Alpha 13.2 Patch is out!

  • Alpha 13.2 Patch notes

    Added: Notification when item is broken and needs repair.
    Changed: Supply crates have less HP
    Changed: Rebalanced all tools. Essentially all iron tools do the same base damage, but have penalties for what they aren’t good at. This resolves odd cases where a pickaxe might have been better at cutting wood than a fireaxe. Stone tools do half the damage iron tools do. Steel tools do 2x damage as iron
    Changed: Dead animals stay in the world 2x as long
    Changed: Sunglasses make you look cool and also cool you down in hot weather.
    Changed: Rocket launcher cannot be assembled or repaired without reading the schematic first.
    Changed: Horde zombies save with map when they reach destination.
    Changed: Tools made from forged iron no longer break, but become unusable until repaired
    Changed: Increased the amount of repair forged iron provides to degraded tools.
    Changed: Buttons on the map now highlight whenever you hover over them.
    Changed: Player stats refresh less per second.
    Fixed: Harvest HUD showing -1 to +2 when picking up an item dropped via mouse or drop action.
    Fixed: Minibike screen text stays on screen after picking up chassis.
    Fixed: Skills sometimes not able to be hovered or selected.
    Fixed: Item degradation breaks not being used without degradation section.
    Fixed: Items breaking after use when set not to.
    Fixed: Added repair to ladders.
    Fixed: Waterflow re-enabled. Water performance on deep lakes improved.
    [Note: water blocks under at least 6 water blocks/voxels will not reduce their emission count so as to keep large lakes from recalculating the entire lake. Blasting holes near the surface, or shoreline, of a lake will still cause some performance loss but much less than before and will NOT flatten out the entire lake, keeping performance light]
    Fixed: Drinking water with hands & NRE fix.
    Fixed: Minibike parts not visible to others in MP.
    Note: we are working on the mysterious bad framerate and high ram usage being reported on servers only and have some un-tested fixes in the works stay tuned.