exploding arrow splash damage travels through blocks
    Fixed: Water in buckets
    Fixed: Fixed zombie stuns: bullet/explosion damage stun is not based on player stamina.
    Fixed: Hornets and dogs turn into gore instead of a human looking carcass
    Fixed: All hold types so items that use burlap sack for a hand item are held correctly
    Fixed: Damage decal on some blocks going through too fast
    Fixed: Tazas stone axe so it can harvest, and it now extends the regular stone axe so everything should be unified except for its unique attributes
    Fixed: Lead and clay fall exploit
    Fixed: Wood debris providing infinite resources
    Fixed: RMB function for repair tools locks in when opening inventory/map while RMB is upgrading
    Fixed: Duct tape cannot be scrapped
    Fixed: Fast degradation of mp5
    Fixed: Chainsaw harvest triggers multiple destroy events on e.g. trees
    Fixed auger mining through two blocks
    Fixed: Iron sights have recoil
    Fixed: zombies cannot see through frames
    Fixed: Candle table awarding torch when broken
    Fixed: Azalea blocks tree seed placement
    Fixed: Connecting to a server with steam://connect/ links
    Fixed: Can’t join a coop game a friend is in if the host is not your friend
    Fixed zombie crawler bite animation
    Fixed: Null Ref – EModelZombieUMA.Update
    Fixed: campfire giving too many stones on harvest. Now it gives half the recipe on destroy
    Fixed: Recipe on log cabin being too cheap
    Fixed repair on a bunch of blocks
    Fixed: Plains Tree Blocks Wood Frame Placement
    Fixed: State of hatches not properly saved on relogging
    Fixed: Coffins making cloth sounds when destroyed
    Fixed: Campfire dupe get 2 for 1
    Fixed: Out of Memory ERR Dedicated MP
    Fixed: Players spawn not exactly on their sleeping bag
    Fixed: Splinting a sprained leg slowed you down
    Fixed: Floating trees in new house backyard
    Fixed: Falling blocks have no audio
    Fixed: Place animation of minibike chassis was playing wrong animation
    Fixed: Backpacks dropped by players should not support anything
    Fixed: Updated collision on sleeping bag to prevent seeing through cave exploit
    Fixed floating geometry on level 3 vault door
    Fixed: Lines missing between server info in browser
    Fixed: z fighting in afro hair
    Fixed: Too many chunks in cache when dedicated server is empty
    Fixed: UV error on house door LODs.
    Fixed: Windowed mode won’t go to 1920 x 1080 without a restart
    Fixed: Various headgears not hiding hair and enabling hair back when removed
    Fixed: Applied splint is not modifying broken leg speed
    Fixed: Air drop appears to levitate in place and not fall for a very long time
    Fixed drinking fountains were incorrectly rotated in stores and the school
    Fixed: Collapsing large gas station roof from bad stabilit


    With the new skills system we’re giving the player the ability to gain skills which reduce craft timers and loot timers. That said we removed the craft timer and loot timer menu and server options from the game
    Added: Console ListEntities shows item type on dropped items
    Added: Server config value “ServerDisabledNetworkProtocols” which is a comma separated list of networking protocols not to be used. Possible values: unet, raknet, steamnetworking

    Known Issues

    Not all items and blocks have a descriptions
    Lots of things we missed that’s why we need your help.
    Madmole is my little brother


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