Alpha 14.4 Hotfix Is Out!

  • Alpha 14.4 Patch notes

    Added: New Army Barracks to the game and random Gen world.
    Fixed: Bacon and eggs require a cooking pot.
    Fixed: Label of the leather chest armor schematic.
    Fixed: DTD-1913 TL – Environment – Missing part of wooden tower on NAVEZGANE.
    Fixed: Gameplay – Player is not taking damage/ragdoll does not activate.
    Known Issues

    In Single Player zombies sometimes don’t damage players if they have not yet opened their player screen. Opening your character screen or tabbing in and out of the game fixes it.
    Mac and Linux still have some rendering issues we’re investigating.
    Sounds on dedicated servers seem to stop playing after extended periods of time. Resetting the server fixes this.
    Some folks are still experiencing crashes we are investigating this and suspect it’s a unity problem


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