Alpha 14.3 Is Out!

  • Alpha 14.3 Patch notes


    Added: progress bars to skills in the skill screen to show current level and xp to next level.
    Added: Skill group category groups icons and sorted all skills and perks into these groups; All, Firearms, Weapons, Tools/Traps, Clothing, Scavenging, Health/Fitness and Crafting Miscellaneous.
    Added: You can craft Destroyed Stone to backfill holes while mining.
    Added: New larger iris overlay for female Asian.
    Added: New female base texture for the Asian head with lower slanting eyebrows, less lipstick and more eyeshadow used on Grace. Damn she’s hot now!
    Added: New male and female T-Shirts and Sweatshirts to the game. They come in the standard variety of colors and can be found in loot.
    Added: 90-minute day option.


    Changed: Hazmat suit is now clothing. Leg and chest armor is allowed to be worn with it.
    Changed: Updated weather to lead up to storms more predictably.
    Changed: Slightly reduced headshot multiplier on arrows/bolts.
    Changed: Bow and crossbow are no longer 100% accurate.
    Changed: Slightly reduced headshot multiplier on arrows/bolts.
    Changed: Bow and crossbow are no longer 100% accurate.
    Changed: Thickened female eyebrow texture to compensate for cutout shader change.
    Changed: Weapon crosshairs are bolder so you can see them easier in daylight and snow areas better.
    Changed: replaced bookcase textures.
    Changed: Updated eye texture, better specular highlight and removed eye size limitation(Joel)
    Changed: Deleted unused eye textures (Joel)
    Changed: Updated Asian heads to support facial animation.
    Changed: Updated all male face meshes, beards and hair for better facial animation.
    Changed: Steel/concrete perks: Only the key items are gated.
    Changed: Forged iron/steel can rarely be found as loot or harvested. A full nomadic playstyle without forge is now possible.
    Changed: Improved adjusted third person torch lighting.
    Changed: Flagstone is crafted from and repaired with Cobblestone Rocks.
    Changed: reorganized clothing loot lists.
    Changed: Zombie footsteps are louder.
    Changed: Wind now stops moving grass & trees when it has snowed (does not affect snow biome trees without new fallen snow)
    Changed: All buffs use and display real-time minutes or seconds.
    Changed: Harvesting an engine from a car wreck is more likely.
    Changed: Knocking down doors gets you some resources.
    Changed: Hornets always harvest for honey.
    Changed: Barbed wire fences can be disassembled with a wrench.


    Fixed: Incorporated several “Unofficial XML Fixes” (Thanks guys)
    Fixed: Corrected inverted XP on bolts and arrows.
    Fixed: Lowered delay on the steel pickaxe.
    Fixed: Plate mines can be picked up (until we have a better mechanic)
    Fixed: Model can be placed in a way that causes it to levitate above the ground.
    Fixed: Damage popup on multi-block models only on parent block.
    Fixed: Repairing bow is worse than crafting a new one.
    Fixed: Wooden bow makes no sound when it breaks.
    Fixed: Medicine skill provides a better bonus than promised.
    Fixed: Femur is not harvested from animal gore.
    Fixed: Crafting skills show wrong details when switching between them.
    Fixed: All types of ammunition are flying through the bottom of river or lake.
    Fixed: Players have bad indications of how much time is left to be underwater.
    Fixed: Afro hair showed hard edges on cutout, adjusted cutout shader.
    Fixed: Dreadlocks do not display correctly when no helmet is worn.
    Fixed: Color om dreadlocks now works and adjusted specular on both dreadlock and hat dreadlocks textures.
    Fixed: Ball caps too shiny.
    Fixed: Recipe search resets after clicking on Favorite.
    Fixed: Commercial doors and refrigerator lighting.
    Fixed: Over bright flashlight attachment to pistol.
    Fixed: Improved female face rig, eyes can now look around and facial expressions are better.
    Fixed: Deleted old unused hair textures.
    Fixed: Upgrade path of Rebar Frame Pillar 100
    Fixed: Iron Sledgehammer – Sound effect is not realistic when user swings the weapon in the air.
    Fixed: Animations of character’s model and the thrown item are not synchronized.
    Fixed: Bullets had the wrong weight assigned
    Fixed: Tool belt’s four slots are not responsive for several seconds after opening any screen of In-Game UI in which the pointer is visible.
    Fixed: In-Game UI – 9mm, 10mm, 44 Magnum rounds and Blunderbuss ammo do not have Entity Damage.
    Fixed: Gameplay – Item stacks don’t max out, when inventory is full.
    Fixed: Gameplay – Character is aiming with a weapon while reloading it.
    Fixed: Audio – Menu option sounds aren’t working properly when in game.
    Fixed: DTD-1817 TL – Gameplay – Character is not able to jump over a cactus without taking damage.
    Fixed: Glass industrial prefab glassCTRSheet so it looks correct and doesn’t slow fps down.
    Fixed: Alt-tab Butter face, aka, Full screen face stroke, or beat with an ugly stick syndrome.
    Fixed: Flashlight disappears from inventory after assembling it with only one part of weapon.
    Fixed: Infinite audio loop when swapping semi-auto weapons while firing.
    Fixed: Armor – Only three slots of player’s equipment receive damage while jumping from high places.
    Fixed: Gameplay – Lead Car Battery is not used when headlight is turned on and Minibike is in the water.
    Fixed: Some floating stone particles. (Ryan)
    Fixed: Punching in the air do not decrease level of stamina (Chris)
    Fixed: Hitting chickens with your hands yields no feathers.
    Fixed: Using any consumable item and equipping a weapon or tool causes it to disappear from tool belt.
    Fixed: Gameplay – Item stacks don’t max out, when inventory is full.
    Fixed: Workstation infinite crafting exploit.
    Fixed: Bug where weapon would still fire if ammo count was less than 0.
    Fixed: Medicine skill provides a better bonus than promised.
    Fixed: Forge No feedback for missing resources.
    Fixed: Minibike – Fire does not inflict damage to Minibike.
    Fixed: Environment – Jumping on fallen tree deals damage and kill Character.
    Fixed: Weight values for mixed scrappables was off.
    Fixed: Player cannot ignite PIPE BOMB or STICK OF DYNAMITE until the one previously lighted and thrown detonates.
    Fixed: Getting stuck at the door in the docks boat house.
    Fixed: Lowered skill purchase sound volume.
    Fixed: MacOS shaders – except SSAO plugin.
    Fixed: Weather transitions are smoother, eg. melting snow to rain/.
    Fixed: Repair amounts adjusted so that a full repair costs 75% or less versus making a new item.
    Fixed: Tree leaf snow is more “ontop” of the leaves.
    Fixed: Footstep sounds now play snow stepping sound in snow when it has snowed.
    Fixed: Inverted cost of barbed wire and barbed wire fence.
    Fixed: No Feedback for missing resources in the forge.
    Fixed: Boulder harvest resources are more in line with other blocks
    Fixed: Harvesting a mattress does not yield cloth.
    Fixed: Steelpickaxe desynced sound when holding button down.
    Fixed: Several shrubs and dead trees yield more plausible resources.
    Fixed: Iron Sledgehammer – Sound effect is not realistic when user swings the weapon in the air.
    Fixed: Military Clothing has no burn time implemented.
    Fixed: Text – Lack of space in description of Sand.

    Known Issues

    In Single Player zombies sometimes don’t damage players if they have not yet opened their player screen. Opening your character screen or tabbing in and out of the game fixes it.
    Mac and Linux still have some rendering issues we’re investigating.
    Sounds on dedicated servers seem to stop playing after extended periods of time. Resetting the server fixes this.
    Some folks are still experiencing crashes we are investigating this and suspect it’s a unity problem.


    Chillen ist die Kunst, sich beim Nichtstun nicht zu langweilen.