• Navezgane World – Navezgane is nearly double the size, has a new sexy height map with higher mountains, deeper water and a new smoothing algorithm that makes the land and water much more natural looking.

    Added a multitude of new locations to Navezgane including the new largest city Perishton, a bandit like shanty town, hidden snow cabin, Indian ruins, a water works, cell towers, boat docks, banks, islands, handmade caves, car lots, diners, and cemeteries. Nearly 100 new locations to discover. You won’t recognize the world.
    Added: Navezgane now has over 35 new player spawn points.
    Random Gen World – Random Gen has also gotten improvements with more terrain variation, smaller biomes, better and more logical biome distribution, the return of the old cave systems, better rural hubs, and lakes!

    Added: New locations to the random gen mix xml including a bandit like shanty town, a water works, cell towers, banks, islands, car lots, diners, and cemeteries.
    Changed: Returned to old caves, added an extra branch with grotto but made tunnels shorter.
    Changed: World Terrain Generation has been altered, should see more variation.
    Fixed: RWG Shotgun Messiah floor tiles replaced with asphalt/gravel blocks.
    Fixed: House can be spawned inside another in random gen.
    Fixed: Floating buildings in Random Gen Worlds.
    Skills and Perks – We’ve expanded and improved the skills system from 23 to nearly 50 skills and perk groups many of which have up to 3 to 5 tiers. Along with this has come balance, tuning and improvements to how you gain skill. Skills are gained faster now in the early game. Here are some more details on skills.

    Added: New Survivor perk that slows your metabolism.
    Added: Slow Metabolism which slows how fast you burn calories, Run Forest Run which allows you to run longer before running out of stamina, The Human Camel which slows how fast you get thirsty, and The Health Nut which raises your minimum wellness and maximum wellness.
    Added: Per level (other)skill requirements for skills.
    Added: New perk Quick Hands. It allows for faster crafting. Has 5 tiers. (Joel)
    Added: New perk “The Fixer”. The fixer allows you to repair faster, use less repair materials and diminish degradation amount with each tier. The final tier allows for no degradation.
    Added: New perk “The Samuri” which has five tiers of increased blade damage. Requires blade skills of 1,25,50,75, and 100.
    Added: New perk “Pummel Pete” which has five tiers of increased blunt damage. Requires blunt skills of 1,25,50,75, and 100.
    Added: New perk “Black Bart” which has five tiers of increased mining tool damage. Requires mining tool skills of 1,25,50,75, and 100.
    Added: New perk “Fast Eddie” which has three tiers of loot time reduction. Requires scavenging skills of 1,25 and 50.
    Added The decapitator perk which has three tiers and increases a chance to decapitate with bladed weapons.
    Added: Concrete Mixing perk that unlocks ability to craft a cement mixer and make concrete related items with construction level 20.
    Added new perk “The Outlaw” for pistols which has 5 tiers and increases damage by 20,40,60,80 and 100%.
    Added new perk “Better Lead Than Dead” for rifles which has 5 tiers and increases damage by 20,40,60,80 and 100%.
    Added new perk “Boom Stick” for shotguns which has 5 tiers and increases damage by 20,40,60,80 and 100%.
    Added: New perk “Splatter Gun” for shotguns which has 3 tiers and increases chance to dismember or decapitate.
    Added: Added new Dead shot perk for pistols which gives them a chance to decapitate.
    Added New perk to unlock 9mm round crafting under gunsmithing.
    Added: Skill list now sorted.
    Added: Skill Attributes are now listed.
    Added: Localization for all skill/perk effects.
    Changed: Skill gain rates and level gain rates.
    Changed: Increased skill level req for quality joe
    Changed: Skill points, you get 5 per level up now. Skills cost 1 point, perks cost 5.
    Fixed: The Camel skill is not functional.
    Fixed: Health Nut skill has no effect.
    Fixed: Repairing Mechanical items does not increase Science skill.
    Fixed: Light Armor skill is not functional.
    Fixed: Athletics is not increased by travelling by foot.
    Fixed: Bug where Athletics skill was being raised by the total amount when rejoining a game.
    Fixed: Medicine skill does not increase effectiveness of medicine items.
    Fixed: Medicine skill cannot be increased by using medicine items.
    Fixed: Medicine skill does not grant any bonus.
    Fixed: Dismemberment chance does not increase on higher levels of Dead Shot perk.
    Fixed: Inconsistency between description of Knife Guy perk and its Attributes.
    Fixed: Inconsistency between description of Pummel Pete perk and its Attributes.
    Spawning and Death Systems – We’ve added in a new sexy system for spawn in where the player awakens with blurred vision and wipes their brow before the UI is displayed. We’ve also added a new damage and death system where the screen becomes desaturated upon low health and returns to the vibrant look if you don’t die. If you die you get a cool 3rd person death cam and screen effect and you’ll see zombies feeding on your corpse which add a lot to the game’s immersion.

    Quests – A basic survival quest has been added along with radiant treasure quests where you dig for treasure and repeatable quest challenge notes that give you skill points and other rewards for completing. Treasure and Challenge quests can be obtained from loot. This is just the beginning folks we have big plans for more.

    Characters and Clothing – We’ve added in 16 pre-defined character presets you can choose from that use the old male or female base heads, a new older male head or older female head or a new Asian male or female head. Don’t worry you can still make your own custom one. We’ve also updated and improved a lot of the clothing and clothing fitting and clipping issues. Our Characters have never looked so good.

    Added: Preset Aiden, Male, Caucasian, 6ft 1 in, 24 years old, musician, who likes parkour. Signature feature: Red Mohawk.
    Added: Preset Chang, Male, Asian, 5ft 9 in, 47 years old, Martial Arts Instructor, who likes Gardening. Signature feature: Shaved Head, Grey Goatee.
    Added: Preset Charlotte, Female, Caucasian, 5ft 9 in, 36 years old, Nurse, who likes kickboxing. Signature feature: Piercing Eyes.
    Added: Preset Clint, Male, Caucasian, 6ft 2 in, 35 years old, Bull rider, who likes cigars. Signature feature: 5 O’clock Shadow.
    Added: Preset Emma, Female, Caucasian, 5ft 7 in, 54 years old, Nutritionist, who likes Yoga. Signature feature: Silver Hair.
    Added: Preset Gabrielle, Female, Black, 5ft 6 in, 31 years old, Police Officer, who likes Martial Arts. Signature feature: Long Dreadlocks.
    Added: Preset Grace, Female, Asian, 5ft 4 in, 26 years old, Jet Mechanic, who likes Cooking. Signature feature: Long Red Hair.
    Added: Preset Hank, Male, Caucasian, 6ft 2 in, 59 years old, Cattle Rancher, who likes Hunting. Signature feature: Grey Beard.
    Added: Preset Helen, Female, Caucasian, 5ft 5 in, 22 years old, Park Ranger, who likes Dog Breeding. Signature feature: Platinum Blonde Hair.
    Added: Preset Jack, Male, Caucasian, 6ft 0 in, 48 years old, Miner, who likes Fishing. Signature feature: Long Brown Hair and Spaniard Goatee.
    Added: Preset Jeff, Male, Indian, 5ft 11 in, 33 years old, Welder, who likes Computers. Signature feature: Shaved Head and Mustache.
    Added: Preset Maria, Female, Hispanic, 5ft 4 in, 38 years old, Army Medic, who likes Hiking. Signature feature: Thick Black Hair.
    Added: Preset Miguel, Male, Hispanic, 5ft 10 in, 35 years old, Shop Teacher, who likes Restoring Cars. Signature feature: Short Black Hair and Spaniard Goatee.
    Added: Preset Rayah, Female, Arabic, 5ft 8 in, 32 years old, Electrical Engineer, who likes running Marathons. Signature feature: Long Thick Black Hair.
    Added: Preset Vince, Male, Caucasian, 6ft 3 in, 44 years old, Football Coach, who likes Archery. Signature feature: Handlebar Mustache and Shaved Head.
    Added: Preset Willie, Male, Black, 6ft 4 in, 42 years old, Corrections Officer, who likes Woodworking. Signature feature: Big Afro.
    Added: Archetype framework.
    Added: New Profile selection preview.
    Added New short beard can only be used on the Clint Preset (for now)
    Added: Male and female Asian faces used only by presets (for now).
    Added: Animal hide poncho to game and loot.
    Added: Male and female army clothes and Kevlar armor.
    Added: Optional archetype expressions in archetypes xml files.
    Added: Specular to male base hair. Deleted old duplicate hair textures.
    Changed: Female tanktops now cover midriff.
    Changed: Skin tone is now applied to first person hands.
    Changed: Updated female scrap iron armor to fix clipping.
    Changed: Updated female armor leather rig to fix clipping issues.
    Changed: Updated female duster, plant fiber clothing and plaid shirt rigs to fix clipping.
    Changed: Updated female puffer coat to fix clipping.
    Changed: Updated female iron armor rigs to fix clipping issues.
    Changed: Updated female army fatigues and military armor to fix clipping issues.
    Changed: Female characters are now in sports wear not underwear.
    Changed: Plaid Shirt to “Shirt”. Replaced mesh and textures to a new design that improves performance and doesn’t clip.
    Changed: Deleted denim jackets.
    Changed: Renamed animal hide jacket to animal hide shirt.
    Changed: Renamed animal hide pants to animal hide leg armor & icons.
    Changed: UMA clothing now has Mask0 – Mask9 that can be used to mask UMA slots.
    Changed: UMA clothing now has Overlay0 – 4 for overlays.
    Changed: UMA ShowHair changed to ShowAltHair.
    Changed: UMA overlay colors are now r,g,b compatible.
    Changed: Deleted old hat prefabs that were pre-UMA.
    Changed: Tweaked colors of brown and red pants.
    Changed: Deleted old steel armor assets.
    Fixed: Face, feet and eyes equipment slot items do not take any damage.
    Fixed: Female cloth chest armor clipping issues.
    Fixed: Male iron gloves clipping issues.
    Fixed: Updated dreadlocks hair mesh slot to fix clipping issues.
    Fixed: Updated goggles and shades to fix clipping issues.
    Fixed: Clipping issues in leather armor feet and afro hat.
    Fixed: UMA Afro hair not adjusting properly with hats.
    Fixed: Character hair not returning correctly after taking off a hat.
    Fixed: Kevlar Leg Armor not visible on male.
    Fixed: Updated male base face rig to fix bugged eye problem.
    Fixed: Tank tops are displayed incorrectly.
    Fixed: Animal Hide Pants no longer go poof when equipped while wearing pants.
    Fixed: Updated male plant fiber clothing to fix clipping issues.
    Fixed: Updated male cloth armor pieces to fix clipping.
    Fixed: Male scrap metal armor clipping issues.
    Fixed: Male iron armor clipping issues.
    Fixed: Clipping issues with male military armor and clothing.
    Fixed: Updated male denim pants to fix clipping.
    Fixed: Male hide poncho clipping issues.
    Fixed male leather armor clipping issues.
    Fixed: Female character caving Issues with clothing.
    Fixed: Hide Jacket (Armor) uses armor slot.
    Fixed: Basic clothes clip through each other and through armors.
    Fixed: Many character/UMA textures were not compressed causing more memory use than needed.
    Fixed: Bandana normal map was not assigned.
    Fixed: Deleted unused duplicate player body textures.
    Fixed: Clipping issues with puffer coat and scaled it down to look natural.
    Fixed: Skull caps were too shiny.
    Fixed: Removed clothing is still displayed in multiplayer until the player runs or jumps.


    Chillen ist die Kunst, sich beim Nichtstun nicht zu langweilen.

  • Animations – Much work has gone into improving the animation themselves and the animation systems including a new fast holstering, a new weapon fov cam system and many animation bug fixes.

    Added: New instant snappy holster
    Added: Zombie dog eat animation.
    Added: Zombie door attack states to mechanim.
    Added: new player ragdolls that take over when a death anim hits geometry.
    Added: Players one handed items and weapons now only influence the left arm instead of the entire upper body resulting in much smoother walk and run animations when holding one handed items.
    Added: Stamina sound to animation event.
    Added: Animation driven footstep sounds to all the zombies and zombie walks & runs.
    Changed: First person item animations holster nearly instantly.
    Changed: Iron sighting animation out is faster.
    Changed: Some animation properties of the dog and updated the avatar to fix jaw.
    Changed: Hands and holding guns’ field of view is now 45 instead of 60.
    Fixed: SMG’s reload hold is not blowing back after each shot.
    Fixed: Equipping 44magnum corrupts 2 handed holding styles.
    Fixed: Changing from bow after shot corrupts the way that character holds next chosen item. Changed logic on reloading so weapon switching wouldn’t get stuck.
    Fixed: Corrupted bowstring draw animation. Changed logic to play draw only from bow hold, not the any state.
    Fixed: Incorrect animation of changing a weapon while zooming.
    Fixed: Melee weapons and tools are improperly held by characters viewed from another player’s perspective. Added wrench hold, attack and harvest animations.
    Fixed: Updated first person animation on many smaller held items.
    Fixed: Incorrect animation of Stone Shovel is displayed after fast swapping with Auger.
    Fixed: Melee weapons and tools are improperly held by characters viewed from another player’s perspective.
    Fixed: Use action anim times are off.
    Fixed: Changing from bow after shot corrupts the way that character holds next chosen item. I set the reload time to match the reload so users cannot switch weapons during mid reload.
    Fixed: Gaps in random logic for player idle deaths.
    Fixed: Pipe Bomb and Stick of Dynamite are missing explosion animation when detonated in Character’s hand.
    Fixed: Walking animation of Frozen Lumberjack stutters and loops incorrectly.
    Fixed: The animation of holding a weapon is corrupted.
    Fixed: Player’s hands temporarily reset to old 60 FOV after changing graphic settings.
    Fixed: pistol and magnum fire rate aligned with their animations.
    Fixed: Various weapon fire animation issues (shotgun and pistol), and mp5 would get stuck in reload/hold animation once reloaded in third person.
    Fixed: No walk anim after respawn
    Fixed: Animation – Character slides while crouching backwards or to the side.
    Fixed: Incorrect Iron Bed Frame hit animation.
    Fixed: Hornet is not displaying its death animation.
    Fixed: Adjusted walk backwards and walk strafe animation playback rates to reduce skating.
    Fixed: Crossbow has loading animation when there are no bolts in inventory and Player tries to change the bolt type.
    Fixed: When Crawling Zombie gets hit with certain weapons, it stops moving along with animation reset. Hooked up 3 new crawler pain animations that play randomly.
    Fixed: Burning animation disappears after zombie/animal death.
    Fixed: Characters hand is missing during pulling bowstring animation.
    Fixed: There is no animation when character receives a hit by melee or ranged weapon.
    GUI – The look, scale, font size and font clarity of all in-game UI screens have been improved along with hundreds of new localization entries for item, blocks, stats and buffs. All craftable and lootable items should have helpful descriptions now. All item, buff, skills and recipe descriptions and stats are more organized and useful. Look for 7 Days in other languages in our next big update.

    Balance and Tuning – We’ve fixed hundreds of xml bugs and completed a major rebalancing of block damage, leveling and XP the game is less of a grind and easier to build again.

    The rest of the additions, changes, fixes, server.xml and mods


    Added: New cement mixer station where you can mix cement
    Added: New workbench station which allows you to craft extra items.
    Added: Many new cool block shapes to build better looking buildings in creative mode.
    Added: memcl command that is executed on client side even when connected to a dedi.
    Added: Bedrolls can be repaired with 10 plant fibers per section.
    Added: Zombie bodies can now be harvested for rotten flesh. Their skeletons can be harvested for bones.
    Added: Repair to secure and insecure storage chests.
    Added recipes for: barbed Wire, dynamite, asphalt, wedge60TipConcrete, wedge60EndConcrete, quarterBlock, eighthBlock, plateBlock, concreteBarrier, concreteTrim2, concreteBlock, cornerWedgeConcrete, cornerFullWedgeConcrete, pyramidConcrete, tubeHalfConreteNoDistort, poleBlock, concreteInsideCorner, wallSafe, mailBox01, mailBox02, mailBox03, toilet01, toilet02, toilet03, whitePicketFence, wroughtIronFence.
    Added: Gamma Slider to the video options.
    Added: Warming buff to stews.
    Added: Plant fibers can be planted in dirt and will grow into tall grass.
    Added: Full plate block upgrade path.
    Added: Harvest to all fridges, and recipe for green old fridge.
    Added: Angled support beams can now be repaired and upgraded. Replaced an old one so it will break save games or leave a black block where it was.
    Added: Blue spruce seed item that allows you to plant and grow blue spruce trees.
    Added: Growable blue spruce trees.
    Added: Good Weather grace period on new games for first 24 hrs.
    Added: 4 new rusty iron walls.
    Added: Rusty green metal texture and new blocks to use it.
    Added: New stairs shapes.
    Added: New shape, corner round 1 meter with several textured variants of it.
    Added: A peaceable, craftable alphabet to the game and to many locations as new signs.
    Added: New naming convention to all blocks, models and items so they are easier to find in creative. See XML.txt in your data/config folder for more info. Big thanks to Gazz.
    Added: White shanty metal sheets.
    Added: Auto-personal self-light to see very close objects in the dark. (A sort of “touch” sensory).
    Added: Recipes for clay shingle roofs.
    Added: Sporadic dirt/grass to stone sub biomes.
    Added: Curb plains block.
    Added: Diagonal (centered and offset) shapes for support poles.
    Added new curb shapes, straight and corner for wasteland, forest and plains texture sets.
    Changed: Many world textures have been improved or entirely redone
    Added: A new world lighting model
    Added Rusty iron pillar.
    Added: Rusty iron diagonal beam and crossbeam.
    Added: New sandbag models to the game and to the army camps and police stations.
    Added: Grunge to drop ceiling texture.
    Added: Barbed wire sheet icon.
    Added: New road side railings updated bridges and added them into Navezgane
    Added: Missing specular to some hairs.
    Added: New chain link icons.
    Added: Radial now displays ammo count for ammo.
    Added: New in menu music track to the game.
    Added: New ambient Soundscapes from the music track to the game.
    Added: New sexy Fun Pimps logo to game intro splash screen. It’s the bomb!
    Added: Chainsaw revs for rapid button press.
    Added: New plant mesh shape, applied it to goldenrod flower and potato plant crop.
    Added: ItemActionUseOther. This allows the same things that ItemActionEat allows but is done to the target entity. General medical items are already set up.
    Added: Unique crossbow bolt models per type.
    Added: Created custom hatch sounds to address animation audio sync issues.


    Changed: Weight of brass to stop scrap brass exploit.
    Changed: Scrapping in the forge time to to 1 second, instead of .5, maybe it only showed numbers of 1 or greater.
    Changed: Bedrolls are made from 20 plant fibers.
    Changed: Increased fuel capacity of minibike.
    Changed: Increased size of zombie bounds and offset to reduce clipping of thin blocks.
    Changed: Animal gore no longer degrades to dirt but air instead
    Changed: Femurs are now harvested from animal gore rather than the animal itself.
    Changed: Animal fat is now harvested from corpses instead of looted.
    Changed: plant02 decoration recipe to use clay instead of clay bowls.
    Changed: Deleted clay bowls, assets and recipes from the game.
    Changed: Increased how fast tools can destroy most blocks. Nerfed the yield of some blocks to compensate for the faster destruction.
    Changed: Rebalanced all tools and weapon stamina use.
    Changed: Increased the durability of all iron tools.
    Changed: reduced cost of steel ingots.
    Changed: Improved the plains biome sunset.
    Changed: Land claims cannot be stacked in inventory.
    Changed: Anti griefing: dropping now whole item stack when pressing Q.
    Changed: Tweaked sunset colors and adjusted time so it’s obviously dark when the zombies start running.
    Changed: Cleaned out old 2 block placed bedrolls adding new multi-block model ones
    Changed: Plant fibers now drop two instead of one.
    Changed: Improved player eye textures.
    Changed: Recipe for all fridges.
    Changed: Moved block id plateOldWood from 1100 to 164 so it can become a master plate block.
    Changed: All workstations now drop their original recipe when destroyed.
    Changed: removed clothing action skill and merged them with light armor action skill group.
    Changed: Resolution of body textures.
    Changed: Added new high res shoulder mesh for nude male players for better lighting and deformation.
    Changed: Reduced movement and stamina penalties for cold and hot weather survival.
    Changed: Church so it fits in all biomes.
    Changed: FOV for running/sprinting.
    Changed: Auger and chainsaw range are defined on their parts.
    Changed: Auger weapon range equal to mining tools and entity damage minimal.
    Changed: Chainsaw range equal to melee weapons.
    Changed: Several buffs reset/extend durations instead of bouncing off an existing buff.
    Changed: Clothing items have crafting skill assigned so repairs can increase skill.
    Changed: Helmets like SWAT Helmet have action and crafting skill assigned.
    Changed: Trees drop enough seeds to preserve the species.
    Changed: Added missing attribute ranges to several weapon parts.
    Changed: Shrunk some atlas textures to 32×32 pixels in unity since they don’t seem to be used.
    Changed: Resized wrought iron metal and redid the texture.
    Changed: Sunrise and sunset times optimized shadow rendering times.
    Changed: Deleted iron wall textures.
    Changed: AudioManager now supports playing one audio source for local sounds and a different audio source when played over the network.
    Changed: Concrete and cobblestone no longer downgrade to cracked versions but instead have 4x as many hit points.
    Changed: Removed redundant burnt tree04.
    Changed: Optimized burnt forest/wasteland trees.
    Changed: Reduced tree density in burnt forest.
    Changed: Increased fog density and tweaked colors and sunset timing in burnt forest.
    Changed: Renamed several blocks with a duplicate extension on the end until we have time to properly search and replace.
    Changed: Optimized green maple trees.
    Changed: Removed one tree variant, requires new save game.
    Changed: Updated black letter font texture.
    Changed: Deleted unused old tree materials.
    Changed: Optimized red maple tree.
    Changed: Better horizon rendering.
    Changed: Optimized cacti to use one texture set.
    Changed: Better grass animations.
    Changed: Better flora lighting & better speedTree alpha over distance.
    Changed: Rebalanced block upgrade paths, build/upgrade resources.
    Changed: Optimized plains trees.
    Changed: Updated mountain pine dead.
    Changed: Tweaked grass brightness in plains to look good with better lighting.
    Changed: Optimized stack panel layout code.
    Changed: Removed gore blocks from the game for texture space optimization until they can be done properly.
    Changed: RWG biome sizes made 50% smaller.
    Changed: RWG Rules now load with other xmls.
    Changed: Antibiotics no longer increase wellness.
    Changed: Renamed several blocks with identical textures but differing / wrong names.
    Changed: Markers are now LIFO sorted by priority – zombies should seek the most recent marker instead of meandering.
    Changed: Horde zombies will break from horde and attack a player if they are seen. Animals are still ignored by zombies in a horde until they arrive.
    Changed: Brightened eye sclera.
    Changed: Some cave lighting tweaks to fit new texturing.
    Changed: Flagged misc unfinished items (gasmask etc.) to dev-flagged.
    Changed: Insecure storage/gun safes are now dev-flagged.
    Changed: Brightened female hair 01 to match other hairs.
    Changed: Brightened iris to support brighter eye colors.
    Changed: Nerfed wasteland biome spawning now that we have city spawners working.
    Changed: Localization to load from the Data/Config folder instead of Resources.
    Changed: Deleted unused sky/cloud assets.
    Changed: Darkened male specular textures because they were too shiny.
    Changed: Updated male base rig to fix neck deformation issue.
    Changed: Removed duplicate base specular texture used for various clothing items and assigned all items to use one.
    Changed: Frame blocks no longer block sunlight from the MacroAO lighting values for enclosures.
    Changed: Bow has recoil after shooting an arrow.
    Changed: lowered Small Stone hit points for all the people who want to harvest them instead of picking up.
    Changed: Crawling Zombies hit (those who got their legs cut off) does not break character’s legs.
    Changed: Updated smoke behavior in flaming arrow particle effect.
    Changed: Corpse blocks (loot containers) can be harvested for a bone.
    Changed: Fixed materials on hornet to use unity 5 instead of legacy.
    Changed: Deleted legacy zombie04 and legacy zombie controller.
    Changed: Increased block range of stone axe.
    Changed: Pine forests max random temperature modifier to be 10 degrees colder.
    Changed: Navezgane campsites to use the small spawn and spillway lake cabins to use the small sapwn.
    Changed: Updated Auger particle effect.
    Changed: Car wrecks don’t spawn dogs.
    Changed: Spawn triggers have been adjusted. Medium spawn triggers spawn 6 zombies, large spawn 10 and ex large spawn 12.
    Changed: Armor damage reduction uses global average and equipment damage formula adjusted.
    Changed: Rainy weather will occur within first 7 days.
    Changed: All basic resources you harvest in bulk (sand, stone, clay…) have the same stack size of 1000.
    Changed: Player can no longer get stun-locked by zombies.
    Changed: Updated a few more holding items with incorrect rendering.
    Changed: Fat/biofuel etc. have burn values, cigars are cool now, fridgeBottom is a loot container.
    Changed: Icon buttons scale bigger a small amount when hovered over for better feedback.
    Changed: Updated common shaders to equalize lighting between players, terrain, and block shapes.
    Changed: Updated lights in game to match updated environment lighting.
    Changed: Updated pathing\collision settings for table shapes.
    Changed: Wearing a puffer coat or duster will visually hide your arm and chest armor for clipping issues, but you still have them equipped and they give you protection.
    Changed: Deleted 4 old unused burnt pine tree texture assets.
    Changed: Armor skills increase faster now.
    Changed: Brightened wall torches.

    Chillen ist die Kunst, sich beim Nichtstun nicht zu langweilen.

  • Fixed

    Fixed: Mountain man loot.
    Fixed: Wrongly rotated door in new utility building.
    Fixed: Allowed topsoil deco true on all abandoned houses.
    Fixed: Wrongly rotated hatch by ladder at power station.
    Fixed: Safe that feel through the dumpster by making it a desk safe.
    Fixed: Sometimes you won’t receive damage when walking over wood spikes.
    Fixed: Numpad Slow Motion/Pause Keys with Mocap Zombies.
    Fixed: Pressing E in search box of campfire/forge closes workstation.
    Fixed: Dupe with Exceeding Stack limit on full inventory.
    Fixed: Players spawning in hubs and near POIs in RWG.
    Fixed: POIs not spawning zombies in RWG.
    Fixed: Various concrete recipes to use concrete mix.
    Fixed: NullRef when inventory is full.
    Fixed: Shale spawning.
    Fixed: Lots of various community xml fix to blocks, missing repair entries, duplicate entries and more.
    Fixed: Dogs no longer have 360-degree vision.
    Fixed: Metal weak has more stability, this influences all rebar frames.
    Fixed: Forged steel has repair time now.
    Fixed: Pickaxe steel is now repaired with forged steel (Joel)
    Fixed: All scrap iron armor is now repaired with scrap iron instead of forged steel.
    Fixed: Rocket casings are now unlocked when reading the rocket launcher schematic.
    Fixed: Paper now weighs 1 instead of 5.
    Fixed: Server Spamming NRE.
    Fixed: Bug where zombies would just stand still instead of attacking.
    Fixed: Bulk items dropped in world bug.
    Fixed: Audio object leak.
    Fixed: Missing repair on cobblestone wedges.
    Fixed: Player walk and run to match velocity.
    Fixed: Corn now requires fertile dirt.
    Fixed: platePanelingBurnt can be repaired.
    Fixed naming on asphalt shingle.
    Fixed: LOD on tree stump.
    Fixed: Output items going to inventory instead of output slot.
    Fixed: Local client skills not being cleaned up before loading server skills.
    Fixed: Server browser zombie walk/run mode icon display inverted for always run and always walk.
    Fixed: Cobblestone wedges upgrade to reinforced concrete instead of wet concrete.
    Fixed: Hundreds of community fixes to the xml files.
    Fixed: School so it has topsoil decorations.
    Fixed: Players don’t have facing direction in Navezgane spawns.
    Fixed: Dropped Blocks Damaging Terrain & Other Blocks, PVP Exploit.
    Fixed: Weapons that loop audio when swapping – eg. Chainsaw, Auger, AK-47.
    Fixed: Trees growing inside large resource rocks.
    Fixed: Offset for waypoint icons.
    Fixed: Bedroll placement helper shader.
    Fixed: Cars go into inventory when you harvest them.
    Fixed: Oven missing collision box on back.
    Fixed: Moved wet concrete textures to opaque atlas to remove duplicate textures.
    Fixed: Items and blocks spaz out after explosions dedi only.
    Fixed: Removed unnecessary code for blocks to clean up the xml.
    FIxed: Repair costs are not equal per tool.
    Fixed: Crafting info time and recipe stack time not being the same.
    Fixed: Campfire/forge duping – dedicated server.
    Fixed: Craft timers wrong.
    Fixed: Tool belt transform duping for placeable items.
    Fixed: Items from aborted crafting queue spam server.
    Fixed: NRef on dedi.
    Fixed: Modifying XUI cfg to access cheat menu on remote games.
    Fixed: Quality Joe can be purchased, requirements not met.
    Fixed: Ammo crafting perk requirements had invalid levels.
    Fixed: Reflection optimizations.
    Fixed: Can’t split stack with right click drag in creative menu.
    Fixed: Assembly parts won’t shift-click (auto load) from tool belt.
    Fixed: Minibike radial menu sounds missing.
    Fixed: Throwing rock just falls to ground.
    Fixed: XUI stack panel alignment not aligning properly.
    Fixed: XUI stack panel alignment jittering on some windows.
    Fixed: Crafted item quality rising too fast.
    Fixed: Skills can be purchased with LMB + RMB, allowing you to spend extra points.
    Fixed: Shift-clicking items from backpack to minibike storage causes item loss.
    Fixed: NRE on scrapping a now empty inventory slot.
    Fixed: Recipes/Skill/Quest list have hover sounds, action buttons don’t.
    Fixed: 7th day stinger not playing on day 14,21,28, etc.
    Fixed: Workstations craft at reduced speed when they are closed.
    Fixed: Missing texture and optimized shrubs to use wasteland textures.
    Fixed: Cannot craft a recipe when it is not showing in the recipe list.
    Fixed: Trash piles have wrong colliders.
    Fixed: Screen text persists when you keep hitting the pick-up button.
    Fixed: OutOfMemory on water particles.
    Fixed: Banding in Sun Shafts.
    Fixed: Blocks on dedicated servers do not act properly to explosives.
    Fixed: Explosive Damage does remove door ownership when downgraded a tier.
    Fixed: Machete and hunting knife do not break when out of durability.
    Fixed: pufferCoat can now be repaired with cloth.
    Fixed: Duplicate block entry.
    Fixed: Abuse ladders to float in the air.
    Fixed: Players appearing black on their unlit side.
    Fixed: Rockets have a chance to not explode when hitting the ground.
    Fixed: Blocks: some missing repair tags or wrong resource amounts.
    Fixed: NREs when connecting to dedicated server.
    Fixed: Obvious (or should have been) call issue.
    Fixed: Throwables no longer distract zombies.
    Fixed: Car battery and padlock (they have a QL) stacknumber=1
    Fixed: Missing UI Slot for plantFiberShoes
    Fixed: Flashlight is repairable.
    Fixed: wrong repair material for houseFrontDoor.
    Fixed: Zombies are walking right through closed doors.
    Fixed: wrong/missing upgrade properties on several blocks.
    Fixed: chainsaw and auger weapon range so they are in line with melee weapons.
    Fixed: looted whole auger/chainsaw lose durability now.
    Fixed: Set many rock formations to copy air blocks true fixing their reset density values.
    Fixed: Sunken buildings and buildings covered in terrain in RWG.
    Fixed: Performance loss from supply crates.
    Fixed: Loading “Mods” folder on OSX outside of the application bundle.
    Fixed: Ruleset not found error on startup.
    Fixed: Creative menu “all” button shows dev blocks for blocks by default.
    Fixed: stewWarming uses the coffee buff icon now.
    Fixed: Iron door downgrade was missing 1 step.
    Fixed: refridddddgerators renamed.
    Fixed: Renamed bullets to rounds.
    Fixed: Added missing stacknumber to 2 items with QL
    Fixed: Take button in the Creative screen has no functionality.
    Fixed: Readability of grey text over the gradient beige graphic.
    Fixed: Infinite ammo for all weapons.
    Fixed: Updated many various item holds.
    Fixed: Underside of bed02 should no longer be transparent.
    Fixed: Dupe weapons which utilize radial menu for ammo.
    Fixed: Problem with item quality and stack numbers not readable over yellow quality bars darkened the yellow
    Fixed: In-Game UI – Setting UI background and foreground opacity to minimum results in UI being not visible.
    Fixed: “TURN ON” button in Campfire menu is highlighted without fuel added.
    Fixed: Player is able to destroy bedrock.
    Fixed: Flashlight cannot be picked up.
    Fixed: Incorrect waypoint placing in map menu.
    Fixed: Tool category is not observed when harvesting corpses.
    Fixed: Incorrect weapon durability consumption.
    Fixed: “Building the environment…” sequence can be skipped while entering the game.
    Fixed: Experience gained cannot exceed value needed for next level up.
    Fixed: Player can break the level cap.
    Fixed: Ballistic fiber now scraps and fixed broken cloth/leather scrapping.
    Fixed: Perks with player level requirements were purchasable before reaching required level.
    Fixed: Adjusted craft/harvest resources of refrigerators.
    Fixed: Corrected textures on 4 “abandoned house” cabinets.
    Fixed: Road signs now “pivot on floor”.
    Fixed: Leather duster is no longer shown as craftable.
    Fixed: In-Game UI – Placeholder category name in Campfire.
    Fixed: Text Is Overlapping On Map Screen Coordinates.
    Fixed: Creative Menu – Item nameplate is still displayed after proceeding to the next page.
    Fixed: Last three Mobile Spotlight placement previews are clipping through textures.
    Fixed: Zombies can be confused with smell to make them ignore the player.
    Fixed: Zombies spawned in a wandering hordes ignore player unless provoked.
    Fixed: All craftable items have descriptions.
    Fixed: Spelling of chrysanthemum.
    Fixed: Added muzzle flash to hunting rifle.
    Fixed: Longest life is not counted in the Character screen.
    Fixed: The player is not informed about the temperature unit in HUD.
    Fixed: Trees clips through some building types.
    Fixed: Pipe Bomb/Dynamite fuse-lighting cannot be spammed.
    Fixed: Minibike chassis description corrected.
    Fixed: Legacy code removed from cinderBlocks01.
    Fixed: sc_General in now named Supply Crate and is localized.
    Fixed: “TURN ON” button in Campfire menu is highlighted without fuel added.
    Fixed: “{}” in playernames giving errors when looking at player’s sleeping bag.
    Fixed: After certain steps timers on buff list are copied.
    Fixed: Rapidly pressing the Mouse1 / Mouse2 button throws items incorrectly.
    Fixed: Player can spawn too far away from backpack after death without a bedroll.
    Fixed: Waypoints are incorrectly displayed on the compass while driving the minibike.
    Fixed: Resource rocks have only one stage of destruction.
    Fixed: Various item nameplates in the Creative menu are being overlapped by the Inventory screen.
    Fixed: Yucca Fruit description.
    Fixed: Seed so they now have icons and localized names, descriptions.
    Fixed: Character tab has limit of 7 buffs when more can be active at once.
    Fixed: Increased voices on .44 magnum from 5 to 6.
    Fixed: Incorrect Tree physics.
    Fixed: Some road signs have no collision with weapons.
    Fixed: Face, feet and eyes slot items take no damage.
    Fixed: Incorrect SFX effect on Land Claim Block while damaging it with any Gun.
    Fixed: Incorrect collision detection on Minibike.
    Fixed: In-game time flows on “Press any key…” screen.
    Fixed: Description of internal bleeding does not display health loss info.
    Fixed: Burning does not display information about damage in description.
    Fixed: Cannot Breathe has placeholder description.
    Fixed: Message displayed when submerging in water is a placeholder.
    Fixed: ALL buffs display damage information if they do damage.
    Fixed: Message displayed when submerging in water is a placeholder.
    Fixed: Sick drunk has no duration and means to heal displayed.
    Fixed: Reinforcement Scrap Iron Plate texture contains defects. Reduced shininess on specular texture.
    Fixed: Night is too bright in Snowy Forest biome. Darkened fog and sky textures.
    Fixed: Crosshair is not visible while aiming with a bow.
    Fixed: Land mines can be placed one on another.
    Fixed: Hub Cap Land Mine has incorrect description.
    Fixed: Environment – Sofa02 (1559) and chair04 (1560) are missing destruction/harvest events.
    Fixed: Updated material on minibike basket bad display.
    Fixed: Incorrect collision detection on stunned zombie.
    Fixed: AI – In sneaking mode zombie do not notice player after walking into it.
    Fixed: Walking into a zombie in sneaking mode makes it stand on player.
    Fixed: Some items go under tool belt when swapping from backpack to tool belt.
    Fixed: 44 Magnum can be assembled without learning its schematic.
    Fixed: MP5 and AK-47 firing delay increased to better match SFX.
    Fixed: Drowning debuff has no damage information displayed.
    Fixed: Environment – Street Light has no collision detection.
    Fixed: Recipe for bottledRiverWater had gone missing.
    Fixed: Gravel plays the correct hit sound.
    Fixed: Some reversed smell values on vegetable and meat foods.
    Fixed: Tree Stumps are rendering inside/ on the top of solid rocks.
    Fixed: Falling perfect condition cars always turn into a blue damaged car.
    Fixed: Mattress model problem
    Fixed: Claw hammer and Stone Axe stay visible on character after other items are equipped.
    Fixed: Edited toilets to hide triangles poking out from toilet seat.
    Fixed: Normal map on female tank top.
    Fixed: Burn Time of tools and weapons is always 1 second.
    Fixed: Male head model is connected incorrectly to the body.
    Fixed: Zombies don’t die after they lost their head.
    Fixed: Hitbox of the character is too large.
    Fixed: Corrupted UMA body model after death.
    Fixed: Minibike works underwater.
    Fixed: Placeholder text LBLATTRIBUTEAPPLYBUFF is displayed in Flaming Arrow’s statistics.
    Fixed: Bucket and Bucket of water do not have equip shortcut.
    Fixed: Items crafting timer in Crafting Menu shows incorrect remaining crafting time. (Lathan)
    Fixed: Chair – Item cannot be scrapped.
    Fixed: Distance travelled not counted while on minibike.
    Fixed: Crafting queue blinks after one item is crafted with full queue.
    Fixed: Play open loot container sound over network.
    Fixed: Add step sounds played when climbing ladders.
    Fixed: Transparent seam lines on various tables models. Adjusted vertices to close gap.
    Fixed: Navezgane trailer park rooftops collapse on contact.
    Fixed: Repair Kit’s description is missing information that it is made from Duct Tape.
    Fixed: Removed redundant category in Forge Menu.
    Fixed: Description of Drop on Death option in Modded Options screen is misaligned.
    Fixed: The user is able to throw away held item by putting it between grid in inventory.
    Fixed: Player’s head hitbox is deactivated/ zombie wont target them properly (Joe)
    Fixed: ARTCUBE – Object’s preview is misplaced.
    Fixed: Chainsaw is listed as blade weapon skill.
    Fixed: Duration of effects do not match the in-game time.
    Fixed: Overlapped names and quality numbers of Rocket Launcher parts in Assemble Menu.
    Fixed: Overlapped names of AK-47 and Sawed-off Shotgun by durability / quality bar in Assemble Menu.
    Fixed: Flashlight deals damage before animation of hit is finished. Adjusted ray cast time to match animation.
    Fixed: Deleted more old tree assets.
    Fixed: Save waypoint cuts off possible icons when used at the bottom.
    Fixed: Possibility to have more than 100% Gas in Minibike.
    Fixed: Crafting categories do not show tooltips when hovered over.
    Fixed: Removing any Bandana causes character’s beard to disappear.
    Fixed: Recipe cannot be chosen again after an item was previewed in the backpack.
    Fixed: 44 cylinder sticks out if you die during reload (keep toolbelt on death)
    Fixed: MP games playing different pitch between players on weapon fires.
    Fixed: The playable character is spawned before player can see the gameworld.
    Fixed: Freezing and hypothermia have unclear descriptions.
    Fixed: The player cannot turn the Camp Fire on if he puts wood in second or third slot.
    Fixed: Radial Menu sticks open and becomes unresponsive on doors.
    Fixed: Forge and campfire can be burning underwater.
    Fixed: Some crafted items were not assigned to the right skill group.
    Fixed: Auger 3D model flickers in Assemble Menu.
    Fixed: Cancelling crafting does not reverse ingredient amount in Crafting Menu.
    Fixing: Face removal on placing tables tables.
    Fixed: Player reloads the Shotgun after changing ammo type even if he does not have any.
    Fixed: Player’s hitbox has gap between chest and head.
    Fixed: Drowning buff continues to kill after getting out of water.
    Fixed: Noise Amount is not listed in firearms’ statistics.
    Fixed: Disassembling the weapon on reloading causes all ammunition in the ammo clip to be lost.
    Fixed: Localization: removed fancy extended characters that did not display in game.
    Fixed: Blocks disappear from under character’s feet after reaching 255 meters.
    Fixed: Dirt type materials had greatly differing hit points.
    Fixed: Shortened all 3 line descriptions that were too long forcing smaller fonts.
    Fixed: Self-upgrading blocks can become invulnerable.
    Fixed: Linux builds can be run in 64 bit mode.
    Fixed: Incorrect SFX may be produced when hitting various shingles with a melee weapon or tool.
    Fixed: Blocks on impact inherit impact sound from blocks below.
    Fixed: Chainsaw and auger show “incorrect” stats.
    Fixed: Flashlight slot shows a stone after you inspected a weapon and then click on any other item.
    Fixed: Woodshingle apartment building has floating trash container.
    Fixed: Player can exit the water in a way so he needs to breathe underwater.
    Fixed: Incorrect buffed description for Cured status.
    Fixed: Minibike idle and acceleration audio playing incorrectly.
    Fixed: Character’s stats are not updated until cursor is placed on the equipped clothing.
    Fixed: Minibike loses durability in radiation.
    Fixed: No Horn sound on minibike using the hotkey on keyboard.
    Fixed: Updated physics on various dropped items.
    Fixed: Music might not be playing instantly in Main Menu after quitting the game.
    Fixed: Flawless Minibike caption is overlapped by durability indicator.
    Fixed: Slugs recipe now includes the bullet casings/tips that it needs.
    Fixed: Crafting traps increase Misc Crafting skill instead of Science skill.
    Fixed: Small Stones can be picked up from street signs.
    Fixed: Rockets explode when they hit Corn Plants.
    Fixed: Wall Safe/Torch/Candle SI Collapse when stepped on.
    Fixed: Duping with 2 people using lockable container.
    Fixed: Flaming Arrow is burning underwater.
    Fixed: The Block Durability option has a misleading description.
    Fixed: Tooltips background is too small.
    Fixed: Forge will not let you use the lower input slot.
    Fixed: treePlainsTree2 still has glitched branch mesh.
    Fixed: An additional cloudy weather and rain will roll in for a few days and roll out.
    Fixed: Treemountainpine20m collision is too small, player can clip inside.
    Fixed: Zombie gore can no longer stack vertically.
    Fixed: Endless Gas Supply.
    Fixed: Player marked as Hunted by sneak stance prompt is receiving sneak damage bonus.
    Fixed: Items selected in character menu are deselected when any item is crafted.
    Fixed: Increased collision mesh face count on store shelves.
    Fixed: Multiblock to gas pump model to fix collision on upper parts.
    Fixed: Air gap of mailbox and pole.
    Fixed: Terrain turns into indestructible and textured blocks if a car is dropped on them.
    Fixed: The user is able to throw away held item by putting it between grid in inventory.
    Fixed: Dynamite and Pipe Bomb do not damage cars.
    Fixed: Incorrect SFX may be produced when hitting various shingles with a melee weapon or tool.
    Fixed: Radial menu not very responsive.
    Fixed: Converting gas cans to oil barrels does not gain Science skill.
    Fixed: Maximum number of schematics in crafting screen increases when other players are performing any action.
    Fixed: Not all loot containers had the level-based template set.
    Fixed: Crafting list icons do not reflect how the crafting knowledge was obtained.
    Fixed: Name of effect in SMG’s and AK-47 Assault Rifle’s statistics is missing.
    Fixed: Assemble Menu disappears after pressing an assemble button on another part of the weapon.
    Fixed: The playable character is spawned before player can see the game world.
    Fixed: Equipment tooltips do not dynamically update after switching.
    Fixed: Books do not show if they were read already this info is now in the stats.
    Fixed: Flashlight durability is not shown when assembled.
    Fixed: Selecting icons with a tooltip causes tooltip’s font to briefly change.
    Fixed: Eating two units of any kind of food raises Food stat for only one unit. Increased use time.
    Fixed: Damage dealt to trees with shotguns.
    Fixed: Removed random wood pole in small garage poi.
    Fixed: Iron helmet cannot be properly equipped.
    Fixed: Crafting queue carries over to new player hosted games.
    Fixed: Woodlogs have no burn time.
    Fixed: Queued tooltips and sounds display after quitting and starting a different game.
    Fixed: Adjusted collision on gore blocks so if on top of a spike the person/zombie walking on it doesn’t take damage.
    Fixed: Craft speed bonus is not consistent form 1-100 as lvl 100 is not the quickest.
    Fixed: Auger does not damage zombies.
    Fixed: Description of the First Aid effect is not visible after selecting it in Character Menu.
    Fixed: When the player falls from great height on another player it does not deal damage.
    Fixed: Output puts stacks in backpack when there is an existing stack on the tool belt.
    Fixed: Armor durability can be reduced below zero.
    Fixed: Player’s hands are shaking while holding a weapon.
    Fixed: Incorrect icon in crafting queue during scrapping items from Hazmat set.
    Fixed: Renamed all copyrighted terms “Kevlar” to “Military” and localized.
    Fixed: Held in hand Stick ff Dynamite is not dealing damage correctly.
    Fixed: Removed clothing is still displayed in multiplayer until the player runs or jumps.
    Fixed: Cooking on campfire continues after necessary tool has been removed.
    Fixed: Quality calculation is inconsistent during assembling a weapon or tool.
    Fixed: Player can rotate Minibike even it does not have placed wheels.
    Fixed: Aviator Goggles are displayed on Character in incorrect color.
    Fixed: Crossbows and Bows heard from far on Client in MP games.
    Fixed: Re-baked icons for TV you can pick up. Set other ones as developer blocks.
    Fixed: Smoke particles from the minibike’s engine are present even if there is no fuel in the tank.
    Fixed: LOD changes colors on car windows and rims.
    Fixed: Blood splatter on screen on respawn.
    Fixed: Updated cobblestone frame collision.
    Fixed: No muzzle flash after quick scoping from Sniper Rifle.
    Fixed: Letters in search bar turn upper case when switching through pages.
    Fixed: Graphical artifacts are displayed in Minibike screen if the Minibike is set on fire.
    Fixed: The backpack is not visible on female character model.
    Fixed: Character’s hands are shaking when using a Chainsaw.
    Fixed: Mattress obstructs entrance to tents in campsites.
    Fixed: Containers can be looted after destroying them.
    Fixed: Cam shake after death.
    Fixed: Weapon/tool models are not fully displayed in Assemble Window.
    Fixed: Can’t hear swoosh sound when crouched.
    Fixed: Exceeding stack limit on crafting material possible.
    Fixed: Supply crate spawning above airplane.
    Fixed: Increased volume falloff of explosion sounds.
    Fixed: Placing Minibike Chassis on the ground is very inconvenient.
    Fixed: Forge burning underwater.
    Fixed: Can’t hear other players’ Cold/Hot exhaustion sounds.
    Fixed: Torch can burn underwater.
    Fixed: Crafting glass jars does not require hammer and anvil but crafting a cooking pot does.
    Fixed: Flashlight toggle sound not played when switching it off.
    Fixed: Player loses stack of consumable items when pressing right mouse suddenly after consuming an item.
    Fixed: Character movement is affected after disabling sneaking mode on poured water.
    Fixed: Getting stunned by a zombie while jumping causes character to fall slower.
    Fixed: Player drowning on land.
    Fixed: Clicking the track allies’ checkbox is difficult.
    Fixed: Open doorways can have invisible collision.
    Fixed: The swimming speed does not increase while sprinting.
    Fixed: After death in Sneak Stance character is not returned to Default Stance.
    Fixed: Infinite looping gun sounds when played same time in MP game.
    Fixed: Internal bleeding inflicted by eating broken glass destroys items worn on chest slots.
    Fixed: Player can circumvent penalties for dying by quitting immediately after death.
    Fixed: Dead hornets disappear before they hit the ground.
    Fixed: When going up from underwater you see a blank buff popout.
    Fixed: Workstation headers not using localization.
    Fixed: Avoid repair cost for items, exploiting the item repair logic.
    Fixed: Lowered volume on minibike, auger, and chainsaw.
    Fixed: Placeholder description for exploding crossbow bolts.
    Fixed logic for one death animation.
    Fixed: Eating two units of any kind of food raises Food stat for only one unit.
    Fixed: Item armor stats not displaying on mouseover.
    Fixed: Displayed Loot quantity in container is not updated after using Quick move.
    Fixed: Disappearing items in Minibikes basket after removing the basket and putting it back on.
    Fixed: Clothing does not display provided protection if that value is <10%.
    Fixed: Items don’t indicate what temperature unit they display their modified in.
    Fixed: Worn armor durability bar does not update correctly.
    Fixed: Incorrect sfx is played when dysentery changes into advanced dysentery.
    Fixed: When 2 players chop down a tree, the tree comes back/remains.
    Fixed: Storage contents are displayed in all storage items.
    Fixed: After respawn the animation of playable character is corrupted.
    Fixed: Fall damage is not inflicted to character when player drives minibike.
    Fixed: Armor pieces do not show current protection.
    Fixed: Minibike storage rollback/deletion on leaving chunk/game.
    Fixed: Several people can access the minibike radial at the same time.
    Fixed: Disappearing items in Minibikes basket after removing the basket and putting it back on.
    Fixed: Minibike duping utilizing the basket.
    Fixed: DTD-1042 3/21 TL – Environment – Items – Candle – Item has drinking animation implemented. Created candle placement animation.
    Fixed: DTD-1512 3/21 FP – Some characters are missing their feet in profile selection preview.
    Fixed: Minibike playing constant impact sounds.
    Fixed: Other player step sounds not heard in MP games.
    Fixed: MacOS Monochrome.
    Fixed: Shotgun with Shotgun Slugs is overpowered.
    Fixed: Other players receiving unearned exp from workstations.
    Fixed: Placeholder prompt displayed when emerging from water.
    Fixed: Removed bullet spread (legacy feature) from auger and chainsaw.
    Fixed: Category icons of several items are missing.
    Fixed: Freshairtooltip prompt has no visible icon.
    Fixed: Missing dot or comma in description of grain alcohol.
    Fixed: Message displayed when submerging in water is a placeholder.
    Fixed: Missing apostrophe in description of large beef ration.
    Fixed: Missing apostrophe in description of bottled murky water.
    Fixed: Missing dot in the description of the Flashlight.
    Fixed: Glue recipe is missing in Chemicals tab in Campfire.
    Fixed: Allow multiple clients with the same player name, appending increasing numbers to their name like “Name(1)”.
    Fixed: Missing dot at the end of FORGE description.
    Fixed: Heavy Armor’s description does not mention about Kevlar Armor.
    Fixed: Leatherworking’s description is misleading.
    Fixed: Placeholder names for items needed to craft DECAYED BRICK in crafting menu.
    Fixed: Mining Helmet projects to the right from player when other players are looking.
    Fixed: Minibike’s headlight is working without battery and handlebars.
    Fixed: User receives basic Survival Quest in Creative Mode.
    Fixed: Updated missing material on magnum prefab.
    Fixed: Adjusted LOD distances on car prefabs to make the initial changes happen at a further distance.
    Fixed: Golden rod Is sometimes spawning on the wrong axis.
    Fixed: Redundant dot in description of chicken soup.
    Fixed: Description of firearm ammo is wrong and misleading.
    Fixed: Campfire/forge icon is shown as lit, when it runs out of fuel.
    Fixed: AK47 and MP5 skip firing sound on a couple bullets when holding fire.
    Fixed: Highlight persists on chosen waypoint icons.
    Fixed: Secure storage chest’s header text is small.
    Fixed: Minibike’s quality bar does not fill up after repairing it in Minibike tab.
    Fixed: Stacking door SI exploit.
    Fixed: Zombie decayed corpses stack on each other.
    Fixed: Forged Steel’s description says it is learned by reading the riddle of steel.
    Fixed: Set in concrete book is still mentioned in descriptions.
    Fixed: Removed redundant stability data.
    Fixed: Nailgun so it wouldn’t play bullethitmetal off the p_nailgunfire.prefab particle.
    Fixed: After respawn the animation of playable character is corrupted.
    Fixed: Fuel in minibike disappears after disassembling it and acquiring parts into inventory.
    Fixed: Minibike 3D model’s position in the Assemble Menu is dependent on the position of the Minibike in-game.
    Fixed: RWG freezes at common high elevations.
    Fixed: Removed old soffit texture and replaced all in blocks with white wood.
    Fixed Removed duplicate backpack textures.
    Fixed: Minibike stops immediately after touching the water.
    Fixed: Doppler on magnum.
    Fixed: Assigned cement mixer an 3D audio source.
    Fixed Max Distance on AudioSource_Interact from 25m to 20m.
    Fixed: Auger volume.
    Fixed: Cactus clips through the house in specific location.
    Fixed: Corrected shiv/knife/machete damage on gore blocks to match behavior on entity corpses.
    Fixed: TREEBURNTPINE01 – LOD pop is visible on the item.
    Fixed: Clipping issues in male and female plant fiber shirt and pants.
    Fixed: Clicking and dragging on an item being crafted causes red wrench icon to persist.
    Fixed: SFX of shooting or using a weapon or tool continue to play after the item becomes broken and player holds multiple keys.
    Fixed: Duplicate tags and illegal characters in blocks and items.
    Fixed: Zombies of a horde partially slide/skate instead of playing walking anim.
    Fixed: Graphic flickers when character sits on Minibike underwater.
    Fixed: After respawn the animation of playable character is corrupted.
    Fixed: Cannot disable voice chat option.
    Fixed: No VFX of collapsing blocks can be seen if player is far from collapsing building.
    Fixed: Buff function actions=”damage()” does not affect zombies.
    Fixed: Candle hold animation was not working.
    Fixed: Gamma is set to a default of 75% and can be reset now.
    Fixed: We think we fixed layers can get NRE if they quit from a dedicated game and start up a new Navezgane game. You can fix this by leaving the game and coming back
    Serverconfig.xml and Modding

    Downloading dedicated server no longer requires login with Steam account it is free to use.
    CraftTimer and LootTimer options in serverconfig.xml removed as these things are now changed in game through gaining skills.
    Added: New set temperature unit type command that the host or server admin can set. In the console type ‘settempunit c’ or ‘settempunit f’ to set the game to use Celsius or Fahrenheit unit of temperature

    Know Issues

    Changing gamma in the game makes characters look chrome. Can be fixed by tabbing in and out of the game.
    Players can get NRE if they quit from a dedicated game and start up a new Navezgane game. You can fix this by leaving the game and coming back.

    Chillen ist die Kunst, sich beim Nichtstun nicht zu langweilen.

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