Alpha 14.1 Patch Is Out!

  • Alpha 14.1 Patch notes

    Added: A new Steel Shovel.
    Changed: Bellows take 20 hides to make because it’s a prettier number.
    Changed: Corrected a few skill icons on the skill screen.
    Changed: Brightened mining helmet light.
    Changed; Updated female face rig for better facial animation support.
    Changed: Gave Clint archetype a default facial expression AKA the stinkeye.
    Changed: Gunpowder uses the Gun Smithing crafting skill.
    Changed: Leather Tanning is now a perk, not a book.
    Changed: Gave Emma and Clint facial expression tweaks.
    Changed: Optimized Female body textures are now two separate textures which reduces texture memory a lot when multiple players are on the screen wearing various clothing configurations.
    Changed: Updated female tank top to work with new upper body.
    Changed: Character customization window now reads it’s base slot data from archetypes.
    Changed: Made mine particles consistent and matching with their terrain damage. Also slight light source optimization.
    Fixed: Console error causing creative menu to be displayed.
    Fixed: NRE when more than 13 players on a server.
    Fixed: Minor XML cleanup; redundant tags or missing weights.
    Fixed: Cotton farming works now.
    Fixed: Trees growing a little less optimized but a lot more working.
    Fixed: Z Fighting POI Prefab (Chris)
    Fixed: Removed non-functional parameter from concrete mix. Can now be crafted in the player backpack.
    Fixed: Removed reading quest note from Loot container to fix console error.
    Fixed: Removed legacy properties from items.
    Fixed: Inconsistent hit points / yield on some trees.
    Fixed: Projectiles (arrows, rockets) can pass through iron bars and shot-out windows that look like it should work.
    Fixed: Athletics is not increased by traveling by foot and the description is accurate.
    Fixed: Quests.xml is now pushed to all clients from the server.
    Fixed: Some towns and prefabs submerged in water.
    Fixed: Central hub city not showing in some RWG maps.
    Fixed: If the closest riverbank is behind player’s back the bottle cannot be filled with water.
    Fixed: Blood Draw Kit is consumed by using GUI.
    Fixed: Toilets again drop metal pipes on destruction.
    Fixed: Clipping player through blocks, allowing shooting through terrain using ladders.
    Fixed: Null ref creating a game after being a client in an MP game.
    Fixed: Light in Mining Helmet is not functional after restarting game.
    Fixed: NRE spam for client after bedroll was destroyed while offline.
    Fixed: Removed deprecated properties from progression.xml.
    Fixed: Atlas Resolution Is Too Small, Textures Will Be Reduced.
    Fixed: Skill search did not reset back to page 1.
    Fixed: solidWoodFrames can not be picked up.
    Fixed: Recipe does not get consumed by reading it.
    Fixed: Overbright skies.
    Fixed: NR

    Known Issues

    Folks were working on the issues for Mac and Linux stay tuned.


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