• Alpha 14.6 Official Release Notes.


    Added: Nref check when exiting minibike (was reported by testers)
    Added: male cigarette slot for future cigarettes.
    Added: Game option for marking air drops on map/compass. Defaults to off.
    Added: Buff that displays when you enter the radiation zone.
    Added: spawner wrapMode “clamp


    Changed: Rebalanced repair skills and Fixer perk.
    Changed: Harvesting cars yields more gas.
    Changed: Updated drop behavior on rocketlauncher and shotguns.
    Changed: Updated drop behavior of wooden bow and pistol.
    Changed: Updated drop behavior of tools.
    Changed: Reduced large first aid health amount per second
    Changed: Zombie screamers now summon a “mini” horde every time they scream loudly. This puts pressure on the player to dispatch the screamer as soon as possible. The amount of zombies the screamer summons increases over weeks past, so a screamer on day 90 will summon some nasty zombies and lots of them. Screamers scream loudly about every 20 seconds so kill them quickly or you will have a large horde to deal with. Screamers also have a low chance to summon additional screamers.
    Changed: Reduced food dropping as loot because players never had to worry about food.
    Changed: Updated drop behavior of guns.
    Changed: updated art on cotton plants
    Changed: Zombies now turn into goreblock prefabs once the lootwindow is closed and the loot is thrown on the ground
    Changed: Emma now has short hair.
    Changed: Shortened all item & weapon hold animations to save memory and give snappier item changes.
    Changed: Removed “clamp” on hordes so they wrap instead of spawning a feral horde every night after day 49.
    Changed: Updated male Asian face rig


    Fixed: Forge/Campfire – “0” value on fuel icon and colored “Turn on” option are present in turned off Campfire/Forge UI after turning on previous one.
    Fixed: Red Tea description has wrong use of “its”
    Fixed: Goreblock prefabs do not not show butchering animation
    Fixed: Several Dock POIs blocks cannot be repaired
    Fixed: Player does not receive empty Glass Jar after eating a Jar of Honey
    Fixed: Airdrop Supply Crate is levitating on a parachute if dropped on water
    Fixed: Name key for adobePeachPole
    Fixed: Solid scrap iron frames can not be picked up.
    Fixed: Corrected name of the leather leg armor schematic.
    Fixed: Space is doubled between “Repair:” and repair component in item statistics window.
    Fixed: Crafted word is used incorrectly in Crushed Sand description
    Fixed: Healing has a misleading description. (Changed it to say you have enough consumed food to slowly heal.
    Fixed: slow swoosh sync issue (sledehammersound).
    Fixed: Improper prompt is displayed after removing a player from allies
    Fixed: Flagstone description lists wrong requirements.
    Fixed: Internal Bleeding effect timer caused by eating broken glass is not refreshed after eating another broken glass
    Fixed: Weaving cloth increases tailoring skill.
    Fixed: Antibiotics are not listed as a cure for infection4 which is instant death.
    Fixed: Herbal antibiotics icon is not identical to vitamins any more.
    Fixed: Wherever possible buffs list where you got them from and possible remedies.
    Fixed: Inconsistent use of water to put out fire if the player is on fire.
    Fixed: Tools and Weapons are detached from character’s hand in certain situations. Jumping with an item doesn’t override the arms position. Now jumping with a gun the player keeps his aim
    Fixed: Some firearms have corrupted shooting animation when player aborts aiming down the sights
    Fixed: Flashlight sound playing for weapons with no flashlight attached.
    Fixed: Put MaxRepeatRate of 1 second on player jump voices in the sounds.xml
    Fixed: Boiled Meat Description Is Misleading
    Fixed: Any item can be placed in Tools slot in Camp Fire and Forge screens.
    Fixed: Redundant crosshair while driving a Minibike.
    Fixed: The Fixer perk makes repairs more expensive instead of cheaper.
    Fixed: Clicking on empty field in several UI windows, causes sounds.
    Fixed: Lack of consistency with melee weapons’ crosshair.
    Fixed: Tooltip informing about decreased wellness appears even if character has minimum wellness.
    Fixed: Weapon Smithing skill has inconsistent description
    Fixed: endless blood moon hordes.
    Fixed: Possibility to duplicate specific item parts infinitely.
    Fixed: Fall through effect between grid in Looting Menu.
    Fixed: Zombie Bear – Incorrect idle behavior
    Fixed: Braking while driving minibike on cornfield moves it erratically
    Fixed: Leaving Minibike in the water shoots it out at great distance
    Fixed: Minibike shakes while standing on a plant or in the water
    Fixed: Corrupted bowstring draw animation. Note that it is still possible to repro 1 out of 10 to 20 LMB spams, but it is the best that can be done with low risk changes
    Fixed: Division Modifier not working for skill effects
    Fixed: Corpses of enemies and animals decompose too quickly
    Fixed: Corpses of enemies and animals now decay in 5 minutes.
    Fixed: Character on Minibike shakes when braking in the cornfield
    Fixed: Minibike changes location after leaving it on the cornfield
    Fixed: Partial terrain missing on Linux systems using proprietary Nvidia graphics drivers !!
    Fixed: Flashlight activation is shared between all weapons with attached flashlight.
    Fixed: Both Shotguns Are Using The Same Blast Radius
    Fixed: Water sunken POIs, high mem usage
    Fixed: First item from each rwg list being selected instead of properly rolling random POIs
    Fixed: Brass ceiling / wall lights do not drop brass.
    Fixed: Digging into water body “cubes” falling water body
    Fixed: Item being crafted may be removed from Inspect frame as resources are used.
    Fixed: Random stone walls in the middle of road
    Fixed: Creative Multiplayer – Bear deals no damage to the player but can cause debuff
    Fixed: Wall Safe is put incorrectly in Navezgane
    Fixed: Some environment objects are incorrectly placed in school in NAVEZGANE
    Fixed: Floating sign in Navezgane from forums at 809 N 224 W
    Fixed: Digging into water body “cubes” falling water body (Chris)
    Fixed: Minibike shakes if the player gets off of it on the slope
    Fixed: Character can be incorrectly rotated in the Character screen by spamming LMB
    Fixed: Underwater graphics filter appears before character fully dives
    Fixed: Perishton building collapses after placing a block
    Fixed: Missing slash between letters N and A in Status column in Players screen.
    Fixed: Banding in sky lighting
    Fixed: Bad cave lighting during certain times of day/night
    Fixed: Player is able to equip the item which the user is currently assembling.
    Fixed: Invisible and redundant button in Skills screen.
    Fixed: Misleading tooltip when trying to use unfinished weapon or tool.
    Fixed: Plant Fiber Hat’s functionality is incorrectly described
    Fixed: Chainlink fence has no collision with rockets.
    Fixed: Delay is present in weapon switch animation with Sniper Rifle.
    Fixed: Inverted lighting on blocks in the dark.
    Fixed: NRE on scrapping a now empty inventory slot.
    Fixed: Wood Log has low quality textures and hard seam line.
    Fixed: “This” word is doubled in “The dog days are over” challenge description.
    Fixed: Weapons – Flashlight button must be pressed twice to activate it.
    Fixed: Items – Light emitted by dropped flashlight is corrupted.
    Fixed: Equipped clothes drop after death if backpack only option is selected in game options.
    Fixed: Gameplay – Broken tools can upgrade blocks.
    Fixed: Blocks appear when hitting air.
    Fixed: Minibike Can Be Used To View Under Terrain.
    Fixed: Gameplay – Character may fall through game environment after leaving the minibike.
    Fixed: Cannot mount minibike when bike is in tall grass, stick bushes, or corn stalks.
    Fixed: Air Drop Marker should show more consistently.
    Fixed: Unlocalised Text – Multiplayer – Player enter/quit message in host language.
    Fixed: Animation – Character passes through the blocks after leaving the minibike.
    Fixed: Some firearms have corrupted shooting animation when player aborts aiming down the sights.
    Fixed: Failed setting triangles. Some indices are referencing out of bounds vertices.
    Fixed: Character Selection – Clint’s model has misplaced cigar.
    Fixed: Some branches are not connected to the tree model.
    Fixed: Use cached password when connecting to IP+port.
    Fixed: Military Fiber Description Doesn’t Indicate What It Is Used For.
    Fixed: Trees in Burnt Forest are placed incorrectly in Navezgane.
    Fixed: Changed shadow type on flashlight and candle to soft shadows to eliminate shadow artifacts cast by transparent surfaces such as car windows.
    Fixed: Supply crate moves slightly forward when character stands near it.
    Fixed: Spikes do not inflict bleed debuff.
    Fixed: Getting stuck at door.
    Fixed: Player Making Zombie Thud Sound On Respawn.
    Fixed: Chang’s and Jeff’s facial hair are placed incorrectly.
    Fixed: Chang’s neck has corrupted texture.
    Fixed: Supply crates do not have implemented collision.
    Fixed: Light originating from Spotlight is orb-shaped and looks unnatural.
    Fixed: Certain craftable Decor blocks cannot be repaired.
    Fixed: The player may spawn above caves.
    Fixed: Quickly switching from auger or chainsaw to any item causes the animation of holding that item to be corrupted.
    Fixed: Redundant “Take” option in the Minibike Menu.
    Fixed: Add Scrap Function for items in loot containers.
    Fixed: Add the “wear” option when clothing is in a container.
    Fixed: Mining Tools skill does not increase harvest bonuses.
    Fixed: Lack of space in “Drunk and disorderly” challenge description.
    Fixed: Medicine skill effects don’t show on items or buffs.
    Fixed: Torch’s inspect screen disappears upon crafting any item.
    Fixed: Skies on Linux & MacOS
    Fixed: The “Speed Limit 35” sign is placed in the middle of the road in Navezgane.
    Fixed: Dynamite / Pipe bomb may fly through zombies.
    Fixed: Some characters hair models are corrupted.
    Fixed: Player can ignite Dynamite/Pipe Bomb fuse infinite times while equipped.
    Fixed: Abandoned House doesn’t face the road.
    Fixed: Supply plane cannot be heard.
    Fixed: Creative Multiplayer – Bear deals no damage to the player but can cause debuff.
    Fixed: Pause menu only partially visible if the player is zooming in with Sniper Rifle.
    Fixed: Quick looting icon overlaps with names of some containers in the Looting Menu.
    Fixed: Specular on scrap metal walls
    Fixed: First arrow shot from new bow may be invisible.
    FIxed: Character’s facial expressions can distort up head gear.
    Fixed: Environment – Inconsistency in the stairs placement.
    Fixed: Updated icon atlas and made burnt paneling texture look less repetitive.
    Fixed: Negative lighting on zeds in the dark
    Fixed: Screen blooms out when swapping toolbelt items with AA on.
    Fixed: Environment – Cactus04,05,06 have faulty damage collision detection.
    Fixed: Very Hard To Fill An Empty Jar Again From A Water Source.
    Fixed: Arrow or bolt is invisible after death (keep toolbelt on death option)
    Fixed: Zombie Bear – Incorrect idle behavior
    Fixed: Aiming with gun-sight using secondary aiming button is not implemented in Rocket Launcher.
    Fixed: Character – Some characters hair models are corrupted.
    Fixed: Environment – Building debris may float in the air.
    Fixed: Floating buildings and objects in Random Gen Worlds.
    Fixed: Glitchy shadows being casted by flashlights through transparent surfaces.
    Fixed: Some parts of water tower on NAVEZGANE stay in the air after collapse
    Fixed: Inverted lighting part 2


    Added new serverconfig.xml property <property value=”true” name=”AirDropMarker”/> (When true valid air drop locations are marked on the player’s map and compass with an orange supply crate icon)

    Known Issues

    -OSX: Default build crashes, use the latest_experimental_u52 build from Steam.
    -OSX with Intel GPU and most likely some Linux systems with Intel GPU: black terrain
    -Linux with AMD GPU and proprietary driver: Crash on launch. For some people running the game with “-force-gfx-direct” fixes this (add the parameter to the launch options in Steam). Alternatively if performance is good enough the open source driver should fix this too.
    -Windows with NVIDIA GPU: driver versions 34x.xx are reported to cause issues with Unity 5.3. If there are no newer drivers for your card try using latest_experimental_u52 build from Steam


    Chillen ist die Kunst, sich beim Nichtstun nicht zu langweilen.

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